[ { "@type":"Monthly Horoscope", "pubDate":"2021-04-01 to 2021-04-30", "link":"https://bejandaruwalla.com/pages/your-monthly-horoscope", "content":[ { "sunsign":"Aries (March 21 - April 19)", "description":"Your luck and life are on the rise this month. You have the ability to be very beneficial to yourself this month, try to finish as much work as you can because you have an ample amount of positive energy this month. Don’t let that energy be stored instead make yourself worthy of the luck you have this month by working really hard, use it while it lasts. You will be ticking things off your bucket list this month with your partner. You have always loved being adventurous with them, this month that feeling will enhance even more and for the better. Expect positive surprises and a lot of appreciation from your partner. Just having a fun time with your partner will make your month positive." }, { "sunsign":"Taurus (April 20 - May 20)", "description":"This is the month it all starts getting better as you will have a month full of doing things you love and spending time with your friends, family and almost everyone you admire. The transition of Saturn will provide the positive energy that you need. Spend your month being as joyful as you can and you will enjoy a lot this month. This month will be beneficial in various ways for you. You just have to be determined to forge ahead with dedication and keep your eyes on the promotion at work this month. Don’t forget to continue with your hard work and efforts. This month is the best time to make investments for yourself." }, { "sunsign":"Gemini (May 21 – June 20)", "description":"You will get some profits or monetary benefits from your properties that have been in dispute for quite a while now. Your strategies should be planned to keep the long-term interests of your family in mind. Financial help from parents will help you with your pending dues this month itself but that doesn't mean you can slack off and expect help from external sources to pay your bills every time. This month you will feel at your healthiest, you’re very likely to be physically active and enjoy your own company this month. You will also enjoy long runs and the sensation of peacefulness that you feel when you spend time alone. Your nature is quite spiritual, and exercise feeds your spirit hence make it a habit this month." }, { "sunsign":"Cancer (June 21 – July 22)", "description":"This month you will be pragmatic and goal-oriented even when it comes to your love life. You will do your best when it comes to your love life and show your gentle approach to maintain a great and serene life this month. You will feel generous and tolerant and will not easily lose your patience when something goes wrong in your relationship and an argument arises. You will experience positive changes in your loved ones that you have been wanting to see. While you struggle to achieve your professional goals, you will receive support, empathy and understanding from the people in your life. This is the part of your life that will not be in any trouble this month." }, { "sunsign":"Leo (July 23 – August 22)", "description":"You will feel really good to have your friends and family as they will be your biggest support system through all obstacles you encounter this month. You will realize this month that those who helped you are a keeper and that you would have not been able to be where you are without them. You will experience some trouble in your work which will have you seeking help from your friends and family. Seeking help from anyone has always come hard to you but once you do seek help everything will be great. Your love life is a very positive thing about this month. A lot of love and appreciation from your partner will surely keep you happy and high throughout the month." }, { "sunsign":"Virgo (August 23 – September 22)", "description":"Your smartness will make your partner fall head over heels in love with you. You can expect support from your relatives, friends and soul mate. Your health will be a lot better this month. You are likely to be under stress due to overworking, so try to avoid Stressing about anything and everything. Consulting a therapist will be very beneficial for you this month." }, { "sunsign":"Libra (September 23 – October 22)", "description":"This month is full of love and peace for you. You will come across a lot of people this month whose company you will thoroughly enjoy. This month is all about social interaction for you. It would be good to be loving and most importantly be kind towards your partner this month. You will experience positive changes in your health as well as your skin. Your health will be stagnant, you will learn to find a balance and everything will work out great. You won’t need to work on your health or worry about it this month. It will not bother you at all throughout the month. Positive energies will work on bettering your health and you will feel the positive changes." }, { "sunsign":"Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)", "description":"The stars are aligning in your favor this month, which means all the negativity that you have been experiencing is about to end. This month you will feel a positive shift in your thoughts and emotions as both will remain elated throughout the month. Only good things in your life are on your way this month. Your health is immaculate this month. Mentally you will feel your best this month as your partner will make you feel like the best person in the world. Physically you might need some help you get through all the obstacles this month as it will be a little tiring, but you will receive all the help you need easily." }, { "sunsign":"Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)", "description":"Financial prospects will improve a lot this month onwards. New opportunities will arise from where you least expected it. Prepare yourself for a lot of hard work this entire month, but do not worry as you will have so much fun working this month and the financial aspect will keep you extremely motivated. The financial gain today will help you invest in your business easily for future benefits. Stay focused and things will turn out for the good. increased responsibilities will lead to increased stress. You will take a lot of pride in your decisions and hard work. Overworking your brains can cause mental exhaustion. You will have to be more physically active this month. Rest assured that the sun is in your favor and will provide you with all the power you need." }, { "sunsign":"Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)", "description":"A great month for your work this month. You’re likely to make a lot of important connections this month that will keep you happy throughout the month. You’re also very likely to meet a new love interest this month, that will inculcate feelings inside you, that you never knew you had. This month you have to control your anger while interacting with anyone as you have hyper energies surrounding you. You have to choose your words carefully, otherwise, there can be a big dispute between you and your partner which can harm your relationship to a longer extent." }, { "sunsign":"Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)", "description":"Your partner will be very appreciative and forthcoming with your behavior this month. The possibility of taking the next step in your relationship is quite high this month. Your partner is most likely to initiate the proposal considering how happy and content they are with you this month. Don't be afraid to express your feelings in ways that are more emotional than you know your partner can handle. Logic is, a necessary part of life, but if you're too analytical or calculating about relationships, you can come across as uncaring to others. Emotional availability is a very important pillar to build your relationships upon." }, { "sunsign":"Pisces (February 19 – March 20)", "description":"An exhilarating and amazing month has been planned out by your cousins for you. You will have a month full of doing things you love and spending time with your favorite side of the family in the lap of nature. A lot of exercises in form of games will make you really happy too. Your business will work out on its own with only a small amount of supervision needed from you. Outsourcing has worked in your favor, now all you need is to keep a very strict watch or maybe hire someone that you can trust to keep a watch on the outsourcing employees so that you can make sure that your information is not being leaked or used somewhere else." } ] } ]