[ { "@type":"Daily Horoscope", "pubDate":"2022-12-08", "content":[ { "sunsign":"Aries (March 21 - April 19)", "link":"https://bejandaruwalla.com/pages/aries-daily-horoscope-aries-astrology-today", "predictions":[ { "type":"Positive", "description":"You will love to have a lot of people around you today and you will have an amazing time socializing. You have a tendency to surprise yourself, make sure you’re doing great today." }, { "type":"Negative", "description":"You will experience a moderate loss in your business which was completely unexpected hence it’ll catch you off guard today. You’ll take a while to recover from the shock of this loss and focus on improving your business and rectifying what went wrong." }, { "type":"Lucky Colour", "description":"Maroon" }, { "type":"Lucky Number", "description":"10" }, { "type":"Love", "description":"Your partner will recognize your efforts and plan a little surprise getaway for you. Which will make you feel on top of the world. Today is the perfect time for you to express how neglected you have been feeling lately. Remember to express appreciation for today’s loving gestures." }, { "type":"Business", "description":"Your business is thriving today. It’s at a settled place and keeps moving up and onwards gradually. You do not need to put in a lot of work today, but make sure you carefully supervise the work that is going on in your company." }, { "type":"Health", "description":"Your happiness is due to a successful social event. Now that you have achieved what you wanted today is the time for you to relax. Try to take a small break from the daily routine and go out for a yoga or spiritual session." } ] }, { "sunsign":"Taurus (April 20 - May 20)", "link":"https://bejandaruwalla.com/pages/taurus-daily-horoscope-taurus-astrology-today", "predictions":[ { "type":"Positive", "description":"You will have immense support from your business partner today. They will work throughout the day today and won’t be in your way today. They have skill or expertise in your business they will help you by managing things at work and at home." }, { "type":"Negative", "description":"You will hate taking time out of work to work on your health but you must do so today. You have been very lazy when it comes to working out and eating the right foods for you and your body will retaliate negatively if you do not decide to change today." }, { "type":"Lucky Colour", "description":"Scarlet" }, { "type":"Lucky Number", "description":"2" }, { "type":"Love", "description":"You will feel extremely loved and appreciated today, which will boost your confidence. Today your partner will make you feel like you’re worth a lot more than the position you have accepted at work. Hence you will demand a promotion today." }, { "type":"Business", "description":"New opportunities will arise today. Be cautious about them. Only take risks if they are well calculated and strategized. New opportunities will come to you but in a very unconventional and hidden manner. Be aware yet open-minded, with the new opportunities you receive today." }, { "type":"Health", "description":"Your health will regress today. The sooner you start taking precautions, the better your health will get with time. Be realistic with yourself, and make sure that you are concretely working towards the fitness goals you have set. You should hydrate regularly in order to avoid any major problems in your healthy being." } ] }, { "sunsign":"Gemini (May 21 – June 20)", "link":"https://bejandaruwalla.com/pages/gemini-daily-horoscope-gemini-astrology-today", "predictions":[ { "type":"Positive", "description":"Your sign speaks trouble for your relationships today. Focus on how good your health is today which is the positive highlight of the day for you today." }, { "type":"Negative", "description":"You will come across many people who are only looking for a way to hurt you. You will have to adopt a practical and sensible approach to handle matters. Otherwise you will be stuck wasting a lot of time getting into arguments and won’t get the work that you need to do today." }, { "type":"Lucky Colour", "description":"Indigo" }, { "type":"Lucky Number", "description":"18" }, { "type":"Love", "description":"If you’re single you might meet a new person today that you will be attracted to. Do not rush, make cautious decisions and try to get to know each other very well first." }, { "type":"Business", "description":"You’ll receive an unexpectedly huge amount of money from a prospect. You’re in for a day full of exuberance today. Your business Will be great. Depending less on others will prove to be the correct path to avoid getting scammed by your own employees." }, { "type":"Health", "description":"Your health is doing okay, it will bother you in terms of dull aching pain in your stomach. Try to focus more on having a regular schedule in terms of sleep, eating and physical exercise." } ] }, { "sunsign":"Cancer (June 21 – July 22)", "link":"https://bejandaruwalla.com/pages/cancer-daily-horoscope-cancer-astrology-today", "predictions":[ { "type":"Positive", "description":"To be happy and successful you really need to cut some slack off for yourself. You believe that working consistently will get you to where you want to be in life professionally and financially. Hence if you rest and relax today it will actually help you be more productive." }, { "type":"Negative", "description":"You might be slightly ill today which will leave you with little energy. You have a lot of work to do today but you won’t feel like even getting out of bed. Focus on one task at a time and take rest frequently in between work to be productive today." }, { "type":"Lucky Colour", "description":"Grey" }, { "type":"Lucky Number", "description":"5" }, { "type":"Love", "description":"You and your partner tend to have very different communication styles hence to be heard and make your relationship work both of you will have to put in the work and efforts to create a beautiful family together." }, { "type":"Business", "description":"Your temerity will astonish everyone today when it comes to what you do regarding the project that you’re handling. Your headstrong approach will wonders for your business today hence keep up the good work." }, { "type":"Health", "description":"You might agree that you have been slacking off when it comes to your health since the past few days hence you need to pick up the slack today and try to be physically active in any way possible." } ] }, { "sunsign":"Leo (July 23 – August 22)", "link":"https://bejandaruwalla.com/pages/leo-daily-horoscope-leo-astrology-today", "predictions":[ { "type":"Positive", "description":"Staying away from all kinds of confrontations at your workplace is a requisite for you to feel good today. Make sure you’re not gloating in your glory at work as staying humble will keep you really happy." }, { "type":"Negative", "description":"You need to really focus on your behavior today some of your behavior might be highlighted in a slightly negative manner today. Today might be drama filled in for you." }, { "type":"Lucky Colour", "description":"Green" }, { "type":"Lucky Number", "description":"13" }, { "type":"Love", "description":"Your love life is the most positive thing about today. A lot of love and appreciation from your partner will set a very positive tone of today for you. You will experience a positive shift in your partner’s behavior towards you which will make you feel really special today." }, { "type":"Business", "description":"You will get the right guidance in your business today so keep your ears and mind wide open. Be extremely open-minded, with the new opportunities you receive today. You will do amazing if you do not doubt your capabilities today." }, { "type":"Health", "description":"You will sense a boost in your energy levels today. Over indulgence on work should be avoided. If you feel very sick, seek professional help. You must understand that healthy mind leads to healthy body." } ] }, { "sunsign":"Virgo (August 23 – September 22)", "link":"https://bejandaruwalla.com/pages/virgo-daily-horoscope-virgo-astrology-today", "predictions":[ { "type":"Positive", "description":"Today will be a turning point in your life, especially in terms of personal growth. Events that occur today will act as catalyst and will get you through some important issues in your personal as well as professional life. Your emotion might run high, but in a positive way." }, { "type":"Negative", "description":"You might experience a small letdown in your business or become aware that something you were expecting might not come to you because you are not knowledgeable enough." }, { "type":"Lucky Colour", "description":"Yellow" }, { "type":"Lucky Number", "description":"7" }, { "type":"Love", "description":"Your partner will be of immense help in the minute troubles you face in your business today. You will be on the verge of a mental breakdown but your partner will get you out of the mess and stress and you will end up having a great day." }, { "type":"Business", "description":"You will be stuck working in a project that keeps having more and more obstacles that will cause a little bit of frustration today. Things will work out soon but morning will be a little tough today." }, { "type":"Health", "description":"You will feel sick and fatigued throughout the day today. You need to consult a doctor and leave your work to take care of your own health today. Even though other aspects of your life are going well you well." } ] }, { "sunsign":"Libra (September 23 – October 22)", "link":"https://bejandaruwalla.com/pages/libra-daily-horoscope-libra-astrology-today", "predictions":[ { "type":"Positive", "description":"Positive energies are mild for you today but your good behavior will be rewarded very well by your partner and your family as well. Today you are needed to be the positive light in people’s life be it your employees or your family." }, { "type":"Negative", "description":"Your relationship will keep bothering you throughout the day today. Specifically you’re over thinking and the arguments it causes. You need to seek help that work on the root cause of your relationship problems instead of simply sorting things out on the surface." }, { "type":"Lucky Colour", "description":"Turquoise" }, { "type":"Lucky Number", "description":"12" }, { "type":"Love", "description":"If you are in a relationship, restlessness will be felt frequently in love relations and possible that either of you both demand change. The changes could be created easily and often the transition will be smoother one." }, { "type":"Business", "description":"You will witness financial stability after facing some issues and struggling a lot today. There is a great probability of steep financial ups and downs during the day today. You need to find a balance between your earnings and expenses." }, { "type":"Health", "description":"Your health is doing amazing today. It is what will drive to conquer this day. You will be energized and agile from within. Today is the perfect day to do high intensity training." } ] }, { "sunsign":"Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)", "link":"https://bejandaruwalla.com/pages/scorpio-daily-horoscope-scorpio-astrology-today", "predictions":[ { "type":"Positive", "description":"Exciting, adventurous and fun defines how you will deal with your new project. Be open to your team’s ideas and don’t be afraid to take steps out of the norm. They will work out in your favor." }, { "type":"Negative", "description":"Everything has been going well and that will continue today as well. Nothing significantly bad will happen today. Hence enjoy and make the most of your day." }, { "type":"Lucky Colour", "description":"Brown" }, { "type":"Lucky Number", "description":"19" }, { "type":"Love", "description":"You and your partner have makings of a great match that's rooted in true friendship, intellectual chemistry and fun. The key is to pace yourselves and to continuously bring new adventures to the table. Boredom will be your enemy and lead to unnecessary fights." }, { "type":"Business", "description":"It is not advisable to speculate your profits in online businesses or purchases. You must avoid such an easy money-making business. Instead, you can start a new business and try to succeed." }, { "type":"Health", "description":"You’re likely to be down with cold today. You need not seek professional help as your body will heal itself in 3-5days hence have patience and rely on home remedies." } ] }, { "sunsign":"Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)", "link":"https://bejandaruwalla.com/pages/sagittarius-daily-horoscope-sagittarius-astrology-today", "predictions":[ { "type":"Positive", "description":"You will feel like a new person today as you go through the day full of energy and enthusiasm. Your health has finally healed from the consequences of all the bad habits you’ve had since last few years." }, { "type":"Negative", "description":"Work will be quite slow for you today. You Will have to navigate through a lot of obstacles and work continuously to get even a little amount of work done. Today will be a tough day for you today." }, { "type":"Lucky Colour", "description":"Red" }, { "type":"Lucky Number", "description":"6" }, { "type":"Love", "description":"Your partner is likely to call you out on your bad behavior. They won’t be harsh or rude to you. The way your partner explains things to you, will make perfect sense. Being simply kind doesn't come easy to you. Seeking professional help for your anger will benefit you a lot." }, { "type":"Business", "description":"Your business will work out on its own with only a small amount of supervision needed from you. Outsourcing has worked in your favor, now all you need is management skills and some loyal employees." }, { "type":"Health", "description":"Your health is doing so much better than the last few days. Eat food at regular durations and avoid eating anything spicy. Try to meditate as much as possible and stay away from conflicts as much as you can." } ] }, { "sunsign":"Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)", "link":"https://bejandaruwalla.com/pages/capricorn-daily-horoscope-capricorn-astrology-today", "predictions":[ { "type":"Positive", "description":"You will realize who your true people are today. You will receive a lot of help from those who genuinely care for you. You will have emotional and financial support from your loved ones in abundance today. You will feel safe and secured in your life today." }, { "type":"Negative", "description":"Planetary positions are in favor of your sign today hence you will not face any difficulties in your life today. To make today even better for yourself and your partner, try spending much time with them and avoid any arguments or making any comments that could upset your partner." }, { "type":"Lucky Colour", "description":"Silver" }, { "type":"Lucky Number", "description":"14" }, { "type":"Love", "description":"Your love life will be quite non-existent today. You’re more likely to focus on your career and work which won’t be an issue for your partner as you and your partner could do well with some time away from each other." }, { "type":"Business", "description":"New doors will open for your business today. All confusions and dilemmas will be cleared up And you will have a very clear agenda hence you will be even more motivated to work on your business today." }, { "type":"Health", "description":"The positive thing about your sign in terms of health is that the planetary positions are really working in your health’s favor and you won’t have to put in the efforts in feeling really happy." } ] }, { "sunsign":"Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)", "link":"https://bejandaruwalla.com/pages/aquarius-daily-horoscope-aquarius-astrology-today", "predictions":[ { "type":"Positive", "description":"You will enjoy the results of the hard work you have done for a project that you have been working on for a long time. This will set a very positive tone of the day for you today. Other aspects of your life might not be progressing but they are doing fine." }, { "type":"Negative", "description":"A conscious attempt will be needed from your end to ensure domestic harmony. You won’t have any difficulty in being the one who apologizes and makes peace. Your relationships will mean more than your ego today." }, { "type":"Lucky Colour", "description":"Violet" }, { "type":"Lucky Number", "description":"17" }, { "type":"Love", "description":"As you notice that your well being improves over the past few days, challenges and changes arrive in your relationships. It’s nothing that you can’t handle if you chose to remain calm and peaceful. Focus on being kind caring and gentle and make way for a very long lasting relationship." }, { "type":"Business", "description":"Luck is not by your side when it comes to your business today. Expenses could be incurred today. Today is not the day for you to be taking risks, lay low when it comes to making investments and you will prevent yourself from any financial loss." }, { "type":"Health", "description":"Your health won’t bother you at all today. You might experience a little lethargy, but nothing you cannot overcome. If you try to accommodate some health care routines like exercise or yoga you feel a lot less tired and fatigued." } ] }, { "sunsign":"Pisces (February 19 – March 20)", "link":"https://bejandaruwalla.com/pages/pisces-daily-horoscope-pisces-astrology-today", "predictions":[ { "type":"Positive", "description":"All of your problems will get reduced and new opportunities for career growth will open up, long distance or abroad travel is on cards for professional and study reasons." }, { "type":"Negative", "description":"Negative energies are quite mild for you today. You will be very motivated today as your luck will push you to do a lot of work. Being able to fulfill today's task might increase your positive feelings as the day goes by. Minor inconveniences in your personal life are the only negative part of today." }, { "type":"Lucky Colour", "description":"Blue" }, { "type":"Lucky Number", "description":"26" }, { "type":"Love", "description":"If you’re single you’re likely to meet a person today that you would be attracted to but their behavior will show some red flags which will confuse you. You would investigate further and also take your elder’s advice which will save you a lot of time and effort." }, { "type":"Business", "description":"Today you will be a winner. Enemies will get subjugated and you will get the taste of victory today, all in all a great day full of success, fame and monetary gains for you today. You will receive one major good news in your business today and as a result money will come in." }, { "type":"Health", "description":"The root cause of most of the health issues is stress today. Things will be much better for you on the health aspect if you can stay calm and keep your mind tension free. You can do this by engaging yourself in some creative work and by shrugging off all negative energies." } ] } ] } ]