[ { "@type":"Daily Horoscope", "pubDate":"2022-01-19", "content":[ { "sunsign":"Aries (March 21 - April 19)", "link":"https://bejandaruwalla.com/pages/aries-daily-horoscope-aries-astrology-today", "predictions":[ { "type":"Positive", "description":"Ganesha says, Your business will do extremely well today. Your business will grow a lot today and you will acquire new clients. Be it a big or a small prospect, you will observe that your business has grown the most today and you will be happy throughout today knowing this." }, { "type":"Negative", "description":"You will experience some trouble in your relationships which will have you seeking advice from your friends and family. Seeking advice from anyone has always come hard to you and today won’t be different, but once you do seek help everything will be great." }, { "type":"Lucky Colour", "description":"Violet" }, { "type":"Lucky Number", "description":"17" }, { "type":"Love", "description":"You are extremely close to your partner today and your partner will support you in everything, do not take that person for granted because they are the best for you. Be open to the affection being shown to you. You are about to discover new ways to express your love towards the person you love. Today is a great day for your relationship to flourish into the next big thing." }, { "type":"Business", "description":"Exciting, adventurous and fun defines how you will deal with your new project. Be open to your team’s ideas and don’t be afraid to take steps out of the norm. They will work out in your favor." }, { "type":"Health", "description":"Today is a positive and cheerful day for you today. You will spend the day feeling content and grateful. Things where you were stuck at before will start clearing up. Your mental health is doing well, and you will be in a good mood throughout the day." } ] }, { "sunsign":"Taurus (April 20 - May 20)", "link":"https://bejandaruwalla.com/pages/taurus-daily-horoscope-taurus-astrology-today", "predictions":[ { "type":"Positive", "description":"Ganesha says, Your acts of kindness can breathe new life into the world. You make everyone around you realize that we each have the ability to bring unexpected joy into one another’s lives no matter your circumstances." }, { "type":"Negative", "description":"Your energy issues are the negative highlight of the day for you. You will go through a phase of not wanting to do anything or feeling really lousy in terms of your health today. Don’t be too hard on yourself and play the self blame game. letting your anxiety flow and affect you won't be helpful for you today. Hence focus on your future and becoming healthy." }, { "type":"Lucky Colour", "description":"Silver" }, { "type":"Lucky Number", "description":"24" }, { "type":"Love", "description":"You won’t face any issues with your partner today at all. Your partner will be very supportive of you whether it's your health or your business, discuss with them the issues that you have been having with certain people, your partner will be able to help you regarding that as well." }, { "type":"Business", "description":"Your business will make you really happy today. This is the time for you to improve yourself and work on the things you’ve been meaning to do to improve your skillset. Updating your knowledge during this time will help you a lot in the future. Trust the timing and practice patience. Do not waste this time worrying about the lack of new opportunities." }, { "type":"Health", "description":"Drink lots of water, iced or herbal teas, or healthy fruit juices to help you stay hydrated and keep your body healthy today. You may also feel more emotionally upset. Being open and honest about your feelings will help you feel better and balanced today." } ] }, { "sunsign":"Gemini (May 21 – June 20)", "link":"https://bejandaruwalla.com/pages/gemini-daily-horoscope-gemini-astrology-today", "predictions":[ { "type":"Positive", "description":"Ganesha says, You will have a very pious and seen day. Spiritual energies guide you towards the correct path today and you will feel content today." }, { "type":"Negative", "description":"You need to focus more on your work and not on the people who drag you down in life, at the same time you need to be extremely careful about the information you publicly share at your work place as it might be used against you to pull you down from the position that you are currently at." }, { "type":"Lucky Colour", "description":"Red" }, { "type":"Lucky Number", "description":"10" }, { "type":"Love", "description":"You will spend a lot of time with your loved one today. It won’t be over the top fun or adventurous you’re likely to stay home. But it’ll be a nice warm and cozy day for you." }, { "type":"Business", "description":"Your business will be very boring today. Possibility of a new opportunity is present today but you will need to work very hard as well as make sacrifices in terms of finances to make this deal." }, { "type":"Health", "description":"Make it a point to meditate everyday and talk to your loved ones when you feel like you’re slipping and you have desires to go back to your old habits. Seek professional help if you can." } ] }, { "sunsign":"Cancer (June 21 – July 22)", "link":"https://bejandaruwalla.com/pages/cancer-daily-horoscope-cancer-astrology-today", "predictions":[ { "type":"Positive", "description":"Ganesha says, Your day will go positively if you go through the day with a casual approach and avoid anything and everything that causes you anxiety and worry today. Make sure you’re aware of your surroundings and whereabouts today." }, { "type":"Negative", "description":"A lot of work that has piled up needs to be finished up first. You will not find your employees of any help today. Understand that it is a one man army show today and you will need to pull everyone’s weight today." }, { "type":"Lucky Colour", "description":"White" }, { "type":"Lucky Number", "description":"29" }, { "type":"Love", "description":"Your charismatic energy will attract a lot of people today towards you. Your loved ones will not bother you and let you do your thing which is exactly what you need today." }, { "type":"Business", "description":"A plethora of reasonable opportunities will open up for you today. Today is a great day for you to make real estate investments to expand your business and take it to the next level but make sure you don’t take too many risks and bite off more than you can chew. Make sure you are performing at your level best today." }, { "type":"Health", "description":"Your health can hinder your productivity a lot today. Expect a headache or stomach ache today. Your health needs a little bit of improvement. Your health will be fine if you take time out to be physically active, eat better and drink enough food today." } ] }, { "sunsign":"Leo (July 23 – August 22)", "link":"https://bejandaruwalla.com/pages/leo-daily-horoscope-leo-astrology-today", "predictions":[ { "type":"Positive", "description":"Ganesha says, Your love life will enter into a beautiful phase because your partner is super helpful today. You will experience a positive shift in your emotions as everything you experience feels like roses and fairytales." }, { "type":"Negative", "description":"Your business will require a lot of hard work from you today, but all of your hard work will be very fruitful in the upcoming days. Be prepared to work hard throughout the days and nights, as the new project you’re working on is quite a handful, but the rewards will be great as well." }, { "type":"Lucky Colour", "description":"Orange" }, { "type":"Lucky Number", "description":"18" }, { "type":"Love", "description":"You need to care for your partner as much as they care for you. Be careful of letting yourself fall into a dark place and seek out new ways to delight yourself Today. You need to seek help and communicate with your partner if you feel lonely and troubled Singles should seek intellectual stimulation when searching for their special someone." }, { "type":"Business", "description":"You stand to benefit most from your current or potential partner as this person is the core of amazing opportunity. Make sure to appreciate your partner and try to create a family relationship with the people that work for you and the people you work for as it helps you improve your PR and create a loving relationship with your partner." }, { "type":"Health", "description":"You’re confused as to why your sleep has increased tremendously. You are sleeping well, enjoy the knowledge that you are growing in many ways physically and emotionally and that is why you are sleeping more." } ] }, { "sunsign":"Virgo (August 23 – September 22)", "link":"https://bejandaruwalla.com/pages/virgo-daily-horoscope-virgo-astrology-today", "predictions":[ { "type":"Positive", "description":"Ganesha says, You will have a simple yet good day today. Even though there won’t be anything significantly positive that’ll happen today you will spend the day relaxing and having fun." }, { "type":"Negative", "description":"You will have to work really hard on a new business opportunity and you might lose your focus and get overwhelmed with decisions to make and the amount of work to do." }, { "type":"Lucky Colour", "description":"Silver" }, { "type":"Lucky Number", "description":"16" }, { "type":"Love", "description":"Your aggressive nature might really upset your partner. Even though you are nice, caring and loving, you seem to lose all control when you’re angry and cause your loved one long-lasting hurt, which is likely to happen today hence refrain from any conflicts with your significant other today." }, { "type":"Business", "description":"Your business from today will start making profits. You’ll realize that today is just the beginning of a very huge span of making a lot of profit. Today is a great day to give back to your employees." }, { "type":"Health", "description":"You may suffer from the problem in thighs, legs like acute joint pain. Excess weight gain is likely to be the reason hence keep your food intake in check from now on." } ] }, { "sunsign":"Libra (September 23 – October 22)", "link":"https://bejandaruwalla.com/pages/libra-daily-horoscope-libra-astrology-today", "predictions":[ { "type":"Positive", "description":"Ganesha says, You will face a lot of adversities today but you stand strong and tall through it all which will give you a very big confidence boost which is exactly what you need today hence today is a tough day which you needed." }, { "type":"Negative", "description":"You might become greedy from being bored. Wither you make gains or loss in your business you just keep wanting more and more. Make sure you are ready to put in the work, efforts and commitment if you want to achieve more." }, { "type":"Lucky Colour", "description":"Indigo" }, { "type":"Lucky Number", "description":"10" }, { "type":"Love", "description":"You might feel like you do not need love, but if you’re open to being loved and being loving to the people around you, you will realize that it is the most beautiful feeling you will ever experience." }, { "type":"Business", "description":"Your work will require more resources and hard work to get the projects finished that are already due and late. Outsource, do it yourself and do whatever it takes to finish your work in time because it only causes you a loss of a good reputation." }, { "type":"Health", "description":"Your health will be better than its ever been. If you have been trying to achieve a fitness goal, You have ample amount of time to get to where you want. Today is a great day for you. Live in the moment and try not to rush things." } ] }, { "sunsign":"Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)", "link":"https://bejandaruwalla.com/pages/scorpio-daily-horoscope-scorpio-astrology-today", "predictions":[ { "type":"Positive", "description":"Ganesha says, You will feel very blessed in terms of your health, you will be an agile person today as you go through the day full of energy and enthusiasm. Your health has finally healed and it is very likely to stay better." }, { "type":"Negative", "description":"Negative energies are quite mild for you today. You will be very motivated today as your luck will push you to do a lot of work. Being able to fulfill today's task might increase your self-confidence today which will last much longer than just a day." }, { "type":"Lucky Colour", "description":"Yellow" }, { "type":"Lucky Number", "description":"13" }, { "type":"Love", "description":"Challenges arrive in your relationships today. It’s nothing that you can’t handle if you chose to remain calm and peaceful. Focus on being kind caring and gentle and make way for a very long-lasting relationship." }, { "type":"Business", "description":"You will develop great relationships with the people in your business industry today. Good results will come in your way, if you work with passion and dedication." }, { "type":"Health", "description":"Strict measures have to be incorporated into your lifestyle. It’s imperative to take care of your eating, and sleep habits today. Stay cautious about anything and everything you consume." } ] }, { "sunsign":"Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)", "link":"https://bejandaruwalla.com/pages/sagittarius-daily-horoscope-sagittarius-astrology-today", "predictions":[ { "type":"Positive", "description":"Ganesha says, A day full of hard work and hustle is what defines today for you. You might be stressed in the middle of the day but you will find it easy to pick yourself up and go ahead with your work quickly." }, { "type":"Negative", "description":"Your business requires all of your time and energy today. Whether you’re working yourself or outsourcing today, you will have to put in a lot of efforts, time and energy into today which will leave you completely drained by the end of the day." }, { "type":"Lucky Colour", "description":"Brown" }, { "type":"Lucky Number", "description":"11" }, { "type":"Love", "description":"Your partner will be very supportive of your today and will try their best to be a part of your life even though you’re engrossed in your work today. They will make your work issues seem like a big deal which will help you work better." }, { "type":"Business", "description":"Your work will significantly improve as you have invested a lot of time in learning new things. You have been juggling between studying and business for quite a while now and it will pay off. Your focus on your goal as well as your patience is very commendable." }, { "type":"Health", "description":"You’re confused as to why you are feeling anxious without any reason today. Sometimes you misunderstand your anxiety for your intuition which makes you feel scared and insecure about losing the people that you love." } ] }, { "sunsign":"Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)", "link":"https://bejandaruwalla.com/pages/capricorn-daily-horoscope-capricorn-astrology-today", "predictions":[ { "type":"Positive", "description":"Ganesha says, A positive and cheerful day for you today. You will spend the day feeling content and grateful. Things, where you were stuck before, will start clearing up. Your mental health is doing well, and you will be in a good mood throughout the day." }, { "type":"Negative", "description":"You might experience a small letdown or become aware that something you were expecting might not ever come your way. It is a loss in your business due to negligence. However, putting some illusions aside can be healthy as you make room for more realizable goals as well as practice gratitude for what you already have." }, { "type":"Lucky Colour", "description":"Grey" }, { "type":"Lucky Number", "description":"21" }, { "type":"Love", "description":"Your partner will take a day off just to help you manage time and work with you today. This will make your day amazing and you won’t have any trouble picking yourself up and getting back to the overwhelming work today." }, { "type":"Business", "description":"The decisions that your business partner has made are irrevocable which will annoy you a lot today. Make sure you are in a good mood today when you talk to your business partner as angry confrontations will lead you nowhere." }, { "type":"Health", "description":"Today you might have some health problems and you may come down with a cold. Take some precautionary measures to protect what good health you have. Focus on your health today, so that it doesn't bother you in the future." } ] }, { "sunsign":"Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)", "link":"https://bejandaruwalla.com/pages/aquarius-daily-horoscope-aquarius-astrology-today", "predictions":[ { "type":"Positive", "description":"Ganesha says, Great positive energies are aligned in your favor. You need to do the bare minimum to achieve great success in your professional life. You will make amazing monetary gains today. Which will bring your self-confidence to the next level." }, { "type":"Negative", "description":"There is no negativity in your life today. You will be very motivated today as your good health will push you to do a lot of work. Being able to fulfill today's task might increase your self-confidence today which will last much longer than just a day." }, { "type":"Lucky Colour", "description":"Violet" }, { "type":"Lucky Number", "description":"5" }, { "type":"Love", "description":"You will feel appreciated today for your efforts. You won’t face any major problems n your love life today or the upcoming days at all. Your partner will be very supportive of your work even when you don’t behave your best." }, { "type":"Business", "description":"You need to hire more employees and get most of your work outsourced, that is the only way you will be able to make the most of this business and actually take out a salary for yourself." }, { "type":"Health", "description":"Be kind to yourself, and make sure that you are concretely working towards the fitness goals you have set. You should hydrate regularly in order to avoid any major problems in your healthy being." } ] }, { "sunsign":"Pisces (February 19 – March 20)", "link":"https://bejandaruwalla.com/pages/pisces-daily-horoscope-pisces-astrology-today", "predictions":[ { "type":"Positive", "description":"Ganesha says, You will be appreciated fo your hard work and get promoted to a position you have been working to get for a long time. Which will set a very positive tone of the day for you today. Other aspects of your life will progress as well." }, { "type":"Negative", "description":"You will sense a negative attitude from your partner regarding your work. They are only thoughts the reality is actually different, your partner is not very expressive and that is the reason for your doubts." }, { "type":"Lucky Colour", "description":"Maroon" }, { "type":"Lucky Number", "description":"14" }, { "type":"Love", "description":"You will suddenly feel drained of energy today which will make you feel exhausted and you will not engage with your partner today in any activities today which might upset your partner." }, { "type":"Business", "description":"Your business will be okay today. This is the time for you to improve yourself and work on the things you’ve been meaning to do to improve your skillset. Updating your knowledge during this time will help you a lot in the future. Trust the timing and practice patience. Do not waste this time worrying about the lack of new opportunities." }, { "type":"Health", "description":"Your health will be pretty stable, You will feel your best and your health will not bother you today as well. As today you have no time for headaches and fatigue you’re likely to rely on resting and sleeping which will work for you very well. Now is the time to work hard towards achieving optimum health." } ] } ] } ]