[ { "@type":"Birthday Horoscope", "pubDate":"2022-09-26 to 2022-10-02", "link":"https://bejandaruwalla.com/pages/your-birthday-astrology", "content":[ { "date":"26 September, 2022", "description":"Ganesha says that working directly with well-known individuals who would affect your decisions is expected. Your income and outgoing costs would be significant. This is the time to stick to your spending plan. You'll probably stay mobile if your travels are frequent and successful. Later on in the year, you will find inspiration in the influence of a spiritual person in your life. Health would undoubtedly require greater focus, particularly for people with asthma, bronchitis, and high blood pressure." }, { "date":"27 September, 2022", "description":"Ganesha says this time, you would be able to communicate your ideas without coming across as obnoxious or overbearing. Gains in money and other benefits would be plentiful, but working under high levels of stress would be bad for your health. Having kids would be intriguing and a big source of enjoyment for you. Those who have struggled to locate a life mate up until this point should be happy because marriage seems to be in the cards for later in the year." }, { "date":"28 September, 2022", "description":"Ganesha says that you may finish any outstanding tasks and responsibilities. Financial gains will accrue to stock market speculators. During this time, you will make crucial decisions that will improve your future success and security. Sportsmen must pay special attention to their health. People who work in the arts and other creative fields will be recognized and rewarded financially. A loving and considerate spouse will be a great source of support." }, { "date":"29 September, 2022", "description":"Ganesha says you'll have new opportunities this year. As gains from earlier investments start to accrue, the financial situation stabilizes. Journeys undertaken for work reason will be helpful and very satisfying. Investment in a home and in particular stocks is advised. As it becomes more likely that you will need to consult a lawyer for legal counsel, legal issues will become more expensive and complicated. Children will achieve success in their individual vocations and show you support and tolerance." }, { "date":"30 September, 2022", "description":"Ganesha says people look up to you for motivation and support in your group since you are well-respected, but you need to curb your tendency to act jittery, anxious, and timidly at times. This year, you're likely to feel more optimistic thanks to resourceful and powerful people. If you seize the appropriate opportunity, fame and money will be abundant. New bonds and connections will form during the year. In school, kids will perform incredibly well. Some may experience spiritual growth later in the year." }, { "date":"01 October, 2022", "description":"Ganesha says that your ability to be cranky, stubborn, and lethargic at times needs to be checked if you want to make friends. Your long-awaited advancements and financial rewards will now be yours. Financially you will experience some issues initially, but things will grow better later in the year. It's a great time to make new connections and renew old ones. For the purpose of attending auspicious events, travel shall be done. Stay away from speculating and avoid any financial joint ventures." }, { "date":"02 October, 2022", "description":"Ganesha says the accolades and prizes you deserve arrive this year. Real estate investments this year will be quite profitable. Speculation, however, should be avoided as it will be harmful. Your worries about legal issues will be resolved amicably and to your satisfaction. Your partner will keep you happy, and children will be a significant source of happiness. Stress will have a negative impact on your parents' health, and the rising cost of family medical care will worry you." } ] } ]