[ { "@type":"Birthday Horoscope", "pubDate":"2023-02-27 to 2023-03-05", "link":"https://bejandaruwalla.com/pages/your-birthday-astrology", "content":[ { "date":"27 February, 2023", "description":"Ganesha says with your actions, you can draw people to you. Your strong immunity protects you from all pains. Your travel across the ocean is waiting for you to broaden your business opportunities. You might be distracted by controversy, but you need to focus. As unanticipated large sums of money come your way, you will have access to all the luxuries in life. As your friend list grows, the holiday gatherings you attend will also be beneficial to you. Throughout your life, you have been dependable and morally upright." }, { "date":"28 February, 2023", "description":"Ganesha says you might launch a brand-new business. It's time to make a toast to finishing a difficult project because you're creative. Those in business would agree to new, lucrative contracts. When you are going to spend time with your companion, your admirers will intercede. When planning social events, you shouldn't offend people's feelings. The sale of real estate will result in the winnowing out of capital gains." }, { "date":"01 March, 2023", "description":"Ganesha says you consistently prepared ahead and carried out your plans. You are approachable and straightforward. Every group you join, you always serve as the leader. Your social circle may be impacted when you occasionally behave carelessly, stubbornly, and wastefully. With tones of enthusiasm and great energy, you'll accomplish admirably this time. You typically use every effort to finish your assignment. Your coworkers will support you whenever you need it and grow to like you." }, { "date":"02 March, 2023", "description":"Ganesha says if you pay attention to what your family members have to say, you will gain a great deal. Your financial situation will improve, and your confidence level will be at its highest, if you find new sources of income. Any career changes will be advantageous. Your outspoken personality will be advantageous. Spouses and other female family members will make every effort to maintain your happiness. Avoid acting as a standing surety or guarantee for others as this could cause awkward situations and legal issues." }, { "date":"03 March, 2023", "description":"Ganesha says although you don't keep anything to yourself and enjoy sharing with people, you need to check your tendency to act hypocritically, arrogantly, and dictatorially at times. You'll feel frustrated and dissatisfied if you can't get people behind your popular Endeavor. Today will be better for financial transactions, partnerships and joint ventures should be absolutely avoided. Romance will flourish, and some lovers may even consider getting married." }, { "date":"04 March, 2023", "description":"Ganesha says you will benefit greatly by surrounding yourself with innovative individuals. Your performance will be at its best, and your ability to manage activities that involve a lot of responsibility will make a good impression on your superiors. You'll priorities real estate transactions, construction, and renovations. The time spent at home won't be particularly enjoyable. Because of your spouse's erratic behavior, you will suffer. Spiritual growth offers consolation and comfort. Several of you are also planning a trip abroad." }, { "date":"05 March, 2023", "description":"Ganesha says there will be lots of new plans and projects, but it might not be feasible to see results right once. Excellent time for brokers and consultants. Investing is unquestionably advised, but it is possible that rash actions could result in unexpected losses. Some people start a new romance while others enter into a marriage union. Be cautious while interacting with strangers and keep your plans to yourself because there is a high likelihood of deception. Be extremely cautious when lending money and take additional care with your jewels and other valuable possessions." } ] } ]