Libra Today

18 September 2020

Positive – The objective of economic gain can be fulfilled. If you are trying to make plans for doing something in advance, then you can get success in this time.

Negative – Ganeshji says that today there will be a lack of physical energy and mental euphoria and consciousness. Take care not to be socially insulted. There is a possibility of loss of money.

Lucky Colour: Orange

Lucky Number: Seven

Love – Your relationship will be strong at this time. Your love will grow closer. Also, both of you can make yourself feel incomplete without each other.

Business – This is going to be a special time for you. This period both promotion or change of job is possible. If you are thinking about job change then you are going to get a very good offer at this time.

Health – You may have mental stress over your personal problems. Take recreation to relieve mental stress. If you are fond of traveling somewhere, then you can come and roam in a hill station.