Libra Today

29 November 2020

Positive – At this time, we will make a program for holiday with family. Your sharing and caring behaviour will win your spouse’s heart. You will be able to establish your identity at the social level.

Negative – There will be stress related to functioning. But the circumstances will become normal over time. Promotions are formed but some may get stuck due to small flaws in their nature.

Lucky Colour: Blue

Lucky Number: Nine

Love: Despite being in the love – long distance relationship, one will not feel the distance. Thanks to technology which always makes the partner feel present.

Business: There will be opportunities to advance in career. It will be necessary to identify the occasions and not to let them go out of hand. Luck will stay with you. You have created your own identity in the field. Because of this, the trust of higher officials is more on you than colleagues.

Health – Adopt essential diet. Remember that it may take time for the situation to stabilize. Naturopathy will be helpful in treatment.