Leo (July 23 – August 22)

Leo Today

22 September 2020

Positive – Many of your stalled work can occur during this period. The sum of buying your new house also remains. Relations with brothers and sisters will be good. At this time you can also buy some new items for the house.

Negative – Your bitter nature can become a barrier to good works. Trying to maintain mutual harmony with everyone in the family will be very good for you. Brothers, brothers, favoured friends, children, etc., try to have a good relationship with everyone. Because by having a good relationship with everyone, you can get everyone’s support on every front.

Lucky Colour: Blue

Lucky Number: Three

Love – It will be important for you to appreciate the feelings of the lover. It will be necessary for you to have transparency in the relationship. Do not lie to your lover. Your relations will be improved.

Business – Money Advantage this is the best time for wealth gain. Financial situation will also be stronger than before, time will also be in your favour for money investment.

Health – Some people may have spinal problems. It will be mandatory for you to give importance to work as well as comfort. Pregnant women have to take care of their health.