Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Gemini Today

28 November 2020

Positive – Luck will support you, whatever work you are doing or trying to do, you will get good success. The situation is also going to be favourable in terms of economic benefits. Efforts to accumulate wealth can be successful.

Negative – If there is any kind of confusion or any dispute, etc., then one can try to explain it which can make the situation favourable. There may be unnecessary travel. So try to avoid any unnecessary visits.

Lucky Colour: Green 

Lucky Number: Nine

Love – Try to improve your personality and appearance will prove to be satisfactory. Between you and your spouse, a stranger can be the cause of trouble. 

Business – Invest wisely. Today, one needs to be careful not only of strangers, but also friends. Today is your day from a workplace perspective. Take full advantage of it.

Health – At this time you will get health benefits. However, you will be faced with occasional minor health problems.