Daily Horoscope (9th October 2020)

Positive – Relationship with parents and chances of getting support from parents is good. With the blessings of parents, you will get all kinds of happiness and mutual harmony will be better with everyone in the family. Therefore, if you are associated with any kind of work business, then it may get the support of family members in the house.

Negative – It may happen that unnecessary interference by someone interfere with family tension. In such a situation try to be careful with someone else. It may be better for you to trust all the members of your home family by relying on yourself.

Lucky Colour: White

Lucky Number: Two

Love – Unnecessary disputes can arise. But being cautious and expressing good feelings towards each other can lead to favourable conditions. More time can be given in the field of business – development so that all kinds of areas can get good benefits. All kinds of problems are solved by keeping the family conditions favourable.

Health – Avoid visiting difficult and polluted areas of eyes, because smoke can cause further damage to your eyes. If possible, avoid the bright sunlight.

Positive – You are a person with serious tendencies, who performs stability and seriousness in any of his tasks which gives you good chances of getting benefits. Due to which you can get good
benefits in the rush and stressful situations this month. 

Negative – Situations about married life can be stressful. In such a situation, try to maintain a good relationship with your spouse. At this time the enemy side can cause tension, so always be careful with the enemies and try to avoid any kind of unnecessary dispute.

Lucky Colour: Blue

Lucky Number: Five

Love – Always try to keep your loved one happy and by doing this you can also feel better. Reconciliation with spouse may also be better.

Business – Responsibilities towards household tasks can increase and along with having a good relationship with parents, you can get their support.

Health – Despite mental pressure, your health will be good.

Positive – building vehicles etc. can be enjoyed. You can also get better benefits in terms of social honor. There may be good opportunities for political gains. It is possible if you want to get political

Negative – At this time you will feel that no one will support you in your problems, but other types of problems will also continue to trouble you, so try to overcome your problems. Otherwise your
financial problems may increase a bit.

Lucky Colour: Yellow

Lucky Number: Four

Love – You should try to maintain a good relationship with your spouse, so that your work as well as the house will create a good atmosphere in the family and all kinds of problems can be

Business – This is a good time to fulfill your ambitions and desires. At this time your desire for knowledge will be strong and you will want to know everything.

Health – Ignoring your parents; health can prove dangerous and can prolong their illness. Seek medical advice immediately for relief.

Positive – It will be easy for you to do some work with everyone and cooperation of every household can prove to be important in your life. It may be good for you to deal with all kinds of problems for
your good.

Negative – Situations on the child side can be a bit stressful. In such a situation, try to give good direction to the child. Relying on yourself, trying to keep pace with all the family members can prove to be the biggest achievement of your life.

Lucky Colour: Green

Lucky Number: Three

Love – There can be an atmosphere of turmoil regarding love affair. Some miss communication can cause tension with each other. Therefore, lovers should trust each other and try to maintain mutual

Business – Your children will get success in their field, if they are preparing for higher education, then all the difficulties in their path will end, it will make you
and your partner happy.

Health – Relationship with parents can be good and you can try to take responsibility for the health of parents at this time.

Positive – You will be able to get a good hold in the social sector. The child side will perform better which will satisfy your mind. Good feelings may arise towards children. In this month, some festive atmosphere may be seen in the house family or there is a possibility of achieving peace and prosperity in the
house due to the auspicious work.

Negative – Investigation will strengthen your ability. Therefore, before doing any work, try to do it by getting complete information about it. Only then will you be likely to get success well.

Lucky Colour: Brown

Lucky Number: Nine

Love – Be more and more compelled in the love relationship and make the conditions favourable for the future, thus the situation will be created. Love can improve in love relationships.

Business – During this time you will be seen helping in domestic work, which will
increase your respect in the house.

Health – Discord and stressful conditions can cause discord and its adverse effects
on health.

Positive – Writing of children or problems related to children can be overcome. If you are related to education or trying to get education related benefits then you can get success. Relationships with parents can be good, so you can also get support from your parents.

Negative – Try to take responsibility for any task which will give you good success. Timing can be a bit stressful for you. So be more vigilant and try to avoid doing any kind of important tasks.

Lucky Colour: Sky

Lucky Number: Seven

Love – If you share your thoughts with your loved ones, you can get good benefits. At this time, the circumstances will be a bit stressful regarding married life.

Business – At this time you will see a sudden increase in your courage and might. You may have to take short trips, these trips will prove to be enjoyable which will benefit you.

Health – Worry about parents' health. If conditions are adverse about the health of any parent, then try to make it favourable.

Positive – It may be better for you to trust all the family members in your home by relying on yourself. At this time some auspicious work etc. can be done. At home, you can try to maintain mutual harmony with everyone in the family.

Negative – By adapting to family situations, all kinds of problems are solved. It may also happen that unnecessary interference from someone’s interference creates tension in the family in such a situation try to be careful with someone else.

Lucky Colour: Orange

Lucky Number: Eight

Love – If you love someone very much and want to express love, you can. Try to stay away from unnecessary debate. Try to do any task by trusting each other.

Business – You will also gain money from any source. Talking about the field, this time can be called good for that. You are likely to progress at the workplace.

Health – If you have to go on a journey at this time, it is good for you to postpone it otherwise it may cause
problems during your travels.

Positive – You are a very courageous and powerful person and the ability to do any task will be found in you. At this time, you will feel strong in any situation and you will not lose courage even in odd circumstances, who will never leave the field and run in the middle.

Negative – There may be adverse times for you. In this time, doing any auspicious task and doing any new work can be stressful or harmful for you. So, avoid doing any kind of important work in this time.

Lucky Colour: Red

Lucky Number: Seven

Love – If you look at your married life, there will be love and attraction in it. Also, your relationship with mother and spouse will improve, so that the exchange of ideas between you will remain intact.

Business – Due to your stubbornness you may have to suffer due to hasty or angry actions. In this case, it may be better for you to do any work carefully at this time.

Health – From the point of view of health, any kind of injury, etc. can be formed.

Positive – You are more likely to get success. You may get less support from your immediate relatives at this time. But you will keep trying to maintain better relations with everyone.

Negative – Get children or write a child’s education, etc. You can get into all kinds of problems. Stress can also arise in terms of economic benefits. Try to avoid transactions. If you want to get any money from someone, do not be hasty.

Lucky Colour: Green

Lucky Number: One

Love – siblings etc. Try to maintain a mutual relationship with everyone as much as possible by having a
sympathetic relationship with each other so that we can try to deal with all kinds of problems.

Business – Due to your courage and might, you can also get the benefit of this with time. You may get less support from your immediate relatives at this time.

Health – This time cannot be said more favourable for your younger siblings, they
may have some health problems.

Positive – One can get satisfaction from child side and support can also be obtained from children. Therefore, it may be better for you to work under a well thought out strategy. You will be able to
make new efforts towards expanding your business.

Negative – You will execute your thoughts. You have a system of working in view of time and situation. Therefore, you will be expected to get good benefits according to time. However, you may come in a hurry due to which you may have to suffer loss.

Lucky Colour: Silver

Lucky Number: Two

Love – Having a good relationship with your spouse can be very good for you. Improve your family situations while trying to avoid getting into unnecessary disputes.

Business – You are in a rush of charge due to which you may have to bear loss. You trust someone less but people trust you more.

Health – Relationships with parents may be better, but concerns may arise
regarding parents; health.

Positive – You have to pay attention to your own desires, only then you will get success in your research work or in esoteric mysteries. You will like the taste of this success and you will feel proud of yourself.

Negative – Problems may arise in the realization of land vehicles etc. and problems can also arise in terms of political gains. Although at this time you may have to face opposition from your family members, but with courage and enthusiasm, you can achieve good success.

Lucky Colour: Brown

Lucky Number: 4

Love – You should make your position clear by looking at the time. So that love feelings towards each other can be in better condition. At this time, the conditions regarding married life are going to be favourable.

Business – Your efforts are likely to lead to good success. If you are trying to get real estate then you can get some benefit in this time.

Health – Relationships with parents can get worse and concerns about parents;
health may increase.

Positive – At this time your mind will be more towards spirituality, due to which your deep interest will also be increased in the subjects related to religion and karma and you will be ready to learn more. Along with this, your honor and respect in the society will also increase, due to which the family members will be proud of you.

Negative – Starting any new business related to business can be harmful for you. To avoid this, try to do any work only under a thoughtful strategy.

Lucky Colour: Black

Lucky Number: Five

Love – In addition to having a sweet relationship with the spouse, cooperation can be seen in the areas of functioning. Relations from the in-law side can also be better. Support from the in-laws can also be obtained if required.

Business – At this time you will need to speed up your efforts because only then you will get auspicious results of your hard work. If you keep a hobby, you can earn good money from it due to your talent.

Health – You will need to take some precautions because chances are you will have mental stress, as well as your health problems will continue to bother

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