Daily Horoscope (9th November 2020)

Positive – The obstacles that you were facing in tasks can be overcome. Expected support from colleagues, colleagues and family are also expected to meet you at this time. Overall, this time can be said to be very good for you for promotion. Once again, you may see a speed in your actions.

Negative – You may face a lot of ups and downs at this time. The emotional positive changes that were seen in your life in the past, the decisions that seemed right, the positive results you were getting, may take a break for some time.

Lucky Colour: Green

Lucky Number: Seven

Love – If your married life has gone through a lot of struggle during this time, then this struggle will come to an end and your closeness with your partner will increase.

Business – Sums of money and profit can also be made for you. However, it is also possible that egoistic instincts may also emerge in you and try to avoid this.

Health – At this time you may have to face some health related problems.

Positive – It is expected to be a very good time for students and employed people in the field of education. You can also be satisfied with the child side. You can enjoy romantic life too at this time.

Negative – You may have to struggle hard even in the tasks that were easily seen. Suddenly, your opponents may be seen trying to give trouble to you.

Lucky Colour: Yellow

Lucky Number: Four

Love – Though ideological differences from siblings may increase at this time. But you are expected to get full support from your spouse.

Business – You may consider yourself lucky at this time. Profits can also be made for you in the field. There may also be opportunities for the new job seekers.

Health – Your health can deteriorate in enjoying physical amenities too, so vigilance is necessary. You are sad towards your health and this attitude is changed by Ganesha.

Positive – This time is especially likely to be a time of progress in the field. The time may also be favourable for the job seekers in the government sector. New ideas will come to your mind, you will remain energetic.

Negative – Your chances of getting fame and fame in your career can increase. However, aggression will also remain in your nature at this time. You may also have an ego, you can also consider increasing your savings, but do not take small steps in it.

Lucky Colour: Red

Lucky Number: Two

Love – Your love for mother will increase at this time, so there are chances of ideological differences with father. Marriage totals can also be made for unmarried people.

Business – At this time you can also make an idea to invest money in land, house etc. To make your life happy and prosperous, there are also the chances of attaining material comforts.

Health – You can feel improvement in your health. Improving the fate of fortune can improve your routine. Ganesh ji informs that the decisions taken regarding health at this time will remain intact for a long time.

Positive – New job opportunities can also be obtained at this time. There are chances of you getting a profit in the business, although there may be some confusion about investing in the property. At this time, the sum of short trips can also be made for you.

Negative – Obstacles may have to be encountered again in their task. You may not get the full benefit of the money invested earlier. You are expected to get relatively less results at this time.

Lucky Colour: Yellow

Lucky Number: Seven

Love – This time can bring some problems in your personal life. In personal life too, especially the loving ones may face problems. Married couples may be worried about children.

Business – Take care of your health at this time and also be a little cautious from enemies. Opponents may have on you. If you are willing to invest in property, then astrologers advise that this may be a risky step for you at this time.

Health – Socially you can be quite active. Your health will also be good. Chivalry will be the main reason for this.

Positive – You can also increase your tendency towards esoteric disciplines, tantra-mantra etc. The time is good for the people trying to get jobs in the government sector. Working natives can also demonstrate their efficiency at the workplace. Your importance can be understood by senior officials.

Negative – The expenditure of money is going to be done in the tripsso make a mind to go on the journey keeping your pocket in mind. This time may be lacking in your happiness resources.

Lucky Colour: White

Lucky Number: One

This time will also not be favourable for love-loving people. Ideological differences can also increase with siblings. Couples are likely to be disturbed in married life. You are likely to fall in love with your spouse.

Business – You can benefit from ancestral property. If the result of competitive examination given earlier comes in these days then it can come in your favor. This time will put you on your competitors, opponents, opponents.

Health – In the case of health, children and relationships, time may be a bit sensitive. Incidents at home in health may decrease.

Positive – You may start getting positive results. At this time, you are expected to meet your destiny. Your functionality may also increase so that you can easily achieve goals. You may also have to be involved in any work. This time you can make an idea to invest in the property.

Negative – You may also be under pressure from high-ranking officers at the workplace. At this time, you may also have problems in earning income, which may result in your job, your attitude towards your business, negative attitude.

Lucky Colour: Orange

Lucky Number: Three

Love – Problems can arise in your married life. A little resentment may arise in your nature. You also have to face a decrease in love benefits.

Business – At this time you will need to work very carefully at the workplace. A sword may hang on your job. You also have to take care during the journey.

Health – At this time you may also need to avoid blood related infections, so you will also need to be a little conscious of your health.

Positive – This time will be beneficial for you financially. At this time, the sum of increase in wealth will also be made for you. You can also increase your accumulated wealth or savings. Whatever decision will be taken at this time, they are likely to remain according to your understanding.

Negative – Be careful that buried idols can crumble. Old enemies can suddenly come forward and cause trouble. You may have to struggle in terms of health as well. Take care while driving at this time. Be cautious even in case of investment, there may be a possibility of loss of money.

Lucky Colour: Green

Lucky Number: Nine

Love – For unmarried lovers, these times are expected to be very good, those who want to get tied in someone’s love affair can also find their partner. Married people can also enjoy a married life.

Business –The period can bring investment opportunities for you. Investing in property is likely to be beneficial for you. Also, you will be on the enemy side.

Health – At this time aggression may also occur in your nature which can cause major problems for health. Ganesh ji says that the right use of aggression can lead to improbable practices and wrong usage can bring destruction.

Positive – Paused works are expected to be formed at this time. Your interest in politics can increase. You are also expected to benefit from travel. You can also expect to get appropriate opportunities to invest money at this time.

Negative – Your savings may take a dent. Spend money thoughtfully. At this time, married people may have to face difficulties in their married life.

Lucky Colour: Black

Lucky Number: Five

Love – This time will improve your married life. Your relationship with your spouse will improve.

Business – This time will be fluctuating for you. You may have to struggle a bit. Vertical constraints can also be overcome at this time. You may also be assigned new responsibilities at the workplace.

Health – Health can also expect to get better. If you are troubled by diseases and enemies for some time, then you can get relief from them at this time.

Positive – At this time you can make an idea to save some money to secure your future financially. The sum of small beneficial visits is also being made. You are expected to benefit from the money invested in the past.

Negative – will have a negative impact on working life. Work may slow down. The sum of the expenses of accumulated wealth can also be made for you. At this time you can expect to get rewarded according to your functionality.

Lucky Colour: Red

Lucky Number: Three

Love – Single people can enjoy romantic life to the fullest. However, there may be a slight breakdown in the relationship with the father.

This time is expected to be auspicious for the business sector. If your money is stalled somewhere, then it is also possible to meet him.

Health – You may also feel a decline in your health. Stop waking up till night otherwise there can be a lot of trouble.

Positive – At this time you can get some good news from child side. You can feel proud of their achievement. This time can also bring new opportunities for you to get benefits. Chances of increasing luck are also being made for you.

Negative – Your functioning may be interrupted at this time. It may be that the tasks at the end also get stuck for a long time. You may face difficulties during this in professional life as well as personal life.

Lucky Colour: Blue

Lucky Number: Two

Love – Relationships with your partner in romantic life can fluctuate. There can also be ideological differences with children. Maybe this time you do not meet the expectation of the support from your close ones.

Business – At this time you can get new achievements in the field. Wealth gains are also expected to happen to you. If you are planning to do something new for some time, then this is the right time, at this time you will also take decisions with full confidence.

Health – Due to professional busyness, you will not be able to focus on your health, but you will need to focus on your health at this time. Otherwise, small illness may take a big form in the future.

Positive – It will be a very good time to develop a new talent within yourself. Business people can invest in property. Natives who are active in social, political, cultural etc. can also get state honours.

Negative – Be cautious of your opponents at this time. Perform all tasks carefully, especially following legal procedures because there is every possibility that you have to go to the court office. However, your domestic fight can also take you to court.

Lucky Colour: Yellow

Lucky Number: Five

Love – At this time, you are likely to get a lot of support from your brothers and sisters, although you may be a little worried about the health of the mother.

In business – this time in the field of work may be progressing; new opportunities for profit can develop for you. Your expenses are expected to increase.

Health – Take care of your health as well, because if you have a life, you can have yoga especially for abdominal diseases or surgery. You will need to be a little conscious about your health.

Positive – The name and fame you are trying to get for a long time can bring colour at this time. You can also get the benefit of the hard work you have done in the last difficult time.

Negative – You may not get benefited from decisions taken at this time and you will also have to face financial loss. Make the decision to invest at this time only after careful deliberation.

Lucky Colour: Pink

Lucky Number: One

Love – You can increase your tendency to laziness. Due to the influence of Jupiter you will need to be a little conscious in married life.

You can also take a wrong decision by coming into business. Due to which you may have to suffer financially. Opponents may be in contention at this time.

Health – The health may remain slightly sluggish. Fear of disease can also haunt you. Overall, at this time you will need to work with restraint and discretion.

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