Positive – Problems with your colleagues will end and you will have a happy life at your workplace. Businessmen and freelancers will have a great time and will be busy with work as they are recognized by the government as well as the people.

Negative – There may be some misunderstanding with your life partner or family members. You need to be careful while talking because sometimes your words can harm them. As a result, you can become a target of their anger.

Lucky Colour: Yellow

Lucky Number: 2

Love – Relationships with your life partner will improve and you can live a happy family life. You can experience bitterness in love relationships.

Business – Planet’s yoga will help provide satisfaction in your career and your work. Time is favourable for investment.

Health – You need to control your eating habits as you are very interested in eating sweets and unhealthy food, this can increase your body weight and increase cholesterol.

Positive – Your spiritual interest will increase, and you can also visit religious institutions. Your love and affection towards your father and mother will increase and their life will be good at this time.

Negative – may cost more. Most of the expenses will be related to medical and luxury items. You need to be careful while spending money as it can dominate you.

Lucky Colour: Orange

Lucky Number: Seven

Love – Family life will be good for you at this time. Your family members will get support, your father will be in good health and you can also visit some pilgrimage places.

Business – Rahu transit will help you achieve better financial success. There may be some disappointments, but they will not give any break to their career or talent.

Health – You may worry about health. There may be some problems for the elders in your house. They need to be especially careful about health.

Positive – There is a possibility of unexpected returns through your investment. If you have any loan or bank loan then you will be able to clear them in this time. If you are planning to invest your money then it is right to do it here.

Negative – You may be tempted to take a loan so try to avoid unnecessary spending to balance out income and wealth. This is not a good time to invest money.

Lucky Colour: Red

Lucky Number: Four

Love – You can stay away from home for some time due to job. Because of this, you may feel lonely for some time. Nevertheless, you will come out of that thinking.

Business – will help in achieving success in career and reducing expenses. You will be able to succeed in business in a barrier free life. It will help you get promoted and get a better job.

Health – Healthy time will be good for you. Home transit will help correct health issues.

Positive – financially, this time is very helpful for you. You may have to spend heavily but this time you will also get more income and more returns from your investment. You can also buy a vehicle or property in this time.

Negative – You may need to work hard to achieve success and achieve better growth in your career. You may have to stay away from home for some time.

Lucky Colour: Green

Lucky Number: Seven

Ganesh ji advises to avoid the use of mind with love and heart. Otherwise your good image will not be built on the lover and will not get deep in the way.

Business – At this time you need to work hard, you may get interrupted in every venture. To get success in this, you may need to do every job two or three times.

Health – Sometimes you may have unexpected health interruptions and delays. Ganesh ji can get more help to overcome this problem at this time.

Positive – Your children will do well in their education and in their field. The support of friends and relatives will make you happier and more successful in every venture. You can be recognized for your talent by the society. If you are facing a legal issue or any other issue, that will end in your favour.

Negative – You may have a lot of stress and trouble with high officials. You may also have a lack of prestige and career enhancement but due to the change of Rahu you will see an increase in mentally strong spirit and reputation.

Lucky Colour: Brown

Lucky Number: One

Love – At this time it will be good if you make love secondary, because in life you are surrounded on many fronts, in which love will distract your objections.

Business – Your work will be recognized by your institution, but there will be other enemies who will try to harm you in getting promotion.

Health – There may be minor health problems. You may suffer from health issues like gastric troubles such as spondylitis and lack of proper sleep.

Positive – You will have a happy family life. Ganesh ji will give you a good understanding between family members and family growth. An auspicious event can happen and you can also participate in your family functions.

Negative – Every venture may be delayed and may face some obstacles. During this time you can learn many new things. Your colleagues will support, but at the same time you may have to work for them.

Lucky Colour: Pink

Lucky Number: 7

Love – For the unmarried and deprived of love, there can be chances of getting tied in someone’s love.

Business – Try to avoid unnecessary fights, arguments in the office to help you build a smooth career. There is no need to show your talent to get the name as it will be recognized automatically by your higher officials.

Health – Health is also expected to be adversely affected. You may have two to four problems with abdominal problems. Your tendency may also move towards religious activities at this time.

Positive – This time is very good for them to invest more money and expand their business. Ganesh ji will help in getting desired results in his field. The work of freelancers will also be recognized by the society and the government.

Negative – This time will give you many opportunities to make yourself better and fit for any difficult situation. Sometimes you can lose your confidence and become an Abbott negative thinker.

Lucky Colour: Green

Lucky Number: Two

Love – Do not shed tears, do not complain… Proceed with this formula. Sunshine is the name of life, handle the broken heart and do not give much imagination to the imagination, but she will not let you live.

Business – You just need to work honestly and quietly. Those who are in business will get success and your business will expand this year.

Health – Your health is likely to improve or be healthy. However, this time can be painful for the mother.

Positive – You may have some bad experiences with your co-workers but will eventually support you in everything in your office. Those who are in business will have excellent success and unexpected growth in their business.

Negative – Try to focus more on work which will help you overcome all your stress. The businessman will have some unexpected guests in his business. This could be a sign of change or occupation in this year.

Lucky Colour: Blue

Lucky Number: Nine

Love – Your image will be made of different and people will be eager for friendship with you, but at this time you have to be cautious, because a cheater can come into your life and make life happy.

Business – There may be new partnership deeds and expansions in your business. At this time the nature of the workplace or work will change. Freelancers, artists and professionals will achieve good success, but at the same time, they may face a lot of competition.

Health – will help to fix old health related problems. It is possible that you were suffering from some health issues that may go away.

Positive – There will be good harmony between family members and support among them. You can spend a lot of time and money for your family members. You may have some issues with your life partner.

Negative – If you are running a partnership business there may be some problems with your partner, so you need to be careful when dealing with them.

Lucky Colour: Orange

Lucky Number: Four

Love – will go to auspicious event or family event where a new love relationship can be formed. You can also go to new places with your family members.

Occupation – You may need to protect yourself from your enemies as they try to harm you about your work. Your creativity and you are working will increase stamina in this year.

Health – Health will be good for you overall. There are no major health problems at this time.

Positive – You will also get success in every venture. Your thoughts and your thinking will help others as well. You will get good support from your higher officials which will result in promotion or improvement in your career.

Negative – You can become a more protective and more caring person, as a result, your family members may become angry because of your behaviour. Try to be confident and trust others to help lead a happy life.

Lucky Colour: Red

Lucky Number: Eight

Love – Leave the effort to keep the love bound, otherwise you will have to bathe. Your partner will feel that you are in love or in prison and they can reconsider their love.

Business – Ganesh ji will give you excellent financial growth in this year. Your investment and your speculation will give you unexpected gains and growth.

Health – Healthwise will give normal results at this time. There may be some health problems related to bones and lungs.

Positive – There can be a huge expense in the house. There may be a family function or a special event, spending more money on it. You can spend money on your children and buy property for luxury goods.

Negative – This is not a good time to invest money. You will become more aggressive in spending money which may cause you to take a loan. Try to avoid unnecessary expenses and postpone waste shopping, as a result, you will save some money.

Lucky Colour: Yellow

Lucky Number: Five

Love – It will be your time to rejuvenate. There will be full support from the lover. New love affairs will also be established. You will be able to handle many situations simultaneously.

Business – Previously, what you considered to be meaningless, your knowledge will be useful to you for financial gain. One should be careful with speculation as it may lead to excitement and wrong decisions.

Health – You may suffer from health issues like spondylitis and blood pressure. Most health issues are caused by a heavy workload and lack of proper food.

Positive – You will achieve better success and reduce expenses. Those who are waiting for your promotion or job change will get desired results at this time.

Negative – Householders can give some delay in every task but later they will get success. You have to be recognized by your institution and colleagues.

Lucky Colour: Green

Lucky Number: One

Love – One can be unaware about a small thing with a loved one by avoiding much debate. Your silence can make your love relationship stronger and your assertiveness can weaken the relationship.

Business – Try to use caution when investing money. If you are planning to buy a house or property then it is better to wait at this time.

Health – Eat on time and take proper rest to overcome physical problem. Ganesh ji can help in reducing health related problems.

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