Daily Horoscope (6th October 2020)

Positive – If you are planning to invest in expansion of your business, then there will be excellent growth in the business of business people. The freelancer artist and professional will get good recognition and work.

Negative – This time is not good for investment. There will be mixed results at this time. Your income will increase but at the same time your expenses will also increase. You can spend a lot of money on family members. Do not spend money without proper investigation.

Lucky Colour: Blue

Lucky Number: Two

Love – Along with spending some romantic time with love partner, you will be able to enjoy each other as well. You will be helped to maintain a good relationship with your family members as well as your life partner.

Business – Your return on investment may be reduced. Try to cover the distance of speed and time to get better returns.

Health – You need to be careful with gastric problems and spondylitis problems as these health problems can take terrible forms.

Positive – The position of the planets will help you to move from the present place to another place or country. You will also get appreciation from your colleagues and your high officials. Your honesty and your hardworking nature will be recognized by your institute which helps you get better promotion.

Negative – Every venture in business will face obstacles. People in the creative field can get success after hard work but in another part of their talent and their work will be recognized. You have to be cautious with your seniors, but love and affection will grow with your family members.

Lucky Colour: Blue

Lucky Number: Two

Love – You will need to strike a balance your personal and professional life. You may also have to spend to save your relationship. There may be some ups and downs in the choice of life partner.

Business – Ganesha teaches you to stay focused in order to get a better financial condition and a better career.

Health – One may face mental stress and lack of interest in studies, sometimes they may feel restless. To overcome this problem, Ganesha says that some measures need to be taken.

Positive – This time you will have a great time about your career. If you are trying for a change of job or transfer, then you will get a better opportunity at this time. You will also get career advancement and improvement.

Negative – There may be some misunderstandings in your family and there is a lack of harmony between the family members, all these issues will be resolved and you will live a happy family life.

Lucky Colour: Red

Lucky Number: Four

Love – You will think of doing something better for your family and your personal life will be better this time. You may be able to show love naturally.

Business – At this time you can postpone everything and try to avoid working hard. Lack of concentration may surround you and you may call it patience.

Health – Health issues and lack of interest in everything can be the reason. To overcome this problem, Ganesh ji advises to adopt an active lifestyle.

Positive – Financially this time will yield mixed results. Your earnings will increase as well as your expenses will also increase. You can buy a vehicle or house or property at this time. It will cost something for your family members or in charity.

Negative – Laziness will surround you but Ganesha requires you to work hard. Try to avoid postponing nature and work hard to achieve desired results.

Lucky Colour: Black

Lucky Number: Seven

Love – One needs to be cautious to avoid anger and arguments, but in the meantime your relationship will return to normal. You will feel extremely attracted and sensual towards your partner.

Business – At this time you will see better times about money and earning. Your earrings will grow, and you will enjoy a wonderful life at this time. You can also buy a house or vehicle and you can spend money on auspicious events and travel.

Health – You may not find major health issues but there may be minor health issues. You may suffer from back pain related to bone and bone related problems.

Positive – Family life will be above average. You will get support from your friends. There will be a ceremony or special event in your family at this time. You can go on a long journey with your family members.

Negative – You may have to work hard to get success. You may also face some obstacles and financial issues. High stress and health issues may come up.

Lucky Colour: Brown

Lucky Number: Seven

Love – will solve problems between family members. You will see the harmony between family members. Your relationship can improve.

Business – For those who are trying to invest money, this is the best year to invest money. You will get good returns from your investment and there will be better opportunities to get more profit.

Health – Try to avoid stress of overwork and take proper rest, this is the right way to overcome health problems, Ganesh ji says.

Positive – Your reputation will increase, and you will successfully meet your challenges and goals. There will be some unexpected financial gain. You can get positive support in work.

Negative – Do not try to do anything without the help of others and try to reduce your ego and over-enthusiasm. There is a need to be careful regarding the expansion of your business.

Lucky Colour: Pink

Lucky Number: Eight

Love – You will be able to enjoy it by compromising in marital life or relationship. Ganesh ji says that one should not get angry at his life partner in public places.

Business – There will be a possibility of receiving unexpected money. You will also spend some money on charity. If you are fighting for the wealth or wealth of your ancestors, then you can get this

Health – Your family members will be in good health. Except that your father may have a minor health problem at this time.

Positive – At this time you can get recognized by your institute or government or some organizations, this will help you to regain your confidence and be interested in work. Some of you may get a transfer elsewhere and some may get a change in your job.

Negative – Freelancers and artists will get good opportunities, but they need to be cautious before accepting any contract as they may have to leave due to some personal reasons. You will get recognition
from work and talent.

Lucky Colour: Green

Lucky Number: Two

Love – Impulsive decisions can cause a stir in your life. If you want to save your loved ones from harm, then you will need to control your stubbornness.

Business – Do not take any loan for expenses. You may get a little confused in making important decisions. Any property can also come out of your

Health – There may be minor health problems related to hands, feet and ears.
If you are suffering from any health problem at this time then you will overcome it

Positive – Try to listen to others and respect their thoughts and words that will help you succeed in every venture. You will get good support from your friends and colleagues and you can get recognition from your institute too.

Negative – Try to avoid unnecessary expenses and waste of money which will help you save money for the future. At this time it is not appropriate to invest money on large enterprises. Try to postpone major investments.

Lucky Colour: White

Lucky Number: Five

Love – Ganesh ji says that only after attaining stability in life, you should decide to go deeper into the subject of love. In choosing a life partner, more intellectual ability will need to be focused
on showing.

Business – You may get an increase in your job, but at the same time you may get additional work load, due to which you are not able to give more time with
your family.

Health – Try to avoid many migrations that may cause some health problems
related to lungs and allergies.

Positive – The new business will benefit greatly and the economic situation will be strengthened. You can go on a religious trip. This time will prove to be better for you. Students thinking of education abroad should start the process for success.

Negative – will give more workload and encouragement, but due to lack of interest and health issues, you may not be able to complete your work. You need to work hard to get the desired results.

Lucky Colour: Green

Lucky Number: Seven

Love – Circumstances will be favourable. Your family relationships will improve and friends and loved ones may meet often. Your relationship with your spouse will be strong.

Business – You will have mixed results at this time. In terms of career, you may have to work more due to additional responsibilities. You can also work away
from home.

Health – Children will feel a little concerned about their health, but soon the situation will improve.

Positive – With your work done according to your expectation, you can get fruits according to your expectation. There will be no shortage of funds for any scheme at this time and there is a possibility of
peace in your family.

Negative – Due to carelessness or misinformation, you can become a target for your higher officials. Therefore, you need to be careful while working and communicating with people.

Lucky Colour: Yellow

Lucky Number: Three

Love – You may feel a little uncertain about your relationship. During this time it will be better for you not to take any marriage related decision. You will be alert to your relationships.

Business – You will learn many new things which we will help in your career growth in future. You will also meet new people and can work in new environments.

Health – There may be health related problems, which are related to gastric discomfort of teeth and skin allergies.

Positive – You will be able to perform better in software engineering or subjects with creative and intellectual skills. You can also progress by focusing on subjects related to art or fashion. You can get success in higher education by spending more time in studies.

Negative – Do not interfere in the work of others and do not give suggestions or orders without asking. This may cause some communication problems with your co-workers and higher officials.

Lucky Colour: Red

Lucky Number: Four

Love – Your suspicious behaviour can affect your married life. Ganesh ji advises planning a trip with the family.

Business – People may misunderstand your words, as a result, there can be negativity towards you so try to work less.

Health – At this time you will feel a lot of relief in terms of health.

Positive – Overall, this time can prove to be better for your work as well as business. Long journey is going on and you can also go for a short trip with your family.

Negative – According to family you will get mixed results. Some unexpected things may happen in your family, but at the same time, you can also attend some auspicious events at your home.

Lucky Colour: Blue

Lucky Number: Two

Love – You can get good support from your family members and friends. Your children do well in their field.

Business – Professional life may face some uncertainty. You need to take care of the quality of your products. Some unexpected money or profit can be found.

Health – There may be some health problems for your life partner, the life of the children in your household will be very good.

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