Daily Horoscope (6th October 2020)

Positive – You can expect your stalled work to proceed at this time. You are also likely to get rid of enemy problems. Trips during this period are also signs of success.

Negative – Be a little cautious while driving. Your expenses may increase. At this time, try to avoid wasteful expenditure, which is very likely to happen. You may have to cut down on amenities.

Lucky Colour: Red

Lucky Number: Four

Love – You may be a little worried about married life. Your relationship with mother is also not likely to be favourable.

Business – Profit from business may not be as expected. If you are sitting expecting something from the ancestral property, then it can be digested at this time.

Health – One can also feel pressure from new responsibilities. Its adverse effect can be on health. If you are mentally strong, then you will feel compelled.

Positive – Your concerns about children may also be reduced. Those who wanted to go out of work for some time, their wish can be fulfilled at this time. Time is favourable for completing stalled tasks.

Negative – Problems can increase for you. Your competitors can also make it challenging for you. Luck’s support is unlikely to meet you at this time. If you have planned a pre-planned investment plan, then you may have to face lack of funds for it.

Lucky Colour: Green

Lucky Number: Eight

This time can also be conflicting in love-love relationships. You will need to be careful at this time. Differences in mutual relations are expected to increase.

Business – Education can also be called a good time for the natives. You do not need to panic because financially, you can be in a state of profit from the planetary position. Time is likely to remain favourable for you in terms of children and education.

Health – There are chances of getting rid of diseases also. This time is expected to be excellent for you. This is a mixed result of your progressive lifestyle and planetary yoga.

Positive – If you are willing to invest, then investing in property, share market etc. can be beneficial for you at this time. At this time you can consider yourself lucky. If you have been worried about the health of the mother for some time, then there can be better changes in health at this time.

Negatives –Good yogas are being formed. Try to avoid extravagance during the journey. Difficulties may increase for the students and the students associated with the education sector. Overall, despite a lot of ups and downs, you are expected to be good.

Lucky Colour: Yellow

Lucky Number: Five

Love – If you are having an affair with a partner in your romantic life, it will end this time. Relations will be sweeter than before. Your trust in each other will increase.

Business – New sources of profit can also be created for you at this time. There are chances of increasing the accumulated wealth for you also. Overall, this time is likely to be excellent for you.

Health – You may also feel physically weak. Not making time sheets and this can be a result of chaos in life.

Positive – You are also expected to enjoy material pleasures. At this time you may be able to defeat your opponents. Your own health is also likely to remain good. The totals of advancement in jobs, business etc are also being made for you. You are likely to get the support of luck.

Negative – You will need to work hard to achieve the goal. Do not get entangled in futile debates as much as possible. It is better if the opposition and the competitors do not face it. Keep your own business at the workplace too.

Lucky Colour: Black

Lucky Number: Three

Time is also expected to remain very good for love-loving people. Your chances of traveling to a remote place are also being made.

Business – Travel totals can also be made for you. You can also get new opportunities to get benefits. At this time if you are willing to invest money, investing in property can be profitable.

Health – You will feel fresh this time. Due to some infestation, you can take a big fence about your health, says Ganesh ji.

Positive – At this time your work, your hard work can be recorded at the workplace. You can say that your importance will be understood at the workplace. You may also get an opportunity to identify good and bad. You can expect luck to meet you strongly.

Negative – Do not sit on luck, believe in karma. There will be chances of getting benefits, although obstacles can be created by these gurus. You will need to take careful steps on every aspect whether personal or business.

Lucky Colour: Pink

Lucky Number: One

Love – Stagnation can come in your life. You may not be able to enjoy them even if all the amenities are available. Luck may also be with you, but you may be comforted to have your spouse standing with you in every situation.

Business – You will be excited about the work at this time. You will also get good luck. If there is a ruckus with the partner, then you can convince the partner who is angry with the grace of Jupiter. At this time, there are chances of getting benefits for business people also.

Health – This time can be harmful to your health. Especially take care of food and stomach problems may increase.

Positive – You are expected to get the full support of luck. If you are trying to buy land, vehicles etc. for some time, then this time is absolutely right. This time you can beat your opponents.

Negative – Married and offspring may be worried about their children, this concern is probably related to their education. There may also be a drag in the house with the spouse. Businesses may also miss opportunities for profit. Overall, this time can also dent your accumulated wealth.

Lucky Colour: Red

Lucky Number: Seven

Love – Although romantic life can be a little volatile. But married natives who wish to have children can get good news.

Business – The obstacles you faced can also be overcome. Opponents may also have the ability to give a befitting reply at this time. At this time, the prospects of promotion of the employed people can be successful.

Health – You may be worried about your spouse’s health at this time. Children’s health can also be disturbed. You may also feel that you are surrounded by problems, but this problem will remain short-lived.

Positive – This time is going to make your pan heavy. If you have been experiencing a decline in health for some time, then you can get relief at this time, as well as commercially you can fall on your competitors. Money is expected to be spent in an auspicious task.

Negative – You may not get the expected benefits even from previously invested money. You may not get the benefits you expect at this time. However, this situation is expected to remain for some time.

Lucky Colour: Sky

Lucky Number: One

You are likely to remain positive in the matter of love and love affairs. Your stature can be huge socially.

Business – Business people may also face loss at this time. If you are willing to invest in a project, then wait for some time and the time cannot be said to be favourable. This time cannot be said to be beneficial for you.

Health – Luck is your chance to stay strong. Some can breathe a sigh of relief when they are overcome with major health problems.

Positive – Your position on enemies, opponents, competitors is likely to stay and you can succeed in defeating them. You may also have to travel during this time. If you want to save money for future, then it is the best time to invest.

Negative – You can benefit from investing money at this time. However it will be possible only if you do not take any decision in a huff or in haste. Positive use of your aggression will be beneficial for you. In marital life, you may also have a bad relationship with a partner. There are signs of fear of physical illness, pain etc.

Lucky Colour: Green

Lucky Number: Nine

Love – The feeling of anger will remain strong in your nature. Maybe your married life will be affected by this trend. You have a strong chance of falling in love with a partner.

Business – This is the time for you to learn from past experiences. At this time, before investing in any new project, new company, have a good discussion. This time will also bring progress in the field.

Health – There may be some concerns regarding health. Concerns about the health of family members may disturb you, if not your own. And this time the target is the heart.

Positive – At this time you will stay on your opponents. If you are thinking of doing something new or are looking for a new job, luck will be with you. Business people can invest money in a scheme for the future.

Negative – Your expenses are expected to increase at this time. At this time you may face obstacles in your work. Your amenities may be lacking.

Lucky Colour: Yellow

Lucky Number: 3

Love – You may have a bad relationship with a spouse or lover at this time. And the main reason for that will be your and lover’s increased ego. If

Business – If you look at it professionally, you are expected to make profit in business. It may be time to touch new heights in the field. You can start any new work. You can find a new job.

Health – You may also have to face abdominal problems. You have to increase the quantity of water intake in plenty, this is Ganesh ji’s order.

Positive – You can get such opportunities in which you can get your talent ironed. At this time, your competitors will stay on your competitors. Luck is also expected to give you full support.

Negative – At this time you can spend money in improper or risky activities, which you should avoid. At this time there are signs of luck getting less than you expected. Unknown enemies can also bother you. Overall, Ganesha’s advice to you is to be careful.

Lucky Colour: Blue

Lucky Number: Five

Love – You can enjoy full of married life. Someone will come to cheat you in the form of a lover, keep this reality in view, it is called as Ganesh ji.

Business – At this time you can make an idea to save some money for the future. Your efficiency will be at its peak.

Health – Your health is likely to be good. And he is grateful for your changed lifestyle. Waking up for a long time at night can again spoil your health.

Positive – Time will be good for you professionally, you will get new opportunities of profit and you can also get new responsibilities in the field. But this situation will not last long. If a work is hanging in the balance for a long time, then this time is perfect to complete it.

Negative – You may have to face this time due to lack of amenities. You may also have a bad mood with mother. There are chances of discord in married life too. Overall, at this time in domestic life, you may have to face the heat.

Lucky Colour: Brown

Lucky Number: Eight

Love – Even with life partner, there can be rift at this time. But the love relationship will increase in strength. The period will give you a chance to understand more mutually.

Business – You can get new opportunities to get benefits in working life. If you have made an investment in the past, then you are likely to get its benefits. As time progresses, there will be ups and downs in your life.

Health – In the case of health, especially abdominal problems may increase. Ganesh ji says to consume more fruits instead of eating spicy-sweet. You can find a solution to the problem by going to the shelter of Naturopathy.

Positive – Promotion possibilities are being created for you. You can also get new opportunities to get benefits. If you have been thinking about investing money for some time, then this time is absolutely right to invest.

Negative – Your savings amount may be affected at this time. Savings are expected to decrease due to increased expenditure. The totals of small trips are also being made for you. Sudden obstacles may occur in the opportunities you were seeing for the benefit.

Lucky Colour: Pink

Lucky Number: Two

Love – Your relationship with your partner in married life is likely to remain sweet.

Business – You may face difficulties in working life. These times are expected to be good for the people associated with education sector. You can also find name and fame in the field.

Health – Suddenly, you may be worried about the health of the mother or you may have a bad opinion about anything. However, your own health is likely to remain good and you will maintain your dominance over your enemies.

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