Daily Horoscope (3rd November 2020)

Positive – At this time the obstacles encountered in the field can be overcome. The economic situation will also be better. You can also increase the means of material happiness. This time will increase your efficiency in your performance.

Negative – In your married life, chances of falling in love with your partner are being made for you. You may face some problems in relationship with your child and partner. Also, at this time you will also need to be careful with enemies and diseases.

Lucky Colour: Blue

Lucky Number: Eight

Love – Romantic life is expected to be quite good. Your relationship with your spouse will be very pleasant. You can feel yourself closer to a partner. Married life is also expected to be much better.

Business – Works that were stopped will gain momentum, you can also get financial benefits in these works.

Health – Health can be mild-hot. Special care needs to be taken in catering. Especially, this time the food outside can be diverted to your health.

Positive – You can get the benefit you were expecting for a long time. You may get new responsibilities in the field. Your income may also increase. There are also signs of increasing your physical pleasure resources. Relationships are likely to remain very sweet even in married life.

Negative – At this time you may be entrusted with any additional responsibility in the field or home, in which you will be afraid of failure. If you work from your work at the workplace, it will be beneficial. Debates with colleagues are expected to increase.

Lucky Colour: Red

Lucky Number: Four

Love – By the grace of Ganesha, you will get the power to recognize true love, due to which you can avoid being deceived in love. This time, trust yourself more, not on love.

Business – The more your enthusiasm and energy will be won, the more economic benefit will be received. Excessive trust in people in business can give wrong results.

Positive – If you are trying to get a new house, new car, then your efforts can be successful at this time. Yoga for increasing physical pleasures is being made for you. You can also find name and fame in the field. Chances of increasing wealth are happening for you.

Negative – There may be some concerns about the health of the mother. A romantic life can also be a struggle at this time. You can also feel cut off from children, there are chances of having ideological differences with them.

Lucky Colour: Green

Lucky Number: One

Love: Love is immersed in love, it will be per se. You can get a glimpse of fervent love. Provided that the heart is clean. Do not cheat yourself and lover.

Business – By the grace of Ganesha, according to your belief, business will run. Your level of awareness will also remain high. Employers will get the required help from colleagues.

Health – Ganesh Ji advises you to avoid a diet with more fat. Food made of paneer, cheese etc. can spoil your health because you are having the disease of heart disease.

Positive – Commercially it can be called the time of your destiny. At this time your social reputation is also expected to increase. You can invest money in the property. Your might is going to be very good.

Negative – Interruptions in work, loss of profit may occur. At this time, if you are thinking of saving something for the future, then you may not be able to do this but your accumulated wealth may also be lacking at this time. Opponents may have on you.

Lucky Colour: White

Lucky Number: Eight

Love – You can also get full support of your brothers and sisters. Your relations with relatives will be good. At this time you may have to be involved in organizing any Manglik work at home. The family will get a lot of support.

Business – Today is not the right day for the new agreement, you can postpone it for that day. Ensure your mathematics so that business can be understood well and not be responsible for losses.

Health – There will be health problems in the family. In particular, Ganesh ji advises himself to be restrained so that he can avoid causing harm to others.

Positive – There is a possibility for you to increase your physical pleasure also. This time will increase your self-confidence. The circumstances may be favourable to you in terms of functioning. At this time you can grow your business.

Negative – Friendly matters may lead to disputes. You will guide the children. You will get full love and support from your spouse. Investing in good works can bring benefits. Drive the vehicle carefully.

Lucky Colour: Yellow

Lucky Number: Five

Love – The shedding of tears and leaving luck to earn love brings true effort. You will have to remember this thing only because it does not fill your stomach.

Business – The chances of increasing your income are being created for you at this time. Your attack on enemies and opponents will be frozen. The pressure you were feeling for some time will decrease. If you invest money with a little thought in risky projects, you can get profit.

Health – Keep in mind that anger may increase in your nature. You will get support of spouse in married life. You need to learn where and how much anger to do.

Positive – You can again dominate your competitors. You can get the required support from the maternal side. Married life can also hope to live better. Your power is also expected to increase with the support of new colleagues at the workplace.

Negative – Renounce negative concerns. There will be pressure on the mind to fulfil important
responsibilities. Trouble is possible due to the work done in charge. Beloved and affection of loved ones will be found. You will be busy in employment.

Lucky Colour: Yellow

Lucky Number: Five

Love – New love in life will knock. Either it can increase in your old love. If you keep your heart clean, then some problems of life can be averted.

Business – At this time, the sum of money spent in new business is being made for you. You can also increase your savings. Material comforts may increase.

Health – Health will be good, provided you are restrained in food. If you make any determination regarding health on this day, you will definitely get success in it for a long time.

Positive – There will be a loving atmosphere in the family. Business can bring good profit. The journey will be enjoyable. You will be happy with good news related to children. Material comforts may increase. Stopped work will gain momentum.

Negative – Mutual differences may arise between husband and wife. Responsibilities will increase in functioning. Giving up in some work can cause panic but leave worry and keep working hard, you will definitely get success.

Lucky Colour: Brown

Lucky Number: 3

Love – If you listen more of the heart and less of your mind, then your love journey can go ahead.

Business – Can make the idea of buying a house or car. At this time, the chances of business migration are also being made for you. These trips can prove beneficial for you.

Health – Health can deteriorate physically and mentally. This worry will eat you more, thisformula is kept in mind today, it is said like Ganesh ji.

Positive – In domestic life, relationship with children and spouse will be more beautiful. This time will be very good for you, a ceremony will be organized in the family. Time is going well for career, try to improve your skills to get a reputation in life, there will be benefits. Your personality is very strong.

Negative – Time can be a bit difficult regarding the property, trying to sell a property will not be successful, it is better that you keep calm and wait for things to happen.

Lucky Colour: Sky

Lucky Number: Nine

Love: There will be freshness in love-love relationships. Students will pay more attention to studies. Family atmosphere will be pleasant.

Business: You will take care while investing in business. This day the lion market is forbidden for you. Today will be better only if you spread it carefully.

Health – Maintain physical health. Being too calculative can cause your health to decline.

Positive – Due to your personality, you can start a new job which will not only make you different from others but will also prove to be beneficial. They will talk sweetly to their partner to buy something expensive.

Negative – Vehicle malfunction may occur irritability due to non-completion of daily work on time. Keep your plans secret. Handle your habit of talking in detail, this day it is called Ganesh ji.

Lucky Colour: White

Lucky Number: One

Love- It is necessary to balance the mind and heart. Sometimes listen to heart, sometimes mind. But this is not the case that when there is a need to listen to the mind, then listen to the heart and move forward.

Business – There can be opportunities for advancement in career, keep trying to get a good job, there will be profit. You can achieve your goal only by avoiding disappointment. Know this clearly, says Ganesh ji.

Health – Follow this formula that what has come, what you will bring, the life of the day is dirty for two days.

Positive – Your mind will be emotionally focused towards relatives. A beneficial situation in any kind of employment will keep the mind happy. Mind will be focused towards family and religious functions. Benefit is possible by starting new works. You can participate in any religious event.

Negative – Mind will be filled with remembrance of old events. The mind will remain concerned about child related responsibilities. Negative thoughts about the future will decrease the enthusiasm. Take care of your belongings while leaving the house or else damage may occur.

Lucky Colour: Red

Lucky Number: Seven

Love – Time will be good for love affairs, your partner will understand and appreciate your love and feelings.

Business – One can get financial benefits from the mother side. Honour will increase in society. Officers will be happy with your work. There may be a sudden trip. Interest in academic work will

Health – Your health will be very good, even better than you expect. If you take the time to walk a little, you will find a solution to your health problems.

Positive – You will be able to build new relationships through their behavioural skills. Take advantage of the opportunities available in the employment sector. Do not be negligent in important tasks. Use time by focusing the mind towards good work.

Negative – The week can be a bit difficult, parents may be angry with you about something, they may not even be ready to listen to you, keep calm. For those thinking of painting the house, painting the house will prove to be quite a tiring experience.

Lucky Colour: Green

Lucky Number: Five

Love – It is a matter of luck to have a good life partner. And you are getting lucky in that direction. The only thing to keep in mind is that you have to keep the boring talk on the side in a love affair.

Business: Time will be good for business – career. Work given on the field will affect everyone by completing it within the prescribed limit. You can be proud of yourself by being praised for work on the field.

Health – Do not consume too much oily food, increase the amount of fruitful diet. It is enough for the relatives, you should know about the root cause of your health problem.

Positive – Time will be very good for you, you will get a pleasant atmosphere. Time will be successful for people who like Challenges in life, new challenges will be found.

Negative – There may be tension in the family. A fun trip with friends can be expensive. You will experience fatigue and laziness. Be cautious in love relationships.

Lucky Colour: White

Lucky Number: Seven

Love – At this time you will be very firm about your thinking and your work. And the same thing can take away your love from you. Try to understand what is right and keep it free to adopt it.

Business – Keep business plans secret. Do not trust anyone more than necessary. Family relationships will be strengthened. Work by balancing income expenditure. Long distance travel will be successful.

Health – Any type of physical injury is likely. Be careful while driving.

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