Positive – If you are trying to get a vehicle or building, then it is found to be successful. If you are preparing in the field of education, then you can get good benefits in this time. If you are preparing for some kind of career, then you are likely to get success.

Negative – Try to do whatever you are doing. Try to keep some action plans normal at this time. Do not try to give too much detail. Otherwise, mental troubles can increase with functioning.

Lucky Colour: Red

Lucky Number: One

Love: During this time of love-love relationship, running around and stressful situations can occur. Unnecessary problems arise that can lead to an atmosphere of tension with each other. You can fall prey to mutual misunderstandings.

Business – You will appear more satisfied with your work. Your transfer to the desired location is also possible, although for this you will have to make some efforts.

Health – This time will be good for your health. Today, wherever you go, you will remain the centre of attention among people. No disease will bother you.

Positive – Good opportunities are available from the economic point of view. If you try, you can get good success. The vehicle can be very good in terms of attainment of home etc.

Negative – Maintaining a good relationship with everyone and being aware of your work can be fruitful for you. Use caution in money transaction. It would be beneficial to do any work with stability.

Lucky Colour: Green

Lucky Number: Eight

Love – Part portion can be more in life at this time. So it can be very difficult to find time for each other. Due to which mutual reconciliation can become possible.

Business – Your colleagues will support you at this time. With their help you will progress in your career. If you are a businessman, you will earn profit in the partnership.

Health – As far as health is concerned, you may have to face mental stress. Do not drive on drugs

Positive – One can get good opportunities to get money through close relatives. If you do a job, the post can be beneficial in terms of gaining position. There can be more mental troubles due to high fluctuations in business.

Negative – Luck will support you this time. Therefore it will be necessary to do any work thoughtfully. If you want to extend the action plan in this time, then you should wait. You should not make haste.

Lucky Colour: Yellow

Lucky Number: Two

Love – Even after a lot of effort, it can be difficult to find time for your loved one. In this time, unnecessary expenses are also forming between you.

Business – Time will bring you money and your sources of income will also increase. However, you will have to rein in your expenses as well, only then your financial side will be able to come into a strong position.

Health – Any physical problem or dispute of any kind is less likely to occur, yet be careful with health and controversy.

Positive – Deteriorated work can improve. There is a possibility of financial gain. Some good news can also be received. Some good benefits can be obtained from the point of view of wealth real estate.

Negative – Outside travel may be interrupted. If you want to travel outside for some work, then problem may arise in it. If you wish for support from your spouse then that too will not be successful.

Lucky Colour: Red

Lucky Number: Nine

Love – At this time, avoid going out for shopping or shopping. Otherwise, the harmony with the expenses can also worsen. At this time, the marital life is likely to be successful.

Business – Your expenses are likely to increase, while talking about income, it is less likely to increase. However, you are more likely to benefit from international relations.

 Health – Minor illnesses related to the weather can engulf you. One can go on a journey to get relief from mental discomfort.

Positive – Good gains can be made in the field of knowledge. One can get good profit in clothes related business. If you do business of consultancy computer bank finance sports related material then you can get good profit.

Negative – Ganesh ji says that this time will bring many fluctuating moments for you. While you
will get promoted in the field and your respect will increase, on the other hand, if you do business, there may be some debate with your partner.

Lucky Colour: Blue

Lucky Number: Four

Love – mutual cooperation and mutual ideology can achieve good success in any work. With the help of a loved one, the sum of luck and progress is good.

Business – The enemy side may try to disrupt your work business. But there is a possibility of
being successful. Therefore, you should be free from unnecessary thinking and worry.

Health – You should stay away from poisonous insects and old stale food as they can harm you.

Positive – At this time the chances of getting economic benefits are found to be good. Fluctuating conditions may arise regarding economic conditions. But there are good chances of getting benefits. Efforts made to get money can be successful.

Negative – It is important to be cautious in economic transactions. Do not lend money to anyone in it. Otherwise you may get stuck in problems. You may face some kind of problems.

Lucky Colour: Silver

Lucky Number: Three

Love – Conditions can be favourable due to better mutual harmony with love. Outside travel can be
successful, with good success in areas of work.

Business – Enemies can be afraid to face you with the work done by courage and enthusiasm. Therefore, you should be aware of your work and try to carry on your work smoothly.

Health – Do not invite diseases by excessive use of junk food. Take care of the cleanliness in the
family. Keep yourself worry-free and use caution when driving.

Positive – stability and seriousness can be seen in the home family. Members of the house family will try to complete any task in a timely manner with stability and seriousness. Any task in which you keep the spirit of family support will be completed. Mutual harmony may be better.

Negative – Delay in making concrete decisions towards any task can hamper your actions. Less money can be availed. Mental troubles may increase.

Lucky Colour: Red

Lucky Number: Seven

Love – Having a concentrated mind can be good for work. In this time, the situation is unfavourable regarding love affairs but it is favourable about married life.

Business – Work done with courage and enthusiasm can be beneficial for you. The sum of
realization of wealth is becoming good. You can get success in whatever field you are in.

Health – This time is very good for you in terms of health. You will feel agile both physically and

Positive – Any kind of work can achieve good success. However, the work area is going to be affected. Still, hard work can get you good success. Therefore, doing any work with courage and enthusiasm and striving for financial gain can be successful.

Negative – You may face disturbance in family life. It will be better if you treat women well. You
may have a quarrel with your in-laws, or there is a possibility that they may accuse you of something.

Lucky Colour: Gold

Lucky Number: 7

Love – Many problems can arise due to mutual tension between husband and wife. Non-family support may disrupt the work area. Destiny progress is hindered.

Business – It is possible that there is a slight delay in the success, but there may be benefits. It is
being hoped that your efforts to achieve the meaning can be successful, yet you should take a
thoughtful step.

Fitness – You will give more importance to exercise, yoga and meditation for physical fitness. You will not experience fatigue in functioning due to good health.

Positive – There is a possibility of getting good benefits from small works interested in exchange of money. Economically made schemes are likely to succeed. Depending on the time and situation,
it may be beneficial to do something.

Negative – This time will not be very favourable for you. During this time, do not get into any
controversy and follow discipline in the office or your field of work. After this period, again the circumstances will be favourable for you and your career train will start running at a smooth pace.

Lucky Colour: Purple

Lucky Number: Five

Love – At this time, the intensity of love relationship will increase. With the help of relatives, your love relationship can improve further. This time is good for lovers.

Business – Money related problems will begin to be solved. You can improve your financial situation by saving. Long-term investment in the stock market will benefit. Your interest in doing
new work will increase.

Fitness – You can join a gym or a yoga class. Pay special attention to your health to avoid weather
related diseases.

Positive – Social values can be respected. You may get an opportunity to complete some new
work. Some of the previously taken responsibilities can be met and good benefits can
be derived from the tasks undertaken responsibly.

Negative – Work carefully in the work area. Tie the knot that if you work against any law, then
you can be punished. Keep working hard in the field, you will definitely get the result in the

Lucky Colour: Blue

Lucky Score: Two

Love – In this time, both couples can take care of each other and sympathize with each other and
can do any task. With mutual harmony, you can get the benefit of money, along with the
possibilities of shopping, etc.

Occupation – The occupants will be able to earn a lot of profit on the strength of their hard work. Do not be careless in doing any work. Betting and lottery can cause losses.

Health – You will need to treat them well and seek medical advice as much as possible. Your interest in esoteric and spiritual subjects will be awakened and you will try to move in this

Positive – Respect can be received by a specific person. Chances of getting stagnant money will
increase. You are likely to get good success in any work that you do with confidence.

Negative – You will create opportunities for yourself with your good decisions. Your seniors
will appreciate your work and decisions. Do not let the ego flourish inside you. Otherwise it can cause you heavy losses.

Lucky Colour: White

Lucky Number: Seven

Love – Happily time can pass if you want to speak your mind. If you want to negotiate to
strengthen some kind of relation, then you should wait now.

Occupation – People wishing to work abroad will achieve success. The chances of getting job promotions and salary increases are strong. Money can be earned by stock market and

Health – There may be some health related problems, it would be better not to ignore them.
Your father’s health may be worried.

Positive – The work you do creates the potential for good success. Of course, there are good opportunities to gain on delay. Money is the sum of expenditure. Money can be spent in any auspicious task. Some family auspicious functions are also likely to cost money.

Negative – If you are trying for a new job and want to do it, do it a little thoughtfully. Otherwise there is also a possibility of some kind of dispute. This may cause you financial loss. Therefore, like a settled person, be aware of the economic matters and try for financial gain.

Lucky Colour: Black

Lucky Number: Eight

Love – At this time you should give some good gift to your loved one which makes the mind
happy. At this time, the situation regarding married life can be tense.

Occupation – Speculative and lottery can lead to loss. Focus your attention on growing your
business because this time is very appropriate for it. The situation will improve and the arrival
of money will increase.

Health – There is a need to pay attention to health. Caution is advised for people suffering from diabetes and obesity. You have to protect yourself from overwork.

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