Daily Horoscope (7th November 2020)

Positive – You will work hard to get success. You will get successful results in your career, but you will not look satisfied with these results. Your work in the field will give you a new identity. You will also get an opportunity to work in a new place.

Negative – You will need to be a little careful. During this time it is better not to get into any kind of disputes, otherwise your previous hard work can go waste.

Lucky Colour: Blue

Lucky Number: One

Love – There are some challenges in Love Life at this time. There may be a ruckus about something with a sweetheart or a misunderstanding can also lead to a sour relationship.

Business – If you are doing a job and want to do some kind of business too, then it would be better to start this work with someone in confidence which will strengthen your financial position.

Health – At this time there may be a slight decline in your mothers health, but if her health is well taken care of, then everything will be fine.

Positive – You will get better results in career field. Your work and dedication towards work will be visible to your seniors. Your successful work in the office will be appreciated. During this time, you may get promoted or your salary may increase.

Negative – If you do a job and are looking for some kind of investment then take care at this time. Make up your mind to investigate about it and invest after complete information.

Lucky Colour: Pink

Lucky Number: Seven

Love – This time will be great for your family life. There will be an atmosphere of peace in the family. There will be happiness in the house as well. Coordination and unity will be seen among the members of the household.

Business – If you want to take advantage in political field then you can achieve success by continuously trying for it. Good success is being achieved in the field of education.

Health – There can be fluctuating situations in terms of health and the enemy side can cause stress. In such a situation, it will be necessary to be careful in both these sides.

Positive – There are signs of you getting good results again. Circumstances will improve and you will get good results again. At this time you can also get a good offer from another company. You can also transfer at this time.

Negative – Do not transact money with anyone unnecessary. Otherwise any kind of money related dispute can arise. Due to which you may face mental disturbance and stressful situations which can be harmful for your health.

Lucky Colour: Blue

Lucky Number: Five

Love – There may be slight fluctuations in domestic conditions, but this situation will be only for a short time. Mothers health will remain healthy and the smile on her face will remain on seeing the happiness of the house.

Business: There is a good chance of getting pleasure in business – building, vehicles etc. Relationship with parents and their cooperation can be achieved over time. You can also be a good politician.

Health – Your health may have to suffer physically due to which you will also be troubled. Pay attention to food, which removes physical malaise.

Positive – You can read religious literature at this time. You will show interest in learning and learning a new language. Students who are doing language related courses are more likely to get benefit at this time. You can show interest in getting technical education.

Negative – You can be disappointed about your success. During this time, you can also have an argument with seniors. This time the circumstances will not be more favourable for you.

Lucky Colour: Yellow

Lucky Number: Seven

Love – You may understand that to love another is not love but to love another is true love. Your lover will be filled with indifference during your behaviour.

Business – Along with your favourite friends, the co-operation of your colleagues will also be received as per time. You will be well versed in the field of art and you can emerge as a good spokesperson.

Health – This time will be good for your health. Exercise regularly to stay fit. Add yoga and meditation to your routine.

Positive – You will have to face small challenges in financial life, but in spite of this you will also get very good results. Your financial position will be strong.

Negative – A fun trip with friends or family members will make you relaxed. Control your habit of living with only one day in view and do not spend time and money on entertainment.

Lucky Colour: Blue

Lucky Number: Nine

Love – Your love affair will improve. If there was estrangement between you about anything, then that too can be overcome at this time. You will feel the real feeling of love at this time.

Business – There will be good progress in the field of work along with courage and enthusiasm. If you do a job, you are likely to get a lot of career benefits.

Health – With yoga and meditation, your mind will remain calm and focused and will glow in your face. It is better to follow a healthy routine and do not consume meat and alcohol.

Positive – This time is giving auspicious signs for you. At this time you can get some big benefit in the economic field. During this time your income will increase. There will be profit in the business. You will prepare economic plans for your future.

Negative – If you feel that life is not as you think then you need to make some creative changes at this time. During this time your intellectual capacity will develop.

Lucky Colour: Yellow

Lucky Number: One

Love – Your lovers needs should be taken care of at this time, if you do not do this then your partner can get away from you. It is important to take time out of your busy routine for your partner too, try to understand this.

Business – You will be successful in getting your work done very well. You will make your work successful by keeping good relations with any person on the strength of your good intellect and speech at this time. 

Health – Mothers poor health can increase your worries. You need to take care of them at this time. If you think that your words are bringing positive changes in your mother's health, then spend time with them.

Positive – You are seeing strong chances of getting financial benefits. Suppose this year you will be able to collect money. If you look at your expenses, the expenses may increase. Your money will be spent on many things.

Negative – Health of an elderly person will be cause for concern. Some differences may arise with your loved one, as well as it will be a problem to explain your point of view to your partner. It is a profitable day, so try and move on.

Lucky Colour: Green

Lucky Number: 4

Love – Maintain the partner's trust. At this time, you can also get married with your spouse. Do not show haste in a new relationship and control your emotions.

Business – The sum of realization of wealth is good and your relations with relatives can be better. You will get good success in any work you do with dedication and hard work.

Health – Your health will be healthy at this time. You can also participate in sports with your friends at this time.

Positive – The circumstances will remain under your control. If a case is going on in the court regarding the property, then its decision may come in your favour. You are very likely to get financial benefits from foreign relations. You can buy a new vehicle at this time. 

Negative – Your relationships with colleagues may deteriorate. At this time in the field of work, you should not talk about it or else you can unnecessarily implicate yourself in a bad situation. You are likely to be heard from friends during this time.

Lucky Colour: Sky

Lucky Number: Four

Love – There will be many occasions in which you will spend a romance filled moment with your beloved. You may also have to go on a trip somewhere. This will strengthen the relationship of both of you.

Business – At this time you will be able to forget the past and do well in the field of work. If someone was unfriended by a colleague, then at this time you can forget all grievances and apologize to him.

Health – Your mothers health will be good at this time due to which smile will remain on your face.

Positive – performance in career or career will be appreciated. There is also a strong possibility of going abroad. You may also have to move away from home due to promotion. At this time, you can go to any place of pilgrimage or somewhere.

Negative – You are about to work by your mind by nature. At this time, think about thinking about your development as well as your home and family development, as such, Ganesh ji says and give all possible support to the family members.

Lucky Colour: White

Lucky Number: One

Love – Your love life seems daunting, so you will need to be more careful this year. There is a possibility of a relationship with a love partner or due to some misunderstanding. There is a possibility of souring in the relationship.

Business – The longing to do any task with full responsibility gives you high rank which is likely to give you good success.

Health – Your children may suffer a little during this period. Take special care of their health.

Positive – You will be more interested in social work. With which you will also be seen to be contributing in advancing the religion culture. You will live in harmony with the people around you, so that people will also like you and will also be seen standing for your cooperation.

Negative – For economic gain one can face runaway and stressful situations. At times, there may be unnecessary travel and unnecessary stress on functioning.

Lucky Colour: Red

Lucky Number: Seven

Love – Sometimes you will feel dissatisfied with your relationship. Do not press anything into your heart at this time. If there is any kind of conflict with the partner, then try to solve it together.

Business – With courage and enthusiasm, make every effort to strengthen the financial situation, only then you can get good success. You can make good progress in your life.

Health – Your health life is predicted to be very good at this time. At this time not only you will get health benefits but you will also get rid of chronic diseases.

Positive – The sum of profit related to business is becoming good. Outside travel etc. can lead to good success. And if there is an attempt to do any work related to the work from outside, then you can also get success.

Negative – This can be stressful for you. Therefore, it will be good for you to work only in view of time and right circumstances. Do not do any work in haste, otherwise you may suffer loss.

Lucky Colour: Orange

Lucky Number: Two

Love – Instead of anger, try to solve things with a cold head. At this time do not put any pressure on the partner nor try to impose your thoughts on them.

Business – Building, vehicles etc. can be enjoyed in time. If you work or are trying for a good job, then you can get a good position this month.

Health – You will also be serious towards your health, so to stay fit, you can join a sports, running, yoga and exercise gym.

Positive – Luck will support you this time, so that you will get success in whatever field you are trying. Therefore you will have to continue your efforts in particular. Working with courage and enthusiasm can lead to good success.

Negative: You will get many good opportunities in negative financial matters. This will strengthen your financial position. But don’t expect more help from colleagues in jobs and business. It is better that you do your work yourself.

Lucky Colour: Silver

Lucky Number: 7

Love – Understand the feelings of the love partner. If the partner is angry with you, then he can be celebrated by giving him a cute gift. Circumstances will not always be bad for love life.

Business – If you are a politician, you can get good profit in the political field. But a little effort can be good for you.

Health – Although you may experience some mental stress, this situation will be normal. You will experience mental satisfaction. Being healthy, you will work harder than your capacity in the field

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