Daily Horoscope (29th October 2020)

Positive – Family is going to be your priority. A family may need you in difficult times. You will stand ready for every possible help. There will be peace and happiness in life, the atmosphere of the house will provide immense satisfaction. 

Negative – Your partner’s struggle will continue in the field. The arrival of money will be hindered. It is a day of trouble in legal matters. Differences may emerge in personal life. During this time, clear the misunderstandings through conversation. Do not let them cause distance in the relationship. Gradually, the situation will get better.

Lucky Colour: White

Lucky Number: One

Love – Do not let any doubt arise in your mind regarding relationships. Every problem is possible by negotiating. It would not be wrong to say “love is in the air”. The idea of bonding with a lover or girlfriend in love can take place. Someone can interfere with your love affair and create confusion. Trust yourself and your love. Feel the power of love.

Business: You will think about setting your business. Keep trying in this direction. However, it will not work as a precaution for some time.

Health – You will start to understand the importance of health and you will be ready to take concrete steps in this direction.

Positive – You will see your social image flourish. Seeing your growing status, people will want to establish a relationship with you. Do not blindly trust these relationships.

Negative – Stress can remain in marital life. The reason for this is sudden changes in your mood. Don’t be a slave to mood swings. Ganeshji is going to be very kind.

Lucky Colour: Black

Lucky Number: Seven

Love – When you will fall in love, you will not know. People who are already in a love affair need to be aware. A third may sow seeds of misunderstanding in your midst, which may cause confusion. Do not get seduced by anyone, trust your love.

Business – You will not have anything in your hands. Therefore do not be undue haste. Stop listening to the heart in business today, and listen to the mind completely.

Health – You strive towards leading a healthy life, happiness will be coming. There is a fear of injury. Despite enjoying good health, do not be spared in routine check-up schedule.

Positive – Mutual understanding with spouse is increasing. Happiness and peace will remain due to the mutual coordination in the house. Family ties are getting stronger and everyone in the house is listening to each other and understanding.

Negative – There will be no decrease in family happiness. Nevertheless, it will be difficult to keep pace with professional and personal life. Only after a lot of effort will you be able to spend time with your family by taking time out of your busy work.

Lucky Colour: Yellow

Lucky Number: Eight

Love – Romantic life will be satisfying. Newly married and young couples will enjoy mutual closeness. This experience of love will be new for them and will fill their life with adventure. There are drawbacks in everyone, also in your partner. Ignore their shortcomings and enjoy the happiness of relationships.

Business: This is a great time. Although some challenges seem to be feasting. Whatever be the challenges, you are capable and capable. During this, keep in mind that do not get emotional on anything in the field, do not get into any provocation and stay away from rumors and gossip.

Health – Interest in sports will remain. This is why you will be fit. This time is going to be favourable for health. But those who are already struggling with any disease, their problems will not end soon. Gradually the situation will feel improved and mental peace will also be attained.

Positive – You will succeed in winning the hearts of people around you on a social level. No one will be able to live without being influenced by the charm of your personality. Newly married people will get a chance to settle in a nuclear family.

Negative – There may be some catastrophe with siblings, but do not worry about this, there will be no adverse change in the relationship due to this hurricane.

Lucky Colour: Red

Lucky Number: Four

Love – Coming of life. Nevertheless, this time may remain unfavourable for love affair. Do not be afraid of lifes ups and downs. This difficult time will go on without damaging it.

Business – This time will be full of achievements. Your rights responsibilities will increase. Uniformed natives can get medals.

Health – May have to deal with problems related to ENT. One can also think of adopting alternative medical system for treatment. Eat a balanced diet, workout and see the difference. Your body will turn.

Positive – Achievements will increase. There will also be a possibility of getting a new job with better rank and salary. Those wishing to get a job abroad will get opportunities later.

Negative – You can feel stressed in married life. It will be your responsibility to handle the situation. Do not use harsh words while interacting with your spouse. Be patient.

Lucky Colour: Orange

Lucky Number: Two

Love – In the life of newlyweds and young couples, love will come. At the end of the year, the love relationship will remain stable but it will become boring. You will feel the need to bring thrill in romance.

Business: You are ambitious and want to make your mark in business. You have thought of a place for yourself in life, it is your dream to reach that. Dreams are big but hard work will not suit it, so the success of the motive is still far away.

Health – If you want to get rid of pre-existing diseases, then your regular examination and treatment is necessary. A little carelessness will take you back to where you started.

Positive – This time will provide immense happiness. Guest may arrive at home. Social cohesion can be somewhat messy.

Negative – Do not adopt any short cut. Adopting short cuts may require taking. Meditation and doing yoga will help in achieving mental peace.

Lucky Colour: Pink

Lucky Number: 2

Love – The long-standing love affair is ready to tie into the marriage. Young couples will go on trips for fun. The car of married life is pulling well. With the help of spouse, you will easily face the difficulties of life.

Business – Be cautious in the field, important confrontation with a colleague is possible due to which peace of mind can be disturbed. Do not start any new work.

Health – It will be necessary to bring discipline in life. Those who are healthy may have to serve someone sick.

Positive – At this time, we will make a program for holiday with family. Your sharing and caring behaviour will win your spouses heart. You will be able to establish your identity at the social level.

Negative – There will be stress related to functioning. But the circumstances will become normal over time. Promotions are formed but some may get stuck due to small flaws in their nature.

Lucky Colour: Blue

Lucky Number: Nine

Love: Despite being in the love – long distance relationship, one will not feel the distance. Thanks to technology which always makes the partner feel present.

Business: There will be opportunities to advance in career. It will be necessary to identify the occasions and not to let them go out of hand. Luck will stay with you. You have created your own identity in the field. Because of this, the trust of higher officials is more on you than colleagues.

Health – adopt essential diet. Remember that it may take time for the situation to stabilize. Naturopathy will be helpful in treatment.

Positive – Relatives from far and wide can come to your home. Together these relatives will positively impact the children, they will learn something from them.

Negative- Youth should not take decision under pressure from anyone, planning their future only after assessing their personal situation. Do not let the confusion erupt in the relationship. Misunderstandings strangle relationships, resolve differences as soon as possible through dialogue.

Lucky Colour: White

Lucky Number: One

Love – It is not possible to establish a relationship with one partner at this time. During this time, you will not miss the lack of true love in life, rather you will believe in enjoying this time to the fullest.

Business – All important projects can be assigned to you. Opponents will try to dominate you, hiding you and causing damage. Keep your eyes and ears open and keep an eye on the activities happening in the field.

Health – Adopting a disciplined lifestyle will enjoy perfect health. You will be able to keep away physical and mental stress. You will be interested in sports.

Positive – This will be the time to increase your abilities. With this you will be ready to beat the competitors in the job market. Senior officials will be pleased with the people employed.

Negative – Leadership skills are inherent in you. For this reason, many times, the bulls get caught in the position of killing me. Do not refuse any work is your special quality and that is why you enjoy facing challenges.

Lucky Colour: Red

Lucky Score: Five

Love – This time is not right for romantic life. Despite the tension, remember that love heals every wound.

Business – Be influenced by your qualities, seniors will show confidence in you, which will have a positive impact on your career. Someone may be conspiring against you, be cautious.

Health – You are very concerned about health. Anxiety is the same, it can have a bad effect on your physical and mental health.

Positive – You will be proud of the achievements of children, your success will be tied to your head. This time will bring positive changes for you.

Negative – Always ready to help others, your nature can cause some difficulties. But there will be mostly misunderstandings and soon you will be free.

Lucky Colour: Yellow

Lucky Number: Eight

Love – Love relationship needs attention. If you have loved, you also have to fulfil it. Do not be disinterested about the needs and desires of spouse or lover / girlfriend, they may hurt. You will meet people with your views. This meeting will turn into friendship and friendship into love.

Business – Today will be auspicious for you in business. You will move ahead by making the wind of the adverse wind strong.

Health – You will show interest in sports seriously, can also be part of a team. You will not only take care of your fitness, but also encourage others to live healthy lives.

Positive – A new member may arrive in the family. The opinion of elders of the family will be helpful in making important decisions related to the family. Whenever you get a chance, you should take advantage of the experience and knowledge of elders. There will be opportunities for fun with friends.

Negative – Time to strengthen family ties. People living away from family will get many opportunities to meet family members. If you miss this opportunity, you can fall into problems.

Lucky Colour: Pink

Lucky Number: Two

Love: Efforts will have to be made to revive the love- love relationship. Fun trips of a few days will relive old memories and love will start turning again.

Health – would like to lose weight but the wrong method adopted for it will not work. The sudden
emergence of a physical pied may bother you.

Business: You will enjoy the fruits of hard work done earlier. In the field you will succeed in joining the officer class. Along with this, we will take concrete and positive steps to move forward in career.

Positive- The achievements will be tied on your head. You will feel proud of your children. A distant relative may come to live with you.

Negative – You can be debated with young children. They can reject any of your advice. It will be necessary to understand the importance of age. Do not lose your control as gradually they will start to understand.

Lucky Colour: Brown

Lucky Number: One

Love – Natives of opposite sex will not be able to live without being attracted to you. Romantic stars will live on high, it is time for love flowers to bloom. This time will not be right for married life.

Business – Business travellers will have to take extra care in case of documents. Do not get involved in debate or controversy with seniors in the office.

Health- Time will be mixed for health. Minor health problems will persist, such as pimples on the face, weight gain or incident. Nothing will be like worrying.

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