Positive – Your financial life will be fantastic. At this time you have the benefit of financial benefits. Money will come to you which will strengthen your financial position. You will be able to save money this year.

Negative – You try to do any task with stability and seriousness. A decision taken by you in anger or in haste can be harmful. That is why you can become irritated by being furious.

Lucky Colour: Green

Lucky Number: Five

Love – Love relationships are going to be tense. Some kind of confusion can arise and many problems can arise due to confusion in the lover.

Occupation – Stressful situations may arise. Therefore, planning any important work or launching any work at this time can be harmful. Stressful situations can arise from a business point of view.

Health – Health-related problems can arise. Any type of gas indigestion, acidity etc. can be formed. So pay attention to food and drink.

Positive – Ganesh ji says that your financial condition will start improving. There will be many sources of income and you will also be happy about your financial side. This is going to be a great time for you financially.

Negative – You can be harmful to start any work or to decide for any task. At this time the sum of money expenditure is becoming more. Therefore, it can be beneficial to control expenses.

Lucky Colour: Red

Lucky Number: Two

Love – Marital life is going to be good. You can get good benefits by having a good relationship with your spouse. Therefore, try to maintain a good relationship with your spouse.

Business – You may have some involvement in household tasks. You can get good success in your areas of work. This can be beneficial in terms of wealth, real estate.

Health – Any type of boils, pimples etc. can be formed. In such a situation, try to organize yourself.

Positive – You are likely to gain money or you may get some good news at this time regarding financial gain. If you do business then there will be economic profit and if you do job then your income is likely to increase.

Negative – Therefore it is necessary to take care of traveling as per requirement. At this time you can get good opportunities for advancement. But your contact with higher officials can lead to stressful situations in your career.

Lucky Colour: Yellow

Lucky Number: Eight

Love – The purpose of expressing your love can be fulfilled. If some kind of planning is done and you are planning to go out with you, then it can be successful.

Business – You will be considered a settled person. They are going to do any work thoughtfully and contemplating. Therefore you will get good success in your areas of work.

Health – Along with the problem of feet, problems of bones can be seen. So take care of your health according to the time.

Positive – The sum of profits from ancestral property. You can build a new vehicle or house at this time. The circumstances will be favorable to you. If you have applied for a loan in the bank then you will get success in that too.

Negative – Keep in mind one thing, spend money very wisely. Overall, this year will be good for you. Students will get good results in their studies only when they work hard.

Lucky Colour: Blue

Lucky Score: Two

In case of love-love relationship, each other’s cooperation is going to be good. If you are in love with someone and want to be favourable in the future, than take some time for your lover.

Business – Economically, this time is good. You can get good opportunities to get money in every way. Any work that you do, you are likely to get money from that work.

Health – Health conditions are normal. Minor problems may occur in colds. There may be a possibility of viral according to time.

Positive – Family condition is going to be favourable. Mutual harmony with everyone in the family will be better. On the front you will keep the family feeling of cooperation, where you can get support.

Negative – At this time you will get less support of luck, so you will have to depend completely on your hard work. If you do not work hard, the results can be adverse to you.

Lucky Colour: Brown

Lucky Number: Three

Love – If you want to share your love as well as things in the areas of work, you can do that too because the conditions are going to be very favourable at this time.

Business – Any new work can be launched at this time. Trying to act on your own can lead to good success.

Health – Mental stress can occur. You can get relief from stomach related problems. Improving food and drink will benefit. Health will improve and you will feel better.

Positive – Luck can support you. The effort made financially is found to be successful. . In this time, the sum of money is being obtained from action plans. If there is a plan to expand any kind of action plans, then you can make it successful.

Negative – If any conflict or tension has arisen, then an attempt to overcome it can be successful. Therefore, it would be beneficial to cooperate with the family and strive for the development of the family, given the time and circumstances.

Lucky Colour: Red

Lucky Number: Seven

Love – Lover will see full dedication on you. The lover may feel more in need of you. Try to avoid disputes and don’t argue with your lover.

Business – There is a possibility of getting relationship and support from parents. If the mind is upset or unhappy for some reason, then treat that problem otherwise you may suffer in business.

Health – More work and spontaneous travel will make you tired. You will feel lack of physical energy. You have to be alert towards your health.

Positive – Happiness will come in your life. Lord Ganesha’s grace will rain on your family life. You will enjoy the happiness of home with your family. The family will support you. You can make any new desires for yourself at this time.

Negative – If you have any hidden talent then you can develop it. Your effort should be that no opportunity is missed by you. Do not try to add your relatives in any kind of financial gain.

Lucky Colour: Orange

Lucky Number: 2

Love – There may be differences with your lover for some reason. But the relationship between the two will continue. Brothers and sisters will get progress in their work. Take care of younger siblings and fulfill their needs as well.

Business – Try to accumulate hard-earned money. Do not transact money. Do not try to give money to any other person. Otherwise difficulties may arise.

Health – The health of the family in the house will be healthy. Take care of mother’s health There health may be a little weak. Father’s health will be fine there.

Positive – You are a courageous and powerful person. Therefore, the ability to do any task is found good in you. Seeing the time and situation, trying to gain meaning can be successful

Negative – Mental development will increase. However, the child may become stubborn after March. In this case, treat him like a friend and make him aware of the circumstances with love. Take care of the health of children too.

Lucky Colour: Silver

Lucky Number: One

Love – Your family’s reputation in the society will increase. People will respect your family, but you have to take care that you do not do any work that will hurt their reputation.

Occupation – There is a possibility of getting economical benefits from heavy running and stressful situations. You may have to work hard to get financial benefits and there can be a situation of running around in areas of work.

Health – If you were suffering from a long illness, you still need to consult a doctor. Yoga, meditation and pranayama will greatly benefit.

Positive – You are likely to get support in every way. At this time the house can be a festive atmosphere in the family. A feeling of cooperation with each other may arise in the home family.

Negative – Cooperation with brothers and brothers etc. can also be good. You trust your family members more than others. Because at this time you can do any work only by taking your family and family in confidence.

Lucky Colour: Black

Lucky Number: Nine

Love – You will understand your family responsibilities and for this reason the family will also feel proud of you. Your family members will support you in adverse circumstances. Their support will give you confidence.

Business – Some of your secret concerns may be more. Be careful while doing transactions otherwise cheating can also happen. Troubles may arise in the economic situation.

Health – Regular exercise, morning walk and full sleep will improve your health. Be cautious while driving. Food poisoning and skin diseases can cause problems.

Positive – You will achieve new heights in job and business. At the same time you will get the result of your hard work and dedication. Your promotion totals are also being made this year. You will get a new identity in the field.

Negative – There will be ups and downs in family life. There may be some kind of tribulation etc. in the house. There may be a lack of coordination between the family members. You can be a little disappointed with your family life.

Lucky Colour: Green

Lucky Number: Two

Love – can be a bit challenging for your married life. At this time some kind of problem may come in your married life. In such a situation, do not panic and face those challenges firmly.

Business – Your spouse is also likely to get support in your field of work. Financially, the situation can be a bit stressful.

Health – Problems about health may arise. Problems of any kind of infection etc. can be seen. So take care of yourself.

Positive – Will be able to complete any work ahead of time and will be responsible for any task. Therefore, you try to get good success.

Negative – On the economic front you may feel a little frustrated. Therefore, take special care regarding the money related scheme. Avoid investing in risky tasks.

Lucky Colour: Blue

Lucky Number: One

Love – You may feel dissatisfaction in your married life at this time. You may also be a bit disappointed about the change in the life of the spouse. At this time, leave your feelings and understand the feelings of the spouse.

Business – One can gain in the legal process. Traveling outside can be successful and you can get good benefits from traveling outside. One can also get good success in married life.

Health – It is necessary to take care of your health according to the time. Any type of skin-related inspection or joint pain or boil pimple etc. can arise.

Positive – functioning may be impaired. Therefore, maintaining a good relationship with your high officials and with your colleagues can be fruitful for you. Good success can be achieved by hard work and hard work.

Negative – If you are a businessman, then this can be a fruitful time for you in commercial terms. But it is not too soon and something very good will happen. Some fluctuating conditions may occur. But luck will support you

Lucky Colour: Sky

Lucky Number: Three

Love – Spend time with a lover. Make them feel that you are standing with them in every situation. In such a situation, the lover will also understand your feelings, so that there will be a synergy between the two.

Business – Part can also promote good fortune in race and stressful situations. Stress may arise over some wealth property. So do not try to get involved with your enemies.

Health – You may have some type of stomach related and lung-related problems. Cold and cough can cause any kind of viral

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