Positive – If you are trying a hand in any business then you will get success in it. At this time, your business will grow and expansion is possible. Make yourself a successful entrepreneur and don’t be afraid to take risks.

Negative – Your family life will be normal. There will be an atmosphere of peace and harmony at home. Health of parents will be normal, but poor health of spouse and children can be cause for your concern.

Lucky Colour: Golden

Lucky Number: One

Love – You will get some very good experiences in married life. Spouse will be the reason for your happiness. However, you will also have to go through such bitter experiences, which may also make you depressed.

Business – Real estate can bring a lot of profit. Investing in the stock market for a long time would be good. You can get money held somewhere.

Health – Focus on the health of the parents as well as the spouse and children. If there is any health problem, do not be careless and seek medical attention immediately.

Positive: You will get a new identity in the positive field. Your image will be that of a hard- working and honest worker. Your promotion in the job is also possible. You can get good news related to promotion in January-March.

Negative – Do not let the ego flourish inside you. Your reputation in the society will increase. Ganesh ji will bring many opportunities for you. In such a situation, be ready to capitalize on those opportunities. Make yourself a tech lover.

Lucky Colour: Yellow

Lucky Number: Two

Love – You can be a little confused about your love life. There may be some kind of doubt in your mind about the relationship and there is a possibility of having an issue with someone dear to you. Therefore, be a little restrained in this situation.

Business – People who are in the field of real estate need to take full care. It is time to move ahead with patience. You may not get the fruits according to your hard work, but keep trying.

Health – There may be some problems related to health, so proceed with caution. Eating outside will promote diseases associated with the stomach.

Positive – This time will be good for those who are doing jobs. Money will be benefited from abroad or due to return of lending money. You have to keep trying to earn money. Yoga, meditation and visiting a good place will be very beneficial.

Negative – Career can be a slightly challenging time for life. At this time, keep yourself within the scope of complete discipline. Do not do anything that will harm your image.

Lucky Colour: Green

Lucky Number: Seven

Love – You will get a chance to spend good moments with your spouse and children. Sweetness will increase in married life. At this time children will become your reason for happiness.

Business – Keep working hard in all your tasks and at the same time maintain vigilance in the field. Take care in investing in the stock market.

Health – Do not forget to rest due to orderliness and give importance to physical and mental peace. People suffering from diabetes and obesity take care of their health

Positive – This time home will be full of happiness for the family. You will get opportunities to meet relatives, but do not let any kind of rift grow among you. Your friends will be very helpful in your business. Try to make good relations with your brothers.

Negative – You may face economic challenges, so be careful about your financial side this year. Before taking risk, consider that decision, you may also lose money.

Lucky Colour: Black

Lucky Score: 3

Love – Your life partner will support you at every step. This will strengthen the strings of your relationship. You will be very happy with their success.

Business – Do not think without making any new investment otherwise it may result in loss. Do not take any kind of negligence in the transaction of money. Someone you trust can cheat.

Health – You will remain mentally strong this period. You can get mental peace through meditation and music. Regular workouts and yoga will also benefit you.

Positive – Your best performance will be staggering for your opponents. You will get immense success at your workplace whether it is promotion or honour. The people doing business can start some new work.

Negative – Your income will be good, but along with income, your expenses are also likely to increase. In such a situation, you will have to cut your expenses to keep pace with your income and expenses.

Lucky Colour: Blue

Lucky Number: Eight

Love – Due to increasing workload, you will not be able to give more time to your partner. Due to this, there may be some distance in the relationship. You will not hesitate to put a love proposal in front of someone.

Business – New people will be contacted. You will get many entertainment opportunities which will increase happiness in life. Will be able to spend a good time with the family and their full support will also be with you.

Health – You need to pay little attention to health. You will feel better by walking. These trips will also provide you mental peace.

Positive – Due to the demanding work at home, a good environment will be created. It is also possible to visit religious places. Your parents’ health will look good and your relationship with them will improve. You will get a chance to spend a good time with your spouse and sweetness will come in the relationship.

Negative – You are likely to lose money. At this time, keep away from the stock market, speculative market. Also, do not trust anyone more than necessary in the matter of money.

Lucky Colour: Red

Lucky Number: Nine

Love – This time is giving good signs for love affairs. New love affairs or love proposals can enter life. Lovers will try to strengthen their relationship by giving gifts to each other.

Occupation – The jobbers will get success and time will support them. There are signs of both promotion and honour.

Health – Drinking outside food requires attention. Be cautious while driving. There may be stomach and skin problems. Ayurveda and Yoga will benefit you.

Positive – This time would be very good for financial matters. Different sources of income will be created and you will be able to earn a lot of money. Employment people are more likely to get incentives or other benefits in exchange for hard work.

Negative – Partnerships may have any differences with the partner that would not be appropriate for the business. Keep in mind, stay away from legal disputes otherwise it may cost you a lot of money.

Lucky Colour: Green

Lucky Number: Two

Love – This time has brought favourable results for love relationships. You may have an inclination towards more than one person. New lovers will have a good time.

Business – Your amazing performance will turn the attention of high officials towards you, which you will surely get appropriate benefits. According to Ganesh ji, you also seem to get the benefit of increment.

Health – Physically you will be full of energy. Health will be normal. Those who are asthmatic patients will have to be vigilant and have regular medical check-ups.

Positive – Try to give your best and you will get positive result. You will get an opportunity to go to a new place, due to which both your energy and enthusiasm will increase. You can also visit any religious place with the family.

Negative – If you trade then your business will be profitable. You can buy expensive items, but you have to stop your expensive hobbies otherwise you may face financial crisis.

Lucky Colour: Sky

Lucky Number: Seven

Love – There will be ups and downs in your love life. There may be some kind of tribulation etc. in the house. There may be a lack of coordination between the family members.

Occupation – Science and technology will require more efforts for success.

Health – Ganesh ji advises you to stay away from minor diseases caused by climate change.

Positive – Your behaviour, way of speaking and hard work will benefit from them. A positive attitude can make people and officials happy with you. There is a possibility of any religious program in the house.

Negative – Create harmony between your work and your personal life. There may be a conflict between the two of you, or there is a possibility of a dispute due to some misunderstanding. So do not bring the ego into the relationship and if there is any doubt or confusion, remove it immediately.

Lucky Colour: Orange

Lucky Number: Two

Love – You may like someone at the workplace. Your marriage with your lover is also possible, but you may have to wait till the end of the year.

Business – Business people are showing signs of success. You will have to stop your wasted expenses and pay full attention to savings.

Health – Life-partner may be ill. Take care of their health in such a situation. Do not let their morale break. If the life partner is angry with you, then do not repeat that mistake.

Positive – This time can also prove to be better for your job or business. You can plan to hang out with your loved one. Your reputation in society may increase. You will feel happy with the progress of children.

Negative – Your anger and stubbornness can cause problems. You may get in trouble due to over-thinking, although you can feel better by being spiritual. You can travel abroad.

Lucky Colour: Yellow

Lucky Number: Nine

Love – This can be a good time to start a new relationship. You can meet your loved one. However, you may feel some tension in your relationship with your family and loved ones.

Business – There may be problems with the career and to avoid this you will need to be extra cautious during interaction and discussion with your customers.

Health – You need to take extra care of your health. You may have some health problems.

Positive – This time will be very good for economic matters. Wealth is becoming the sum of profit. If the economic situation is weak then it will improve gradually. There will also be an increase in deposit capital. Your respect among relatives and relatives is expected to increase.

Negative – You also need to find time for your family. Coordinate work and personal life and try to resolve family disputes. You will understand your family responsibilities. There may be a decrease in health of parents at home.

Lucky Colour: Green

Lucky Number: 1

Love – Respect your spouse’s feelings and behave well. Creating a light environment will intensify the relationship. There will be opportunities to befriend new people.

Business – Conditions will improve. Deteriorated works will be created and routes to accumulate wealth will open. Your hard work will cause financial strength for you.

Health – Exercise and get enough sleep by taking time out of a busy routine. You can also go on a long tour with the family. The child will have to be a little conscious of his health.

Positive – Situation favourable to you will also bring happiness in the family. In such a situation, you will get an opportunity to meet your relatives. Respect the elders at home and leave no stone unturned in their service. His blessings will prove to be a boon for you.

Negative – Your number of friends may increase, but they may show you a thumb if needed. So stay away from friends who befriend you with ambitions of greed. At the opposite time you will get the support of relatives.

Lucky Colour: Blue

Lucky Number: Eight

Love – Do not promote any relationship that is immoral and harms you. Counselling the elders of your family in any matter will prove very good.

Business – Your interaction with your colleagues will benefit the workplace. Those looking for a new job will get good opportunities. Promotions are being made.

Health – Your health will be good. But the health of the lover may also decline. Take care of their health during this time.

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