Daily Horoscope (26th November 2020)

Positive – It can be good for you to take responsibility for any task and to be sympathetic towards any task. If you do a job, the chances of getting a position will be good. Your relationship with relatives is likely to improve.

Negative – Due to physical laziness, the area of ​​functioning can be affected. You may see a decrease in courage and enthusiasm, but good efforts are being made to gain wealth through physical efforts.

Lucky Colour: Pink

Lucky Number: Three

Love – For the happiness and peace of the family, the life partner will pay his full duty. During this time, due to the excess of work, the partner may be stressed, in such a way, you can make them feel good to some extent by supporting them.

Business – Your effort can give you good success. There is a possibility of getting support from your siblings and favoured friends. This time, the sum of buying buildings, vehicles etc. is good.

Health – There is a possibility of staying physically healthy. Some kind of injury can happen. Traveling outside is likely to be good.

Positive – Social honour and dignity, along with dignity resources can be obtained. If you are a politician, then the grip in the political arena can be strong. If you are doing some kind of preparation, then you are likely to get success.

Negative – You may have to spend money and contact people more and more. Only then you can get good success. 

Lucky Colour: Yellow

Lucky Number: Four

Love – Marital life can be stressful situations. Relations with the in-law side may deteriorate. Problems may increase due to unnecessary disputes, so be careful.

Business – If you had helped someone financially in the past, then this person can thank you at this time. If you are trying to take home, then you can get success in this month. 

Health – You have to be a little careful about your health. At this time, you may face skin related problems. For example, there may be problems of ringworm, itching etc.

Positive – Luck will support you, whatever work you are doing or trying to do, you will get good success. The situation is also going to be favourable in terms of economic benefits. Efforts to accumulate wealth can be successful. 

Negative – If there is any kind of confusion or any dispute, etc., then one can try to explain it which can make the situation favourable. There may be unnecessary travel. So try to avoid any unnecessary visits. 

Lucky Colour: Green

Lucky Number: Nine

Love – Trying to improve your personality and appearance will prove to be satisfactory. Between you and your spouse, a stranger can be the cause of trouble.

Business – Invest wisely. Today, one needs to be careful not only of strangers, but also friends. Today is your day from a workplace perspective. Take full advantage of it.

Health – At this time you will get health benefits. However, you will be faced with occasional minor health problems.

Positive – If you do any kind of business, you will get good profit from business point of view.

Negative – Work under a considered strategy. So that you can get success on time and get good benefits. A stressful situation may arise for you. Therefore, be careful in these days, avoid doing any important work. 

Lucky Colour: Black

Lucky Number: Two

Love – During this time, there can be a situation of dispute, tribulation etc. in love. During this time, there will not be any harmony between lover and girlfriend. There may be a dispute between family members regarding the property.

Business – If you are trying in the political field and want to earn profit for it, then you can get success in that too. Along with courage and enthusiasm, the position is becoming the sum of position.

Health – Acne in the face can also be removed. In the meantime, get it treated under the supervision of a dermatologist.

Positive – You can get the support of your colleague and your family at the time and your financial condition can be strengthened. Every effort made for economic benefit is likely to be successful. 

Negative – Take care in the exchange of money and take care that no one is hurt by any transaction. Try to rely on yourself and trust others in general.

Lucky Colour: Brown

Lucky Number: Five

Love – There is a possibility of a sweet relationship with the lover. With increasing love for each other, interest can also increase in the areas of work and feelings of cooperation may arise. 

Business – Your hard work and dedication will pave the way for your future. You will be mentally mature this time. Try to maintain a kind of balance in income and expenses.

Health – Any kind of skin related infections etc. can be expected or any kind of injury can also become a possibility. Therefore, it may be beneficial for you to take precautions related to health.

Positive – You continue your effort. Luck will support you and chances of financial gain will be good. Therefore, try to work in view of time and circumstances.

Negative – Circumstances will not be the same, so sometimes you may also get frustrated in financial life, but do not panic at this time, but wait for a good time. Your expenses will increase along with income.

Lucky Colour: Red

Lucky Number: Four 

Love – Always try to maintain mutual harmony with each other. So that the love affair can remain in place and get good cooperation with each other. 

Business – If you are working then it is possible to increase your income. You can also get a big gift from a company or organization.

Health – This time will be good for health. During this time you will be fit. You will keep yourself fresh. You will relieve your stress by entertainment.

Positive – Keep a synergy between profession and personal life. Your financial states will be strong. Your status will increase in society. Apart from this you will get various opportunities to move forward in this field. 

Negative – During this time you can go on a trip abroad. You will benefit financially from foreign relations. But you will be advised by Lord Ganesha not to run after money so that you cannot give time to your personal life. 

Lucky Colour: Red

Lucky Number: Four

Love – At this time, the circumstances regarding married life are going to be stressful. Due to a mutual estrangement with a spouse, there can be a possibility of being separated from each other and unnecessary disputes may arise.

Business – New ideas in business will help in increasing your financial benefits. You will be successful in collecting money this year. However you may have to move away from home to expand the business.

Health – To keep yourself fit, you can join any yoga club or gym etc. In the meantime, be sure to pay attention to one thing, following a healthy routine is necessary for a healthy body.

Positive – You may go on a religious trip with your family. During this time your relationship with your father will improve. You will talk with your father like a friend, which will also remove the grievances between you.

Negative – Some of the expenses you incur can give you mental troubles and you may also have to face stress due to loss of money. You can go on a long journey. 

Lucky Colour: Red

 Lucky Number: Four

Love – Try to maintain a good relationship with your life partner and try not to get upset with each other. Otherwise, your areas of work may be affected and you may get into problems.

Business – Work harder instead of getting frustrated when career failure occurs. You will achieve any major achievement in financial life. Financial gains are being made. 

Health – You should sleep, get enough sleep and get up on time. Along with this, it is also necessary to eat and drink on time. This time does not seem favourable for your health.

Positive – You will be able to spend a good time with family members and will be able to put their things in front of them in a better way. At this time, if you share your problems with a member of your household, then you can get a good solution.

Negative – This may be a good time for traders. You can make a new plan to grow your business. You must take the advice of knowledgeable people before implementing this plan. If you do not do this then you may also suffer loss.

Lucky Colour: Red

Lucky Number: Four

Love – If the relationship with the spouse is not good, the relationship with the in-laws can also deteriorate and travel outside can be affected.

Business – Your salary is likely to increase during this time. On achieving success, do not give the ego any place in your personality and keep the hunger for success in you.

Health – At this time you may have a cold. Although you may find it normal, but do not try to take it lightly.

Positive – Family harmony can lead to good home development. At this time, mutual goodness can lead to good success in all kinds of tasks. Relationship with parents will be good and cooperation can also be achieved according to time.

Negative – Senior personnel advice will also work for you. Do not follow the path of shortcut to get success in something. You may get immediate benefits in this, but it will not work for you in the long run, so try as much as you can.

Lucky Colour: Red

Lucky Number: Four

Love – At this time, the situation is going to be favourable regarding love affair. If you are trying to move around this time, then it can be successful.

Business – Stay away from disputes in the office or in your workplace. Do not become a part of office politics, otherwise you too may fall victim to it. Your promotion is possible.

Health – Rushing and stressful situations can arise due to deteriorating health of someone in the family. Therefore, it will be fruitful to take care of everyone and do some work together with everyone according to the time.

Positive – If you expect cooperation from someone for the development work of the house, then it can be possible. Maintaining family balance is a big responsibility and it can be your duty to discharge that responsibility.

Negative – One has to work hard to get success in career. At this time, you have to move forward with new ideas for success in jobs and business. In this case, advice from senior officials can be beneficial for you.

Lucky Colour: Red

Lucky Number: Four

Love – You will be looking for an opportunity in which you can sit with your sweetheart and tell them of your heart. However, there will be ups and downs in the family which you will have to face.

Business – Seniors will appreciate your work at this time. During this time you can also get job offer from any other reputed institute. Your career graph will rise.

Health – Avoid treating yourself, as the possibility of increasing your dependence on medicine cannot be ruled out. Avoid emotionally blackmailing your partner.

Positive – On the economic front, you can achieve a big achievement this time. You will be able to earn and accumulate wealth. Some trips may have to be made in connection with the work. You are likely to benefit from these trips. At the same time, adopting new ways in business will benefit.

Negative – Ganesh ji is indicating this time to be normal for your career. However, if you work hard then this time can be good for your career. You have to focus in your work. To get ahead in career, you have to create new ideas.

Lucky Colour: Red

Lucky Number: Four

Love – This time will be special for your love life. You will enjoy time with your love partner. Sometimes you will feel very happy about your love life.

Business – You also need to be careful in court cases. Be aware of your opponents, they can plot against you. If there is any dilemma in your mind, talk to the people of your home.

Health – Your indifferent attitude towards your health will cause trouble. Many of your work may get stuck due to poor health.

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