Daily Horoscope (24th October 2020)

Positive – Engage in some meditation and yoga to improve flexibility and inner strength. This time is ideal to join some group of like-minded people, who are fitness enthusiasts, and inspire you to get fit.

Negative – There will be many challenges and obstacles that will come your way, and you have to deal with them patiently. Focus your attention on yourself instead of others due to your self- confidence, says Ganesh ji.

Lucky Colour: Yellow

Lucky Number: Two

Love – You will have lots of fun and fun with your partner at this time. Engage in social events and have the opportunity to meet with your potential partners on spiritual or social occasions.

Business – Apart from your business and personal interests, emotional strength will also be very important for you. Your confidence will be incredible.

Health – Any kind of problems can come up. You should be cautious even if you are working somewhere in an accident prone place.

Positive – Good success can be achieved by the work done for the purpose of economic gain. If you do a job and are planning to make some kind of investment then that can also be beneficial for you.

Negative – This is a good time to execute a business plan, but take slow steps and do not reach the results soon. If you can stick to the budget and curb your expenses, then it will be good for you.

Lucky Colour: Green

Lucky Number: One

Love – You will take a little time to understand the personality type of your partner and hence you should do things with a little restraint.

Business – If you have given money to someone, then you can try to get it. At this time, the sum of getting some financial benefits is becoming good.

Health – There is a possibility of some kind of accident regarding health. You should be careful if you use vehicles etc. and drive yourself.

Positive – Some sudden money can also be received, so keep doing whatever work you are doing continuously. So that you can get good benefits according to the time. If any kind of problem arises, you may still have to keep trying.

Negative – This time seems dull in terms of education, and you have to make some extra efforts to get the desired results. Draft any plan and then work accordingly.

Lucky Colour: Blue

Lucky Number: 2

Love – Those who are single will be excited to explore the possibility of finding the right person for themselves. However, again if you are single then be careful while making decisions as your heart may break.

Business – Being aware of and responsible for any task can be fruitful for you. Good benefits can be obtained according to time and circumstances.

Health – In health life you will get mixed results. However, you have to be serious about your health.

Positive – Your business will gain momentum, which will benefit you financially. You are very likely to get financial benefits from foreign relations. Your international business will be successful at this time and there will be scope for expansion.

Negative – Your financial position will remain strong but at this time your expenses will also increase. Suddenly your number of expenses may increase. If you do not control these expenses then it can lead you to financial crisis.

Lucky Colour: White

Lucky Number: Two

Love: This time is very delicate on love – family issues. You should avoid promising anything to your family members because if you are not able to do so, it can cause problems.

Business – You should relax and do less work than you are doing because it is not an appropriate time to perform your tasks. The quality will decrease because you will not be able to make the right effort.

Health – Pisces monthly horoscope says that you will be suffering from a lot of stress at this time and this will adversely affect your health.

Positive – You will enjoy success at the workplace, and your relationships with fellow colleagues will be very harmonious and peaceful. Your efforts will be acknowledged and appreciated by the management. As a result, you will be rewarded with attractive benefits.

Negative – If you invest in the stock market, invest only with the advice of an economist, because you may lose money at this time. In the case of money, do not trust any person or organization more than necessary, otherwise you may also lose money in it.

Lucky Colour: Sky

Lucky Number: Seven

Love – Some stress may be encountered in domestic life. Your sweetheart needs trust and promise from you.

Business – Today you need to focus on land, real estate or cultural projects. You can feel improvement in the atmosphere and improvement in the level of functioning in the office.

Health – Reduce contemplation and engage in meditation / pranayama to give your mind much
needed rest.

Positive – You will get financial prosperity, and you will get the blessings of Ganesha. Your close family and friends will also help you in making some important decisions. It is a great time to invest in the stock market.

Negative – Students have to work hard and put more effort to get good marks in the exam. If you work in private sector then you have to work hard to get success in it.

Lucky Colour: Blue

Lucky Number: Nine

Love – Your love life will be stable. There will be no special change in your life. However, to keep your relationship special, you have to bring transparency in love.

Business – You will achieve business growth through your excellent efforts. There is a possibility of promotion in your job. Luck will also support you in taking your career forward.

Health – Health will be good. A spiritual teacher or elder can help you. At this time you may have some small or big problem of some kind during your journey.

Positive – Good success can be achieved in the field of functioning. If you are trying to give a better direction to the work business or are planning an expansion then it can be successful. Economic conditions are going to be favourable.

Negative – Do not let any lack of respect in your honour. Prevent yourself from getting into any kind of controversy. Because chances are you have a fight with an elderly person, which will spoil your image.

Lucky Colour: Silver

Lucky Number: Five

Love – There may be occasions when your ego clashes with your partner. This will not only cause problems in your relationship, but may also increase the distance, so do not give place to ego in love.

Business – You will work hard in your work. You will get benefit from it later. Your seniors will be
impressed by your work. You can also move away from home due to your job.

Health – Keep in mind, do not do any work at this time so that any mental stress can come to your father, because at this time his health may decline.

Positive – You are likely to get the support of your colleagues and brothers and brothers can get support according to the time. You can get amenities like building, vehicles etc., although it may take some time.

Negative – Seniors in the office will help you. However your co-workers may be plotting against you, so keep an eye on such a suspicious person.

Lucky Colour: Sky

Lucky Number: Two

Love – Have faith in each other and do not let this trust break. Love is not very favourable for matters, so be serious and careful about your love at this time.

Business – You can go on a business related trip. If you are working in government sector then the government can give you a big gift at this time.

Health – With all these upheavals going on in life, you will find yourself more stressed, due to which you can waste your strength in thinking more than necessary.

Positive – The sum of real estate is getting better and relations with your relatives can be better. Working according to time and circumstances can be beneficial. If you do a job, then suddenly the position is becoming the sum of the position.

Negative – Do not try to get involved with anyone unnecessary. Relying on yourself, try to trust other colleagues also so that work can be done according to time.

Lucky Colour: White

Lucky Number: Five

Love – You will get some relief and you can progress in the field. During this time, you will also experience happiness in your family life, which will make the mind happy.

Business – You will get full support of family in whatever work you do. If you were thinking about investing in any property, it will be auspicious for you to have the transit of the Moon in the eleventh house.

Health – Diseases such as dysentery, fever, dengue, typhoid can occur, so take care of your health at this time and pay special attention to cleanliness around you.

Positive – You will have strong courage and enthusiasm. Your responsibilities towards many tasks will increase. Work is expected to be completed on time. Some concerns may arise. But the chances of success in the work will be good.

Negative – Relying on yourself at this time, whatever work you do will be successful. Haste and anger can cause damage. So it can be good for you to do any work with stability and seriousness.

Lucky Colour: Green

Lucky Number: Nine

In love – life, the people will get success, but your relationship will remain in a state of tension. You may face a problem from the child side.

Business – During this time, your income will be seen to increase suddenly, due to which the mind will remain cheerful. At this time you can consider spending your money on household chores.

Health – Can plan to go to any aquatic place. During this time, you are advised not to be careless about your health. Otherwise you may have a cold etc.

Positive – If you are a politician, then the signs of getting political benefits are becoming good. Public support is likely to be received. Good support and success will come from children and love. If you are a student, you can get good success in the field of education.

Negative – In this time, you should do something especially with caution. It is important that if possible at this time, then try to avoid doing any important work.

Lucky Colour: Orange

Lucky Number: Five

Love – During this time, the nature of the partner may change. It is possible for both to talk about small things, at this time you should show patience and try to understand the feelings of the partner.

Business – If you are aware and strive for a task under a thoughtful strategy, then you can get good benefits. During this time, unnecessary traveling and running may have to be done.

Health – There will be fluctuating conditions related to health. During this time, consume more and more fluids, this will not cause you a problem of dehydration.

Positive – If you are doing any kind of preparation or course, then there is a possibility of good success in it. The sum of traveling etc. is getting better. If you are making an effort to travel outside or want to travel outside in terms of some kind of business etc. then you can get success.

Negative – On the issue of finance, it will be difficult for you to save and you will not be able to control your expenses. This can prove detrimental to your financial situation, so you have to be very careful.

Lucky Colour: Yellow

Lucky Number: Two

Love – If your partner is angry with any of your children, then celebrate him with love. Do not try to impose your thoughts on them otherwise it can become an obstacle in your relationship.

Business – Effort is likely to be successful. If you do business then you can get good profit from business point of view. This time is going to be better in terms of economic benefits.

Health – During this time, if you leave small stress, then your health will remain healthy. You will remain energetic and carry out your work with enthusiasm and enthusiasm.

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