Daily Horoscope (23rd October 2020)

Positive – In today’s day, your fame and respect will increase. The chance to be with the scholars will come. Your business or business will grow and shine. Female class will help in your area. There is also the possibility of a pleasant journey. Will make a profitable deal and your partners and partners will give you better support.

Negative – It is sure to succeed in any competition. You are physically powerful but overwork is your problem. Whatever you do, you do too much mental pressure. Eventually you lose your life energy. You should take peace in your work and give a little more time for walks and meals.

Lucky Colour: Blue

Lucky Number: Seven

Love: You may fall in love with someone at first glance. Your spouse is really like an angel for you and you will realize it today.

Business: New opportunities to earn money will give profits. Your energy and tremendous enthusiasm will bring positive results and will be helpful in removing domestic tension. Intervention of people can cause problems in marital life.

Health: The day will prove to be beneficial and you will feel comfortable in any chronic disease. Karma-kand / havan / puja recitation etc. will be organized in the house.

Positive – You will do better in mass related
fields. Your person is exemplary and attractive.
Therefore, to take better advantage of this, you
should choose a field where continuous
simulation results in better results.

Negative – You will not be lucky in relation to
your business partners. You will make your
future automatically and you will not get much

help from others. But there seems to be no
reason for your failure and even you will be the
one with money.

Lucky Colour: Yellow

Lucky Score: One

Love: Today, there is a need to increase step
wisely – where the brain should be used more
than the heart. You may get sunshine after a dry-
winter period in your married life.

Business: Open the doors of your mind and heart
to feel the best things in life. Letting go of worry
is the first step towards it. Additional funds can
be invested in real estate.

Health: Do not cut bedtime and avoid 'overtime'
as much as possible. Take as many holidays as
possible and try to spend them comfortably.

Positive – Your creative ability will remain hidden
during this period and intelligence will also
decline. In this case more attention is needed so
that you can take the right decision.

Negative – Your sharp mind in economic matters
will give you many opportunities. Sometimes
you will be very rich and sometimes vice versa.

Lucky Colour: Brown

Lucky Number: Three

Love: Your sweetheart will demand a promise
from you, but do not make a promise that you
cannot fulfil.

Business: You can execute a large business
transaction and combine several people in a
project related to entertainment.

Health: If you work excessively, the heart will
rebel against your way of life. Take the first
symptom seriously otherwise it may become
very serious in future.

Positive – Today will be full of fun and fun-
because you will live life to the fullest.
Investment in jewellery and antique will be
beneficial and bring prosperity. Give enough
time to your family. Let them feel that you care
for them.

Negative – You will not be lucky in relation to
your business partners. You will make your
future automatically and you will not get much
help from others. But there seems to be no
reason for your failure and even you will be the
one with money.

Lucky Colour: Red

Lucky Number: Seven

Love: If love comes prematurely in your life, then
it will have a very energetic effect on you. But
the big flames extinguish quickly, that is, they
will fail many times before getting the last love.

Business: New agreements may look profitable,
but they will not deliver as expected. Do not
make hasty decisions when investing.

Health: Your children will not be in good health.
Especially control your anger, because it is
nothing but madness for a while.

Positive – Do not hesitate to express your views.
Don't let your lack of confidence dominate you,
as this will only make your problem more
complicated, as well as hindering your progress.
To regain your confidence, speak openly and face
the problems with a smile on your lips.

Negative – In this period, you will try to do many
things at once and will not be able to do
anything properly. Haste will not work at all. You
should keep in mind that any family member is
likely to fall ill during this period.

Lucky Colour: Black

Lucky Number: Four

Love: Generally, you are very concerned about
your life partner. You are afraid of mistakes in
married life and that is why you are very vigilant
in this matter.

Business: Seminars and Exhibitions will provide
you new information and facts. Romantic songs,
scented candles, delicious food and drinks – this
day is made for you and your spouse only.

Health: Today will be full of fun and fun –
because you will live life to the fullest.
Investment in jewellery and antique will be
beneficial and bring prosperity.

Positive – Creative work will make you relaxed.
Financial difficulties will be solved with the help
of friends. Your brother will be more helpful than
you thought. You can get a gift of love that is

generous and full of affection. Your ambition to
work in the field of marketing may fructify.

Negative – Overall the family environment will
remain tense. Stop the risk taking trend. Enemies
will try to spoil your credit. Be fully vigilant on
this side as far as possible. Avoid traveling.

Lucky Colour: Orange

Lucky Number: Six

Love: As far as people like you are concerned,
spiritual love has no existence. You are very
much in love. If you have expressed it once, you
are not alienated from your attachment.

Business: Your ability to compete with people
quickly will give you special recognition. Today
can be one of the best days of your married life.

Health: Take care of health. You will be upset
with stomach disease.

Positive – Your friends and colleagues will help
you. In this period, your ambitions and desires
will be fulfilled. You will be related to any
profitable deal. There is a high probability of long
trips. In all respects, the results will be very

Negative – Sudden problems may arise. Be nice
to your relatives or else there will be needless
fights. Do not get involved in unethical activities
and avoid suspicious deals. Please read the
paper thoroughly before signing important

Lucky Colour: Green

Lucky Number: Nine

Love: You will be as energetic in love
relationships as you are in work and sports. Once
you fall in love, you will want to keep your
favourite with you every moment.

Occupation: Solve the causes of stress for mental
peace. You will find yourself in new exciting
situations – which will give you financial benefit.

Health: There will be a possibility of staying ill for
a long period.

Positive – Transaction business to you. The public
sector or government will benefit. You will be
friendly with high-ranking and important people,
who will be benefitted by you. The expansion of
business will also happen soon. You will have a
lot of confidence to face adverse situations
efficiently. Enemies will not harm you.

Negative – Friends and colleagues will not keep
their word. Relying on false hopes is not right.
Trips will not be successful. Economic problems
will disturb the peace of mind. Keep a full check
on risk-taking trends.

Lucky Colour: White

Lucky Score: Eight

Love: When you get married you will pay more
attention to your home. You will often help your
spouse in business matters.

Business: Don't take too much stress and relax in
the latter part of the day. Those who are
associated with arts and theatre etc. will get
many new opportunities to showcase their skills
today. Today you will be full of new ideas and
the tasks you choose to do will benefit you more
than expected.

Health: On this day you keep aside work and
take some rest and do something in which you
are interested.

Positive – During this period, your confidence in
yourself will give you continuous victory. You will
gain respect and prestige. Auspicious acts will be

organized in the family. This is also a good time
for love and love. Due to your intelligence and
sharp insight you take right decision at right

Negative – If there is a plan to go out
somewhere, then it can pass at the last moment.
Your spouse is really like an angel for you and
you will realize it today.

Lucky Colour: Silver

Lucky Number: Two

Love: Don't disappoint your sweetheart today –
because doing so may make you regret later.
Keep moving towards your objectives peacefully
and do not open your cards before getting

Business: Today you can easily collect money –
people can get back their old debts – or can earn
money to invest on a new project.

Health: Before negative thoughts take the form
of mental illness, you should eliminate them.
You can do this through participation in any
charity work, which will give you mental

Positive – You will come in contact with
important people. The increase in income is
clearly awaited. You will be associated with new
enterprises. Friends and colleagues will help.
Long journeys will benefit. More contacts will be
made with foreigners.

Negative – An atmosphere of tension at home
can make you angry. Suppressing it can increase
your physical problems.

Lucky Colour: Purple

Lucky Number: Nine

Love: This time you will come close to your life
partner. Some people may also plan to travel
somewhere with their life partner.

Business: Compensation and loans etc. stuck for
a long time will finally get you. You will be the
centre of attention of all in a family event. The
trance of the whole world is confined to the
happiness of those who are in love.

Health: Day is not good for traveling.

Positive – Family life will be very pleasant. This
time is a boon for love and love. You will
continue to struggle with the heroic spirit in the
struggle and will defeat the enemies.

Negative – You are the person with full
responsibility for any task. In courage and
enthusiasm, many times you forget yourself and
some try more than necessary which increases
your chances of loss. Therefore, it will be better

for you to work according to your work capacity
and fulfil it with full responsibility.

Lucky Colour: Green

Lucky Number: Four

Love: There will be sweetness in your speech and
your way of talking will attract your partner.
They will find your way of talking attractive.

Business: Do not do any work in a hurry.
Otherwise you may have to bear the loss.
Perform any task with stability and seriousness.

Health: Well your health will be fine. Only you
can be troubled by Karma disease.

Positive – Your feelings and thoughts are harmonious, which makes your grip on reality stronger. You are very practical, you can understand yourself and you can say what you want to say tactfully.

Negative – Unnecessary disputes can arise from anyone. So try to be careful with your enemies. But it will be better for you to make full efforts to achieve good success. Stressful environment can occur. Attempts in this area may cause disruptions in the early stages, but will succeed later.

Lucky Colour: Blue

Lucky Score: Seven

Love: Your love affair is going to be very good. Along with increasing intensity in love, feelings of trust towards each other will also prevail. Then in any work you can get the cooperation of each other and the opportunity to be with each other.

Business: Efforts made for financial gain will be successful. If you want to start a new business or want some kind of investment then it will be better for you. If you work and want to do business as well, then you can launch with your favourite friends.

Health: There is a possibility of some kind of physical injury. If you use a vehicle or work in a place where there is a possibility of injury etc., then you need to be careful.

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