Daily Horoscope (22nd October 2020)

Positive – You will be in a social mood and enjoy peoples company at this time. You are eager to explore all new things and learn from the experiences of others. Networking is also on your mind and its a good thing if you want to get some good benefits.

Negative – On the education front, this time seems very dull, and you will not be able to perform well. You will be distracted by other fronts, and therefore you will not be able to perform as expected. This is a bad phase and will pass away soon so don’t worry!

Lucky Colour: Purple

Lucky Number: Two

Love – This time will be full for you because the planet Venus is greeting you with lots of charm and grandeur. You are playing this time very subtly and hence your lover will like your company.

Business – Your hard work in the field of career will pay off and you will get an opportunity to work in a new place. With your hard work, you will make a new place in the field.

Fitness – You should be very careful about your exercise system and be regular with your health check to avoid anything serious.

Positive – You will focus on developing new skills and relationships with influential people. You will achieve great results through tremendous determination and patience, and your passion at the workplace will greatly influence others.

Negative – Your priorities at the moment will be emotional health and your family matters. Career is also one of your priorities and you will do whatever it takes to enhance your financial position, but the situation will not be in your hands.

Lucky Colour: Pink

Lucky Number: Five

Love – There are no unnecessary problems that can be seen in your domestic life. Ganesh ji says that those who are single will get the love of their life and this alliance will prove to be very beneficial for them.

Business – Take great care in your finances and money matters at this time because you may get in trouble due to excessive expenses. It will be very difficult for you to escape from such a situation.

Health – If you were suffering from any physical injury in the past, you will completely overcome it at this time.

Positive – You may have the opportunity to lead a challenging project, and you will produce very good results. At this time you will not have to worry about money matters because your financial condition will be good.

Negative – You are generally considerate of those around you but sometimes your mood swings, and this can lead to arguments. Such small disturbances will continue.

Lucky Colour: Yellow

Lucky Number: Four

Love – You will not pay attention to domestic affairs and your family, but it is your responsibility that the people of your household remain happy and disagreements with the loved ones are resolved amicably.

Business – On the career front, things will move slowly, but make sure you are going in the right direction. You have to plan properly and show that passion to achieve great heights and then you can get results.

Health – Your health level will be incredible, but you will have to follow your exercise system very diligently and keep strict control over your dietary intake.

Positive – Goddess of fortune will bless you, your friends and family when you need it. The investment made at this time will last for a long time and will give spectacular results in the future. If you ever come in financial crisis, these investments will work for you.

Negative – Career front will be a bit sluggish, and growth will be a bit slow as you will focus on other activities. However, you will need to prepare an action plan to revive your career.

Lucky Colour: Green

Lucky Number: Eight

Love – Peace and harmony will be less in your family at this time because all your focus will be on developing your career and yourself. Remember that it is important for you to strengthen relationships, so take some time to love.

Business – You will impress your customers with quality and urgency to deliver results, and as a result you may get more projects and responsibilities.

Health – If you follow eating whole grains and food in natural form, then your health and overall immune system will improve gradually.

Positive – At this time you will get many opportunities to advance in career. Make full use of them to improve your profession and your career. You have to be very active and use these opportunities immediately because you do not know when it slips from your hands.

Negative – Your effort at this time will be to maximize your social circle and strengthen your network. Your focus is on your professional life; your family will be a little behind.

Lucky Colour: White

Lucky Number: Seven

Love – You are an obsessive, passionate and loving person who knows how to keep his spouse and family happy. People around you will be jealous of your happy married life.

Business – You invested in such ventures which were not a good offer, and now that has proved to be a burden for you. However, soon you will come on the right path and gradually recover from the loss.

Health – You are always alert to some health and take necessary precautions before the adverse situation escalates. At this time, your good habits will be very beneficial in keeping you fit and healthy.

Positive – At the moment, you are optimistic and stay creative at your best. And with your tremendous will, things will become much easier for you. Your relationship with your family members will improve significantly. The overall aura of the house will improve dramatically, and peace and harmony will prevail.

Negative – You cannot ignore your work responsibilities as it will adversely affect your career. This time is useful for exploring new opportunities and meeting new people and developing a good professional network.

Lucky Colour: Blue

Lucky Number: 2

Love – Your family members would love to spend time with you, and there will be a lot of joy in your personal life. You will meet your friends and have parties and give everyone a chance to meet.

Business – Your financial situation will show improvement, and it will be a relief for you as you have been facing financial crisis for some time.

Health – Your health level will be excellent and you will not face any significant problems at this time.

Positive – At this time you will take right and fair decisions. You may face a dilemma and be confused about the way forward. It is highly likely that you will make the right choice due to favourable planetary position and the blessings of Ganesha.

Negative – You are an emotional person, and fights hurt and hurt you. So, there may be a disturbance in peace in your personal life.

Lucky Colour: Gold

Lucky Number: 2

Love – If you are in a relationship, it will not be able to go to the next level. The reason is that both of you will be very cautious at every step. If you are unmarried and looking for a partner for yourself, chances are very low at this time.

Business – With your commitment and determination, you will achieve great success. You will enjoy a good atmosphere from all around because people will like to be in your

Health – Your energy level will be much higher this time which will reflect your level of health. Due to your high spirited attitude, you will excel well in all aspects.

Positive – Your communication skills can lead you to a lot of good projects that can improve your
professional as well as financial situation. The probability is that you will make some good profits.

Negative – You are going to be very clear and articulate this time. You will not hesitate to rebuke anyone for their wrong actions. This habit of yours can also put you in difficulty.

Lucky Colour: Red

Lucky Number: Seven

Love – You have to lead the case to calm down and maintain harmony and peace in the family. Instead of business – career or finance, this time your focus will be on your family. Hence, it will be a loving period for you and your family.

Health – You may suffer from some minor diseases and hence you have to be very careful. Take necessary precautions and work towards strengthening your immune system.

Positive – Your energy level will help you achieve professional success, and you will meet your objectives. You will try hard, and your supervisor will observe and appreciate the same.

Negative – Be very cautious before investing in the stock market as you may suffer losses. You should investigate properly and avoid investing in risky securities.

Lucky Colour: Green

Lucky Number: Nine

Love – Those of you who are single will get a chance to get into a love affair, which will have really strong potential. You will get the blessings of your elders, and it will inspire you to do a lot better.

Business – Overall feeling good at the moment, and you will get lots of opportunities to prove your ability. According to finance, this time looks great, and you will make good profits.

Health – You will enjoy good health. The efforts of the last month will now give you fruits. However, the health of one of the family members may be a cause of concern for you.

Positive – There is an excellent chance that you will meet an industry expert and he can help you to a great extent in your progress. This is a good time to add new skills and learn something new.

Negative – You can give yourself a nice gift on some luxury items and with some extra wastage. At this time, you are more eager to work on your own free will and will become more independent than you trust anyone. And that can cause trouble.

Lucky Colour: Orange

Lucky Number: Seven

Love – The relationship between you and your partner will be more enjoyable. On the family front, you may face a lot of issues as there are chances of frivolous matters and disputes over paternal property.

Business – You have your own area of relationship, and it will help you work on some interesting business ventures that will generate good profits in the future. You will reach your objectives and goals with great ease.

Fitness – A small party, a holiday or even a spa session will be enough to boost your health and revive your senses.

Positive – Your financial situation will improve significantly. The reason for this will be the hard lessons you have learned in the last few months. Now you have started investing wisely and have tried to curb your tendency to spend more.

Negative – You are going to take responsibility for all your affairs and actions along with making decisions, and this can cause you to experience mental pressure. Socially, your inaction may be a loss deal for you.

Lucky Colour: Blue

Lucky Number: Three

Love – The relationship between you and your partner will be quite strong. Romance may not be the best, but both of you will enjoy each other.

Business – You will also strictly follow your budget, and it will keep an eye on excessive spending. Ganesh ji says that the stars are on your side, make the most of it.

Health – Taking a balanced diet at regular intervals and exercising daily will make your health much better. Do not take minor diseases lightly as they should be treated immediately.

Positive – At this time your journey towards getting a good education will begin. You can plan a short trip to brainstorm with your friends and take a break from a rigorous study schedule.

Negative – You have to be very careful while managing money. There is no end to learning, and your effort should be to gain more knowledge. You should pay special attention to your expenses and you need to rein in them.

Lucky Colour: Blue

Lucky Number: Eight

Love – Your spouse will fully support you in every endeavour, which will prove to be a big inspiration for you. Single people will find their love at social events or workplace.

Business – You will be considered for promotion. Your excitement and passion will affect your supervisors, and this increased salary will boost your financial situation.

Health – Your health will be good. One should avoid the intake of external nutrients and rely on natural and nutritious food for their nutrition.

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