Daily Horoscope (20th November 2020)

Positive – Your high intellectual abilities will help you fight against deficiencies. Only positive thoughts can overcome these problems. Betting can benefit. Spend some relaxing moments with family members.

Negative – Elders must use their surplus energy positively to take advantage. Control your tendency to have fun immediately and avoid spending too much on entertainment. Understand the feelings of your beloved today.

Lucky Colour: Blue

Lucky Number: Seven

 Love – The period will be much better for married people and you will have both love and romance in your relationship. There will be mild wrangling but in the end it will work to increase love.

Business – You are a responsible person and try to do any task with full responsibility. But some damage or troubles may have to be incurred in attempting to complete the work as soon as possible.

Health – Stressful situations can arise regarding married life. Contact with your spouse may worsen and affect health.

Positive – You will make life meaningful by giving happiness to others and forgetting old mistakes. Business partners will cooperate and together you can complete the stumbling tasks. Today people will praise you for what you always wanted to hear.


Negative – Others may demand more time from you. Before making any kind of promise to them, see to it that your work is not affected by it and also they should not take advantage of your generosity and warm-heartedness.


Lucky Colour: Green


Lucky Number: Two


Love: This time will be good for love-related matters and you will give your loved one an important place in your life. This will increase happiness in your love life and your sweetheart will also keep you happy.


Business – With courage and might, the sum of the position is becoming good. Efforts made at this time can be successful. Relying on yourself, you will have the ability to do any task by your own decision.


Health – In this time the enemy side is going to be in normal position and physical deformities will be less.

Positive – You will tease your beloved by not making enough time. Today will be a very active and interactive day for you. People will ask for your opinion and will accept whatever you say.

Negative – Due to insecurity or dilemma you may get confused. Do not spend excessively on household amenities. If you spend extra time in office, your domestic life can be negatively affected.

Lucky Colour: Sky

Lucky Number: Seven

Love – You have to control your anger and give enough importance to the words of life partner, only then you will be able to fulfil the duty of being a good partner in a married life. 

Business – There may be some very stressful situations in the case of real estate, or there is a possibility that you may find yourself in trouble while trying to get some real estate.

Health – At this time no particular concern about health is likely to arise.

Positive – The ability to do any task is found in you. At this time, you will feel strong in any situation and you will not be losing courage even in odd circumstances you will never leave the field and run in the middle. So you are more likely to get success.

Negative – Look at your work and words because official figures will be difficult to understand, if you do something wrong. Today, wrong decisions of the past will cause mental disturbance and tribulation.

Lucky Colour: Yellow

Lucky Number: Eight

Love – Your relationship will become stronger due to mutual understanding. Weeks can also be good for married people.

Business – If you do a job, you can find an investment perspective and invest in a property sector. By which further economic conditions can be improved.

Health – At this time, some kind of problem may arise suddenly. Otherwise there is no such situation as there is any big problem.

Positive – Sudden money gains are being made. It may happen that some kind of ancestral property is obtained. However, you may face many difficulties in achieving this. Luck will support you this time.

Negative – You will find yourself alone and feel unable to decide right and wrong. Seek the advice of others. You may get a surprise gift from relatives, but there is every possibility that they want something from you in return.

Lucky Colour: Black

Lucky Number: Four

Love – You can discuss with loved ones in some areas related to their functioning so that you will get benefit. Having a feeling of trust towards each other can make a good situation in your love relationship.

Business – Along with real estate, try to have better relations with relatives and get good money. It may happen that some kind of dispute arises with some kind of money.

Health – Health will be good, yet try to be conscious of your health so that the conditions ahead remain normal.

Positive – Charity and social work will attract you today. If you spend a little time in such good works, you can bring a lot of positive changes. You will get compensation and debts etc. stuck for a long time.

Negative – A sudden romantic meeting can be confusing for you. While talking to important people, keep your eyes and ears open, it may be that your hands may get a valuation or thought. The construction work started today will be satisfactorily completed.

Lucky Colour: Brown

Lucky Number: Five

Love – If you are planning to move somewhere, then you will get success in it. In this time, with some good gifts, you can share your thoughts with your loved ones or enjoy your love to the fullest.

Business – Your financial condition can be strong and you can also be successful in getting profit. If you work or do some kind of business, there are signs of getting profit from every side.

Health – It may happen that the worries about the health of parents increase. Due to which economic problems may arise and there may be a family distress.

Positive – You can get good benefits by doing your karma. Therefore, you can be successful in earning good money from your areas of work. If you are planning some expansion from business point of view, then it may be good for you if you are trying to give better direction to the work.

Negative – You may have to go to the hospital due to health problems, so caution is required. Do not spend excessively to impress others. Do not bring the stress of office at home. This can end the happiness of your family.

Lucky Colour: Silver

Lucky Number: Two

Love: Very good enthusiasm will be seen regarding love-love relationship. Mutual harmony with the lovers will be sweet and having good feelings towards each other will help each other in any task.

Business – A good day to execute plans and start new projects. Partnership business with big industrialists will be beneficial.

Health – Problems related to urine may arise. If any problem arises, get it treated immediately.

Positive – It is time to get out of the haze that surrounds you and impedes your progress. Some of you may have to travel a long way – which will be quite full of running – but will also prove to be very beneficial.

Negative – Well it is best to face the problems in the office and enjoy family life at home. Hidden enemies will be impatient to spread rumours about you. Don’t make hasty decisions – especially when negotiating important economic deals.

Lucky Colour: Red

Lucky Number: Seven

Love – Having a sweet relationship with a spouse can help in solving all kinds of problems. Especially your own troubles can be overcome. There is better support than one.

Business – Whatever you have to do at this time, you do not have to run away from it. Because at this time you have to run hard, believing in yourself.

Health – Some kind of unnecessary illness can be expected. Any type of infection etc. can be physically unhealthy.

Positive – Someone close to you will be in a very strange mood today and it will prove almost impossible to understand. You will meet a friend who you think and who understands you.

Negatives – Circumstances about married life can become a bit stressful, but the possibility of getting support will appear to remain. It would be best to do any work, relying on your karma and yourself.

Lucky Colour: Yellow

Lucky Number: Four

Love – It would be better to keep in touch with each other and have complete trust in each other. In this time, the circumstances regarding married life are going to be favourable and travel outside can also be done.

Business – Try to avoid doing any new tasks. Try to engage in what you have to do so that you can get financial benefits.

Health – Workplace stress can worsen your health.

Positive – At this time you will get an opportunity to get out of domestic problems and see progress in all kinds of areas, which can provide the comfort of building vehicles etc. It will be good for you to do any work by relying on yourself.

Negative – Keep yourself calm because today you may have to face many such obstacles, due to which you may face a lot of difficulty. Control your anger especially, because it is nothing but madness for a while.

Lucky Colour: Green

Lucky Number: Three

Love – If there is any kind of mutual confusion or tension than it can be overcome together. Do not try to spoil your relationship due to unnecessary differences.

Business – Economic losses may be expected. It can be harmful for you to do some kind of risky work. Therefore, exchange caution only in economic matters.

Health – Aged people need to take care of their health. Today, your spouse may behave in a worse-than-bad way.

Positive – You are likely to get financial benefits at this time. Therefore, by trying as much as possible, good benefits can be taken. In any field you are working in that area, if your aim is to get financial benefit, then a better situation can be.

Negative – Do not talk to your loved one today. Doubts on your partner can take the form of a big fight. If you are traveling today, you need to protect your luggage extra.

Lucky Colour: Orange

Lucky Number: Two

Love – Love situations can be favourable. You can fulfil the objectives of going out somewhere with your loved one or try to overcome any kind of troubles can be successful.

Business – If you are in a job and trying to earn some money from any kind of investment, then you should wait a little longer.

Health – At this time you will need to be fully conscious of your health. Stomach problems may surround.

Positive – Visiting guests at home will make the day nice and happy. You will benefit by commission, dividend or royalty. It is a good day to go to the lawyer for legal advice. It is a day of fun and pleasure.

Negative – Your tough attitude can cause problems for friends. Caution needs to be exercised when speaking and in financial transactions. Control your selfish behaviour, as it can ruin your friendship.

Lucky Colour: Sky

Lucky Number: One

Love – Your partner’s cooperation will be received in general. However, due to unnecessary frequent interruptions, there may be some tension in your relationship.

Business – Efforts made for financial gain are likely to be successful. Even if you are planning to make a big investment from a commercial point of view, you should wait.

Health – Do not try to resist your people. Otherwise physical harm may have to be incurred.

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