Daily Horoscope (19th October 2020)

Positive – At this time, you can get good success in the field of outdoor travel and related work. There is a need to trust your karma more than luck because the working conditions are going to be favourable.

Negative – You will be excessively sensitive to the things of your beloved – You need to keep your emotion under control and avoid doing anything that can make matters worse. Today there will be many such things – which need to be looked at immediately.

Lucky Colour: Silver

Lucky Number: Seven

Love – There may be confusion in your mind about your family, due to which unnecessary family problems may increase. During this time, you may have to face opposition from your people and your relations with relatives may also get worse.

Business – A stressful situation can arise for you. Therefore, you will be prohibited from doing any important work in this time.

Health – Try to avoid unnecessary travel. Otherwise physical difficulties may increase and financial losses may also occur.

Positive – If you are doing any kind of course or preparation related to education, then this time can be better for you. If any dispute is going on, then an attempt can be made to resolve it, there is a possibility of your being successful in it.

Negative – The mantra of success today is to invest money on the advice of people who have
original thinking and are experienced. Partners will be enthusiastic about your plans and business ideas.

Lucky Colour: Yellow

Lucky Number: Two

Love – At this time, your spouse will get success in your field of work or hope that he will get some big achievement, which will make you look happy too.

Business – If you are doing any work in this time for financial gain, then you can get success. If you
are in business then you will get good opportunities to get profit from business point of view.

Health – Concerns may arise about the health of unnecessary parents. In such a situation, it will be good for you to take care of the parents.

Positive – You can get in touch with a higher level officer, which will give you political benefits 
Prospects will be very good in the field of children. You will get satisfaction from your child and your love relationship will increase deeply.

Negative – Momentary anger can lead to controversy and malfeasance. Avoid yourself while spending otherwise you will come home with empty pockets. Unwanted interference from outsiders can cause tension between you and your spouse.

Lucky Colour: Green

Lucky Number: Five

Love – If you are working in the fields of work related to the outside, then your spouse can get support and your home family situation can be strengthened, so that you can succeed in your cause.

Business – Do not launch any big action plans or have a big investment perspective related to any kind of business. Otherwise economic losses may have to be incurred.

Health – Mothers illness can cause problems. To affect the merge, try to divert their attention from illness to something else. Your effort will prove to be effective.

Positive – Relationship with parents and parental support is likely. Family conditions will also be favourable, so that you will be able to improve any work with the help of home family. If you are a politician, you may get opportunities to get political benefits.

Negative – Due to misunderstanding, there may be a little rift between you and your beloved. You must remember that love also requires seriousness and it should not be taken lightly. You will find it difficult to reconcile due to a long series of differences.

Lucky Colour: Black

Lucky Number: Eight

Love – Having a feeling of trust in each other in love relationship and a feeling of cooperation towards each other can produce more sweetness in your love relationship.

Business – One can get benefit from some business related travel etc. It would be harmful to do something with the help of luck.

Health – Due to the sudden drop in health, you may need to pay more attention to your child'sside.

Positive – If you work, you can get a good position. Economic conditions are also likely to improve. Facility of building, vehicle, etc. can be availed according to time. If you are planning to get a house or a car, then you can be successful in this month.

Negative – Try to get out of your office early to do something creative. Investment related to your home will be beneficial. If you do not give a direct answer, your colleagues may be angry with you.

Lucky Colour: Brown

Lucky Score: Nine

Love: Conditions are going to be favourable regarding love-love relationship. If you are planning to move somewhere, then you can do it too, because at this time you can get a good
opportunity for it.

Profession – If you are a politician or hold a high position, then you can get full benefits. If you are
trying to succeed in this position or politics, then it can be good for you.

Health – Health will be very good, a little stress can be created, but all these situations will
improve later.

Positive – Today, your plans may change at the last moment. The construction work started
today will be satisfactorily completed. Your ability to compete quickly will give you special

Negative – Outdoor activities will be beneficial for you. Staying bound in fortified lifestyle and always worrying about your safety will stop your physical and mental development. This habit can make you irritable and restless.

Lucky Colour: Red

Lucky Number: 4

Love – You are likely to have a sweet relationship with your loved one. If you want to share your
mind with a good gift to your loved one in this month, then you can do it.

Occupation – If you do the job, there is a possibility of getting a position. If you are trying to get a house or car then you will get success.

Health – Take care of your eyes and accidentally. A sudden unintended accident may occur.

Positive – You will be expected to get good success in the field in which you are trying. Along with courage and value, you will get opportunities for position position advancement etc. in terms of functioning.

Negative – You are a person of aggressive nature, who is soon in charge due to which your field of
work is affected and the work gets worse. In such a situation, you should work carefully.

Lucky Colour: White

Lucky Number: Eight

Love- Lovers can feel very excited about the topic and try to feel better in their love situation by
having good feelings towards each other.

Business – If you are trying to do something for a long time and you are not getting success in it,
then in this time you can get success by trying.

Health – Blood related disorders may arise. In this case, it will be good for you to take
precautions related to your health.

Positive – It will be good for you to do any work with stability and seriousness. In this time, the situation is going to be favourable from the point of view of wealth real estate and relations with
relatives can be better.

Negative – You do not have to hurry in any task for the time otherwise losses are likely. You will
be seen doing any task with courage and enthusiasm, which will make you achieve success. But working under stress can cause harm.

Lucky Colour: Orange

Lucky Number: Three

Love- Love relationship can be in better direction and satisfaction can also come from child side. With which you will be satisfied with your work business and home family. Relationships with
parents will improve and support will come from

Business – If you are working in the field of work
related to outside or want to contact someone,
then you can get success. Cooperation of
relatives in economic matters can also be

Health – There is a possibility of some kind of
injury. Unnecessary physical troubles are also
likely to increase.

Positive – It may be good for you to emphasize areas of work with confidence. If you do business then you will get good opportunities to get financial benefits from business point of view. You can get good success.

Negative – You may have to go through a slightly stressful situation. Do things that make you happy, but avoid interfering in the affairs of others. It is better to trust in yourself and do
your own work.

Lucky Colour: Brown

Lucky Number: Three

Love – It may be good for you to try to maintain a better atmosphere in the family. The child side and love side will be in better condition, so this month you will need to keep yourself active about the child side, so that you can get support from children later.

Business – Do not take any big investment approach of any kind. Keep trying to move forward in normalcy so that your purpose of getting profit will be fulfilled.

Health – Especially pay attention to your food. Do not eat stale or heavy food nor skip your food, otherwise physical problems can arise.

Positive – Relationships with parents and feelings of cooperation can be better. With the blessings of the mother and father, all kinds of problems are eliminated and there is good progress in the work profession too. At this time, there is also a possibility of getting the support of the brothers.

Negative – You may have to do unnecessary travel etc. during this time, so it would be good for you to work thoughtfully at this time. Circumstances can create stressful situations. Doing any important work in this time can be harmful, so be careful.

Lucky Colour: Blue

Lucky Number: Two

Love – Marital life is going to be favourable. There is a possibility of getting full support of spouse. So it may be better for you to maintain a good position in the family and maintain a sense of cooperation towards each other.

Business – Efforts made for financial gain are likely to be successful. It will be good for you to be careful in financial transactions and exchange money with someone according to time.

Health – Treat your long-standing illness with your smile, as it is the most effective medicine for all problems.

Positive – If you are trying or trying in any work business to fulfil your purpose, then you can get good success. If you do a job and try to earn profit related to any kind of business, then you can get success.

Negative – Tensions are likely to arise from relatives in this time. So try to keep normal relations with relatives. Try not to create too much rapport with anyone. Use caution in money related exchanges.

Lucky Colour: Red

Lucky Number: 2

Love:- Conditions are likely to remain favourable regarding the love-love relationship. If you try to maintain a good relationship with your loved one, you can get good success.

Business – If you do business then you can get opportunities to get financial benefits from business point of view also. It may be better for you to work due to the awareness of the task and the right time situation.

Health – To maintain your physical fitness you can spend the day playing today.

Positive – In this time, mutual harmony can be better with the family. Any task can be made
successful with family support. If you want family support in a work business then you can
find it.

Negative – It is better to do sensible work yourself than to do the actions of someone else
and try to maintain good harmony with your home family as it may be good for you to do so.

Lucky Colour: Red

Lucky Number: Five

Love – Apart from your love affair, you can get each other's support in your field of work. Hence, lovers try to clarify their positions among themselves and try to maintain important position towards each other.

Business – Both your financial condition and occupation can be in a better direction. Maintaining a cordial relationship with family members will create a better situation in your work.

Health – Discomfort can impair your mental

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