Daily Horoscope (18th November 2020)

Positive – Happiness can only be seen in your family at this time. There will be a lot of change in coordination with each other, due to which one will get sympathy and good behaviour towards each other.

Negative – Before reaching any decision at this time, think properly and do not take any decision in the words of someone else, otherwise some misunderstanding may cause trouble.

Lucky Colour: Green

Lucky Number: Seven

Love – Try to make better harmony with your life partner because only then will the development of the house and yourself. Otherwise, problems are aggravated by always being in a stressful situation.

Business – If you work somewhere then you can also adopt some kind of investment approach, you can get good benefits from it. Try to trust your colleagues also by trusting in yourself and together try to give better direction to any task.

Health – Spouses health will also be bad, which will also bother you.

Positive – There is a possibility of increasing enthusiasm for work and can be benefited by traveling outside. If you get an opportunity to go out then you can go. You should get excited and do any work so that you will get success.

Negative – Merchant class natives will need to be extremely careful. In addition, if you do business in partnership, then your relationship with your partner can get worse. Apart from this, any kind of stress situation will continue to bother you in married life.

Lucky Colour: Yellow

Lucky Number: Eight

Love: You will remain in a happy mood about love-love relationship. You can get full support from your loved ones, whether it is in the matter of love affair or any other matter, there is a possibility of getting full support.

Business – You will get the fruits of your hard work at the workplace. If a work was stuck due to a government official, then it can now be completed and you can also see the benefit in it.

Health – Mothers health will be better than before so that happiness will be seen in the family environment.

Positive – Ganesh ji says, luck can support you well and financially the conditions are going to be favourable to a large extent. There may also be some travel which gives sudden benefits. Whether it is from the country or abroad, it will be necessary to get the benefits related to work business.

Negative – At this time your enemies will try to dominate you, due to which you can get involved in legal betting. At this time there will be an increase in new expenses related to your spouse, on which you will fail to rein in.

Lucky Colour: Blue

Lucky Number: Nine

Love – Concerns can arise about the child side and in case of love affair you can get into a stressful situation. You will also not get the desired support from loved ones.

Business: Talking about the business field, good time is seen for it. If you were considering a plan to buy
a property, then this is a good time for that.

Health – There is a possibility of any kind of injury to health or any kind of blood related disorder.

Positive – You will feel good and you will be able to maintain mutual harmony towards the house. There is a possibility of getting the support of family members towards any task. Relationship and support from parents can be good in home family.

Negative – There may be tension around your area of work. The chances of getting success in thought work will be less. But if you work  enthusiastically, success can be good because from the career point of view, the situation is likely to be favourable.

Lucky Colour: Red

Lucky Number: Seven

Love – Try to maintain a good relationship with your spouse. So that your conditions are favourable and you can perform better in your work.

Business – You will be ambitious and you will have full responsibility for any task. But you are likely to be harmed by acting in haste and taking decisions in anger.

Health – From the point of view of health, any kind of injury, etc. can be formed. Enemies can dominate, but it will be better for you to stay away from any kind of dispute.

Positive – Your effort can give you good direction. If you do a job, you may get good chances of getting a position and the conditions of the family are likely to remain favourable. According to the time, the possibility of getting the convenience of the house is getting better.

Negative – At this time you will need to keep your eyes and ears open only then you will be able to take advantage of the opportunity to get money from some good source. After this, couples can become mentally stressed in life.

Lucky Colour: Green

Lucky Number: Two

Love – Lovers may create a tense atmosphere due to unnecessary disputes. Due to which there will be unrest in all areas. And both of you may have bad feelings towards each other.

Business – You will get good success. You can get good opportunities to gain money. But you may face runaway and stressful situations.

Health – Worry about parents' health. If conditions are adverse about the health of any parent, then try to make it favourable.

Positive – The sum of wealth and wealth is being formed and the relationship with your relatives is also likely to be good. There may also be opportunities for political gains. If you are influenced by politics then you should try.

Negative – Do not try to create unnecessary family tension by getting into someones talk, otherwise you may suffer loss. It will be very good for you to trust yourself and have a good feeling towards your home family.

Lucky Colour: Brown

Lucky Number: Seven

Love – If mutual harmony is better, then the lover-girlfriend relationship is better in all kinds of areas. However, chances of getting support from spouse will be less in this time.

Business – You may get good chances of getting financial or money benefits. But you have to keep in mind that it is important to listen to someone.

Health – Being careful may be better for you. Otherwise, any type of mental disturbance and stressful situation can occur.

Positive – With the blessings of parents, all kinds of happiness facilities can be obtained. You can progress well in life. Relationships with brother, sister and favoured friends can be good. There is also a possibility of doing some manglik work etc.

Negative – You should work with courage and enthusiasm, not in any hurry and anger. Laziness can arise in you. In such a situation, stay healthy towards your work by eliminating laziness.

Lucky Colour: White

Lucky Number: 2

Love – It will be very important to maintain mutual harmony in love as well as trust each other. At the same time you will be expected to get good success.

Business – Perform a task in view of the time you are confident of your work which will give you good success. Trying to avoid all kinds of disputes can only be good for you.

Health – Be careful about health and enemies, so that no problem arises, so take special care of it in advance.

Positive – If you are related to the field related to education or doing the work of writing or doing a course etc., you can get good success. The situation is going to be favourable regarding child aspect and love affair. One can get benefit from traveling outside etc.

Negative – You should keep trying to maintain better coordination with all the family members. It has been observed that whenever the situation of the house family is good, it can achieve good success in all fields. Otherwise some kind of unnecessary dispute may arise in the house.

Lucky Colour: Pink

Lucky Number: Eight

Love – If you have been in love with someone for a long time and want to see them as your spouse, then you can also talk to it.

Business – If you are willing to make any kind of investment, you can do it in this time. You will get good benefits. If you decide to invest in the field of real estate too, then you can get profit.

Health – Any type of injury can be susceptible. In this case, try to keep yourself alert.

Positive – The enemy side is going to be in a normal position. If there is a dispute of any kind, then trying to explain it can solve the case. Enemies will dominate, but trying to avoid unnecessary controversy can be beneficial for you at this time.

Negative – Stressful situations may arise for you. You may experience mental disturbance andstress. In such a situation, it will be beneficial for you to do any work while remaining alert.

Lucky Colour: Gold

Lucky Score: One

Love; The situation is going to be favourable regarding love-love relationship. Also, something new is going to happen in your love this time. You can get an opportunity to express your love to someone you love.

Business – In this time one can get good opportunities to get economic benefits. If you are launching new work and trying to get benefits then it can be successful.

Health – You may feel a bit stressed. There is a possibility of some kind of injury etc. In this case it will be better for you to be careful.

Positive – You can be satisfied with your child side and your mind can be happy with the activities of children. In this way family situations are usually going to be in your favour. Therefore, you also keep trying to maintain a good relationship with everyone, so that you can get good benefits.

Negative – You are a wise and intelligent person. You have good ability to think and understand as well as make decisions. But at times, some problem arises due to loss of consciousness.

Lucky Colour: Orange

Lucky Number: Three

Love – Some challenge to lovers in their love relationship can be disturbing. But you will face every challenge coming in your way and by this you will be able to win the heart of your loved

Business – Can make good progress in your life because your luck will also support you. Work is becoming the sum of good success related to business.

Health – At this time, you may have to face joint pain etc. regarding health. Some kind of back pain or knee pain etc. or some chronic diseases can occur.

Positive – Your life can be gratified by the service and support of parents. The blessings of parents can bring good happiness in your life and may increase your stature in home family because the service and support of parents benefits everywhere.

Negative – Take care when exchanging money. Do not try to give money to anyone unnecessary. Otherwise a dispute may arise. Therefore, the way to avoid such disputes is to avoid any kind of exchange of money.

Lucky Colour: Purple

Lucky Number: Four

Love – Trying to maintain a good relationship with your spouse and support each other can prove to be good for you. So by all means try to be perfect, so that you get success.

Business – If you work, you can still invest and start any kind of side business. By which you can get financial benefit.

Health – From the point of view of health, any type of disease related to muscles and urine or related to heart can be expected.

Positive – You can succeed in any task with your confidence because your memory is strong. It
will be your nature to plan and implement any
work on time.

Negative – You will get good family support as per time. Do not consider making family decisions at the behest of someone unnecessary. It has to be understood that everyone wants to listen but to do it should be of ones own mind.

Lucky Colour: Red

Lucky Number: One

Love – There is a possibility of getting good benefits in case of love affair. Along with getting the support of the spouse, one can also get support in domestic work.

Business – Being conscious of a task and having the ability to do it can be beneficial for you. The purpose of profit can be fulfilled.

Health – You may develop some kind of stomach disorder. In such a situation, be aware of your health.

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