Daily Horoscope (16th November 2020)

Positive – Today you will try to complete your stopped work. Today you will focus only on the measures that give good results. Today you will start your work with full noise. Use this energy to complete unfinished tasks for a long time.

Negative – Today you should try to express your thoughts clearly. You are full of unmatched thoughts but these ideas will lose their importance if you are not able to express them properly. Speak slowly and clearly as well as note whether the person listening can understand you well or not.

Lucky Colour: Red

Lucky Number: Seven

Love – Only the person you are walking with will be able to end your quarrel. Any domestic quarrel that caused your unrest will now end. It will be right to end this quarrel while upholding the interests of all.

Business – If you are in the field of public relations, then you will be very busy today. You will find that a lot of money is coming these days due to your overtime work and other reasons too. Invest this money in right place.

Health – Settle exercise in your mind and heart and make yoga and meditation a part of your life too.

Positive – Today will make you think more forcibly. And the biggest thing is that people are very impressed with your skills. Enjoy and forget the past and think of the future. Take advantage of todays golden opportunity.

Negative – You were working hard for a long time but could not raise money. Even without wanting money is spent. Today you need to be careful with some people around you because they are jealous of you. Even if your thoughts are not good for them, do not incite wrong feeling towards them.

Lucky Colour: Pink

Lucky Number: Two

Love – Looking at these days, you too will think that when in the world of love, nothing can be told. Enjoy on these occasions. Do not allow doubt in your relationships.

Business – You are thinking of investing. Find all options for investment. You had already made up your mind about property and any other investment, but you will be surprised to see many other good options for investment.

Health – If you improve the habit of eating unbalanced food, then you will feel more energetic by the end of the day.

Positive – Along with earning money, it is also in your mind to rise high in your career. You are moving in the right direction in both your work and business. Do not panic with small hiccups, they will keep coming.

Negative – There is an atmosphere of peace at home, so you can make any change at ease. If you need help, do not hesitate to ask for help from your family. Tackle your unfinished tasks by the end of the day.

Lucky Colour: Green

Lucky Number: One

Love – Your basic mantra for today is trust. You should try to know why you are hesitant to believe in your own loved ones who love you. Rather, you should have complete trust in your family and close friends.

Business – Today you will get amazing money, it can come from any of your colleagues or business. Maybe, you have a business partnership with a relative, and this money comes from him.

Health – Today you are lucky, your digestive system will be fine, so today you can enjoy anything by eating anything.

Positive – Today is a good day for business. If you want to invest money then do it where there is scope for profit for a long time. Investing in the stock market and property would be fine.

Negative – Today is just your day. You will get a lot, big money from anywhere then why late? Make some big investment. Do not let the money be spent like this. If you invest money thoughtfully, you will also have money left in your pocket to spend.

Lucky Colour: Yellow

Lucky Number: Five

Love – You try to fulfil what you promise. As far as the family sector is concerned, your life will not be a bouquet of flowers, because you always believe in imposing your own judgment on others which may cause differences.

Business – Today is your day. All the plans you made in the past, will be completed today. Your accumulated capital will increase further today. Instead of spending money, focus on earning.

Health – Today you can suffer from stomach related disease, so you have to see the amount of purity in your diet and find ways to improve your dose. You have to rely on juice, leaving chips and fruit and soda.

Positive – It may be that someone will send a big gift to you from abroad, which you were not even thinking of. Your success may make some of your colleagues jealous but your credibility in your field of work will increase.

Negative – Some modern law laws will also have to be adopted for promotion. Along with earning money, also learn to enjoy life. Continue on the path you have chosen. You are going in the right direction.

Lucky Colour: Brown

Lucky Number: 4

Love: You are wearing pink glasses in love – love and this world looks like a magical city to you. In order to go to your partner in love, you are ready to ignore everything.

Business – People will enjoy life by coming to the material things in life. But do not ignore the precious things of life such as family, friends and health in comfort.

Health – Catering has changed your life for good and you have to find ways to maintain it. Today you will consider yourself more energetic.

Positive – You are expected to be very good in nature. If you have been working hard to make a work successful for some time, then you can definitely get the fruits of your hard work this week.

Negative – Though you can go through a lot of stress due to sudden work pressure at the workplace, your art of maintaining balance in professional and personal life can be very useful here.

Lucky Colour: Blue

Lucky Number: Eight

Love – For family happiness, you should be a little tolerant and give importance to others. Try to take full care of your partner, sometimes you expect too much from your partner which is not

Business – Think carefully about the new area in which you are thinking of investing. Whatever happens, your investment will get good results in future.

Health – A long-running disease can bother you today. Right now it may seem a small problem to you, but today if you do not pay attention to this disease, then later it can take a terrible form.

Positive – There are signs of some financial benefit to you today. If you have invested in insurance or fixed deposits with the right intention, then it will give benefits in the long run. This way you can get extra money.

Negative – Your temper can be irritable. Maybe the main reason for this nature of you is the problems going on in your personal relationships. In such a situation, in order to improve your relationship, you need to control your anger and choose your words properly.

Lucky Colour: Orange

Lucky Number: Nine

Love – You can manage to make time for your family from the busy times, so that you can expect a happy atmosphere in your house. You will show your affection only through gifts and material things.

Business – Today you will spend a happy day at home. How long has it been since you have not realized how important your domestic life is. Your mind will spend time staying at home with loved ones.

Health – Today you have to be careful about your health. Ignore the machine-shown workout on TV. Do as you know.

Positive – People who are in business today are going to get some big economic benefit. Also your credibility is going to be maintained. You and your company are going to grow well. Use this change positively at your place of work. New contacts can also be used for this.

Negative – Even if you are not thinking of any way in personal life, at this time some of your friends may need your advice. Financially, this time is likely to be a little expensive for you.

Lucky Colour: Blue

Lucky Number: 1

Love – You love a lot and want the same kind of dedication for yourself. They are very honest about their spouse and expect stability from their partner too.

Business – Today is a great day to enhance your creativity. If you want to increase your creativity then today is a great day. Take advantage of this opportunity and do not let any opportunity to work in a new way be lost.

Health – Today you have to take special care of your food. At this time you should understand that our mood, energy and digestive system all depend on our food. Therefore, the body should always be fed properly.

Positive – Your business is progressing and you know what to take advantage of. Do not deviate from your goal. You are sincere and diligent towards your work, it is known to the front by a glimpse of you.

Negative – An important person may misunderstand you. Be careful and try to explain them in the right way. If this person is your favourite commercially or personally, then you should try your best not to quarrel with them.

Lucky Colour: Green

Lucky Number: Three

Love – Your love will start very fast, even if it ends, it will be in friendship and understanding. If there is a feeling that his partner has taken advantage of and left him, then at that time he is out of control.

Business – Let your inner artist come out today. Your creativity will be appreciated today. Today you will also tell others the way out of difficult problems.

Health – We should meet the physical and mental needs of our body equally. By giving the right and nutritious food, you can fulfil physical needs and having high thoughts in mind, mental needs are fulfilled.

Positive – It can prove to be a great source for increasing your earnings. If you get some help from home, today there are signs of success in any new field. Today is a good financial day for all kinds of people, especially for businessmen.

Negative – Today you need to look at the relationships between you and friends. Perhaps there is a burning sensation among you which can be harmful in the future. Talk to friends and try to find out the reason for this.

Lucky Colour: Red

Lucky Number: Four

Love – Today you will spend a very contented day at home. Today you will recognize the beauty of your family. The support they give will touch your heart. To express your love towards them,
you should do something for them.

Business – Instead of spending money, focus on how you can make your home beautiful with
your creativity. You will also feel refreshed by making your home beautiful.

Health – Today you have to take care of your health, so be careful that you eat food, stay away from smoking and alcohol.

Positive – Today is a very auspicious day to start working on a new plan that you were planning. If it starts today, it is going to get big benefit in future. If you start it, then take it seriously, because if you work hard you will get success.

Negative – Today is a very busy day for you, you will get relief from chronic illness. In the beginning you need to be more alert and careful. Keep in mind, a little carelessness can help the disease to grow again. You should eat balanced food.

Lucky Colour: Red

Lucky Number: Three

Love – You should be a little cautious about the negative nature of your family and friends. This may be a small thing but in the coming times it can cause bitterness in your relationships.

Business – This is the time to focus on the home. Look around you and think how you can make
your environment beautiful. People will be very impressed by your art of solving problems easily.

Health – Today you can switch to vegetarian food. Like it is said in English – Health is wealth.
Today you will feel that eating healthy and light food is changing your life.

Positive – Today, wealth is visible from somewhere. You can also get big benefit from old investment today. Maybe, you have invested in insurance, fixed deposit or something like that for a long time then today you are going to get a big benefit from this investment.

Negative – Today you will be satisfied with your domestic life. You have not been thinking about your domestic life for a long time.

Lucky Colour: Orange

Lucky Number: Seven

Love – Ask your family and friends how they are feeling today. By doing this you may be able to
avoid the troubles.

Business – It is not necessary for happiness that you have fun by spending money outside somewhere. Sometimes even small things in life bring great joy. Spend some good time with your loved ones. These moments will give you great pleasure.

Health – Today you can switch to vegetarian food. Like it is said in English – Health is wealth. Today you will feel that eating healthy and light food is changing your life.

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