Daily Horoscope (12th October 2020)

Positive – During this time, we will try to learn a lot about ourselves by deep self-exploration. You will get to know all about your attitude and personality. You will feel good because you have worked hard to prepare yourself. This knowledge about yourself will inspire you to a new adventure.

Negative – Children will be happy. Work busy will not allow time for family members. Circumstances will improve. Do not be lazy and ignorant. Otherwise opportunities may have to be lost. A respectful relationship will receive spiritual personality, increase in popularity, blessings of elders.

Lucky Colour: Yellow

Lucky Number: Two

Love – Family life can be stressful as the more practical you are, the more peace you experience in married life.

Business – It is the advice of Ganeshji to give too much importance to Bhagya Devi or to leave a huge expectation wrongly. Right now your life depends on etiquette.

Health – Children require special care at this time. Your health power will increase at this time. Because of this the disease cannot be affected quickly.

Positive – Ganeshji says that his blessing is with you today, your wishes will be fulfilled. This is
the time to improve yourself. You can make changes in relationships, home and any other area. It seems that the more you focus on yourself, the more people look at you.

Negative – There is a lot of growth potential. Ganeshji says that even if your financial picture is a bit brighter, there will remain uncertainty about the economic conditions. You will benefit if you make the necessary changes. Overall time is favourable.

Lucky Colour: Green

Lucky Number: Five

Love – At this stage your form is changing and the changes you are experiencing are not temporary. This change has also taken place at the physical level. Everything is in motion Love too.

Profession – There are benefits in the business sector. Planets can achieve desired benefits by applying their energy in the pursuit of progress and development.

Health – Children’s studies and health concerns appear to be mild.

Positive – Financial situation seems to be improving. Vehicle, land related issues appear to be resolved. Jobs – Business takes time. The possibility of traveling abroad cannot be ruled out. Legal issues seem to be resolved. The family atmosphere is in harmony. Overall it is a good time.

Negative – The working class should receive the guidance of superiors. Ganesha recommends avoiding investing in speculative markets for as long as possible. This is likely to hurt you. You need the energy and enthusiasm necessary to complete the tasks.

Lucky Colour: Blue

Lucky Score: Nine

Love – In life, generosity and forgiveness will benefit you. Your conduct will be appreciated by the public. New relationships can be formed.

Business – If you do not control your expenses, you will eventually reach a situation you have
never seen before.

Health – As work responsibilities increase, you will feel less relaxed and more tired. Also, lack of sleep will make you excited.

Positive – Be realistic and also get business travel opportunities. A guest will come to the house. This is a great time for businessmen. Officers will be pleased with your achievements. You will receive new responsibilities and higher positions.

Negative – There will be resentment towards lack of fruit in proportion to your strength, hard work. You have to work hard to get the desired results. Ganeshji advises to avoid wrong expenses of this period. Drive very carefully.

Lucky Colour: Pink

Lucky Number: Eight

Love – If you do not believe in marriage, this time will be complicated. While there is a possibility of disagreements, misunderstandings and disruptions in married life. Will stay away from loved ones and feel sad.

Business – During this time your financial condition will deteriorate. Ganeshji advises you to keep working even if you do not get the desired fruit during this period.

Health – A vehicle handling accident is accidental yoga. Your health will start deteriorating.

Positive – You will constantly be inspired by other people for spiritual upliftment and everyone
around you will benefit from this positivity. This will affect your business as well as personal matters. The search for your spirituality will continue to grow at its peak. This will lead to tremendous spiritual growth.

Negative – You can plan a long trip. Increase your mental strength, courage and willpower. Eliminating wrong thoughts here will remove your unhappiness. As time goes by, you will get relief.

Lucky Colour: Brown

Lucky Number: Five

Love: With the grace of Love – Ganesha, you will get full support from your partner and thus will taste
the sweet fruits of success.

Business – During this period your income will increase and the clouds of despair will disappear. The student class here gets less fruits of hard work. The economic situation will increase in this period.

Health – Health status seems to be improving. And this credit goes to your new thinking and perseverance.

Positive – be involved in higher education or any other art development. You will have more  inclination towards spirituality. God will top your list of priorities. Ganeshji asks you to do some deep research in this direction.

Negative – Be careful not to spend more than income. Job – An opportunity for luck in business. Overall, be flexible throughout the day. Time is progressive. Use caution in speculative cases. The day is busy, but revenue continues to rise. Accountability in public life may increase.

Lucky Colour: Orange

Lucky Number: 2

Love – You have to work to earn a living, and during this time you will make your friends and family feel very far away. You are likely to find a mentor or counsellor.

Business – In the name of improvement, you will closely inspect each item. It is during this period that your enthusiasm for realizing your hopes and desires increases. With the blessings of Ganesha, you will be able to overcome many obstacles in your development.

Health – A request for slow digestion will arise. If you insist a little bit on the fruits and flowers in your diet, then you can get better health without having to face the problem.

Positive – You are now in a position to seek compensation for the hard work that you had
done earlier and did not get the results. You will awaken the material desires and you will see them flourishing. You will be making money wisely in these times. This is a good time for students, teachers, languages.

Negative – There may be more competition than before but at the same time, you will have a more diligent nature which will help you succeed in every exam.

Lucky Colour: Sky

Lucky Number: One

Love – Spend most of your time with someone you love and always look forward to meeting her. In the context of the same commitment and commitment, you will give new heights to your

Business – With the right plan, you will benefit from the financial sector and your nature will be happy. Housing – Land – Vehicles can be the solution to the problems. Your plans will be very clear.

Health – Stomach can be upset. There will be diseases related to gas, stomach. There will be a
possibility of stay in the job. Children will be worried. Health will be poor. Enemy will be troubled.

Positive – There is a possibility of spending in religious activities. Your creative intelligence will
be sharper and your efforts will produce far better results than you expected. So naturally you will get finance and other achievements. You are full of energy and enthusiasm. Get ready to
move forward.

Negative – If you are waiting for your promotion then it is better to abandon the idea of a change
in the situation at this time. You may find unexpected opportunities to enhance your skills and career and focus on it. You may have more workload and work away from home.

Lucky Colour: Pink

Lucky Number: Seven

Love – The quality that sets you apart from people is your generosity. You will not only be concerned about the needs of your individual family but also the needs of the surrounding members.

Business – Promotion is yoga. New business opportunities will be obtained. More work should be done. Success is the sum for the student class. Delayed tasks are completed. Respect and reputation increase.

Health – There may be minor health problems related to the skin, legs and lungs

Positive – Financial activities are likely to increase. You will work diligently in both business and domestic sectors. You will be happy with your own mind. You will get the support of mother and father. Health will be good. Each task will be completed. You will see sudden sum of wealth.

Negative – At this time you can get name and fame with a little extra effort. Problems with your partner in your personal life are also likely to decrease.

Lucky Colour: Blue

Lucky Number: Three

Love – You blame fate in some things. There is a possibility of disappointment in your nature. Let
the family feel safe in your shadow.

Business – By making an important decision by displaying vision, you will be able to overcome a serious disaster of the future. The stronger your business outlook will, you will be ready to face life as a strange challenge.

Health – Your life partner will have some health problems but Jupiter supports that health problems will be resolved in no time.

Positive – Financially you will have a good time. Time factor can cost you a lot. You have enough income, so there will be no problem with the expenses that you face at this time. You can purchase a vehicle or property at this time.

Negative – Continue to see dreams but do not be shy of doing the tasks necessary to make dreams a reality. You just need to work more to fulfil your promise. If you are dreaming of achieving everything in one go, then pause.

Lucky Colour: Red

Lucky Number: Seven

Love – Family happiness increases. Someone in the family suddenly heard the good news. Proximity to new friends grows.

Business : There are benefits in the field of business – management. The mind will be happy. Honour will be respected. Willpower and long-standing legal issues can be resolved.

Health – You can overcome health issues in this period.

Positive – Business people will have a successful time as your business expands and sales and income increase. There is also a chance to get new opportunities in your business which will earn you more money. Freelancers, professionals and artists also have a successful time.

Lucky Colour: Green

Lucky Number: Nine

Love – You will get exceptional help from friends. Ganeshji advises you to control your nature. There is harmony in the family environment.

Business – Ganeshji says that you will fulfil your goals and dreams on a cooperative basis. Good news can be received from abroad. Immovable property can be purchased. Change of job category – prospects of promotion.

Health – You will need to be alert to the health of the mother. They may also have a bad opinion about something.

Positive – You can also go to a new house or new city during your time. Ganesh ji and Se will help
in getting success in home affairs and other matters. You will get unexpected support from one of your family members which will help you achieve success in court cases.

Negative – At this time you will need to believe in your hard work because you are unlikely to get
any luck. These are signs of time being slightly sluggish in working life. You may not get the
results as expected.

Lucky Colour: Orange

Lucky Number: 5

Love – If you try to impose your thoughts on others or criticize others, you will be at a loss. Always keep your mind open to welcome opposing views.

Business – You will get more success and recognition. Your family members will achieve success and at the same time, they will support you a lot. Your friends and your elders will support you more at this time.

Health – Your mother and father’s health will be normal and they will come out of health issues.

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