Daily Horoscope (11th October 2020)

Positive – In this time new doors of economic gain can open. Any important task can be likely to succeed. If you are trying to do something for a long time, then it can be successful in this time.

Negative – Work area can be affected due to unnecessary stress. Therefore, try to do any work by concentrating the mind. Enemies who dominate will be able to do any task in their own way. But do not get into any kind of unnecessary controversy.

Lucky Colour: Red

Lucky Number: One

Love – Get ready to play the new love inning because new love is knocking at your door. It would be better if you put more emphasis on humour in light things instead of heavy stuff.

Business: This is a good time for new adventure with the software industry. Instead of trusting someone else, put more emphasis on your mind.

Health – Your health will be normal at this time. There is no place for any new complaint. It would
be better if you insist more on walking.

Positive – You can increase your chances of getting financial benefits. Situations are going to be favourable from the point of view of realization of wealth and the objective of getting wealth can be fulfilled. There is a possibility of getting support from your relatives.

Negative – If you are a politician, you may have to face many difficulties to get political benefits
which can increase your mental troubles. You may also face opposition from your people.

Lucky Colour: Green

Lucky Number: Seven

Love – The time has come for gifts of heart. New love will sprout in life. However, the situation of riding on two love together can prove to be terrible and harmful.

Business – The sum of realization of wealth is becoming good but try to stay away from any disputes related to property. Otherwise, there may be more problems.

Health – Don’t shed tears, don’t complain … We are responsible for our poor health. Changing the habit of catering, everything will be fine like this, Lord Ganesha gets help.

Positive – If any new work tries to give better direction to the business, it can be successful. Depending on your situation and situation, it can be beneficial to do any work.

Negative – Relationships with parents may improve, but concerns may arise regarding the health of the parents and unnecessary disputes may arise in the family. Depending on the situation, it would be better for you to do any work.

Lucky Colour: Yellow

Lucky Number: Two

Love : Doubting a lover in the matter of love and anxiety can cause huge losses for you. Now go and convince them, keeping your ego on the side.

Business – This is the right time to start a new job. However, with all the homework set foot in the new adventure, it is Ganeshji’s order. Otherwise, at the behest of others, they can be dissolved in damage.

Health – Health will be on emphasis, it will feel as if you have never been sick. Enjoy good fitness and be interesting towards sports.

Positive – If you do a job, you can invest in the property sector or you can use some kind of good investment. So that it can be better in terms of economic. At this time, luck will support you and support of family members can also be obtained.

Negative – Try to maintain mutual harmony with all family members so that your work area is not
affected. Because Rahu is communicating in Gemini, which can create family tension and can cause obstacles in getting the convenience of land vehicle etc.

Lucky Colour: Blue

Lucky Number: 4

Love – You can plan to go out somewhere with your loved one and it is very important to trust each other to maintain a better relationship with each other, only then your love affair can be in a
better state.

Business – Calculative risk can be in your benefit because your stars are in your favour. Employers
can expect promotions.

Health – Concerns about health may increase. Unnecessary headaches, colds, fever or other types of troubles can be more annoying.

Positive – There is a possibility of getting support from the spouse and in-laws. In this time the situation of getting more benefit from the work done by you is getting better.

Negative – You have to be careful in every property related matter, otherwise there is a possibility of some debate about it. You may have to go on a trip all of a sudden, such yoga is being done.

Lucky Colour: Brown

Lucky Number: 8

Love – Conditions are going to be favourable in this month regarding love affair. If you love your lover very much then you may also get an opportunity to express.

Business – If you are feeling short of money to complete a task then at this time you can also take a loan from someone for it. Merchants will progress in their business, this will benefit you and your relationship with your partner will also improve.

Health – Your mental stress will increase. Due to which your health may remain weak. This time is also not going to prove good for your mother as she may face some kind of problem.

Positive – Family problems are likely to go away. You can get rid of all kinds of problems through mutual harmony and coordination. At this time, luck will also support you and you will get good success in your field of work.

Negative – Do not try to run away from the responsibilities, the work done with courage and enthusiasm is becoming an opportunity to get good benefits. If you take responsibility for any task in this time, you can get good success.

Lucky Colour: White

Lucky Number: Nine

Love – lovers can also consider some important tasks and have good feelings towards each other and get each others cooperation in their field of work.

Business – If you were thinking of changing job, then this change will be auspicious during transit in the 9th house of the Moon. At this time, whatever work you do with heart, your success in every task is going to increase.

Health – Health will be good. There will be a suppression of old diseases and pain, but new ones can knock and this is the fruit of your modern lifestyle.

Positive – The conditions are going to be favourable for outward journey and married life. If you want to travel outside you can get success. If you want to take this journey commercially, you can still be successful. Having a good relationship with a spouse can lead to a better situation.

Negative – You have less trust in yourself and more trust in other things. So your work may get worse. In this case, try to make decisions by yourself and do any work responsibly.

Lucky Colour: Silver

Lucky Number: Seven

Love – At this time, the circumstances regarding married life are going to be stressful. Spouse is less likely to get support. Due to mutual ideological differences, a situation of being away from each other can arise.

Business – If you are going to do any transaction of the property then do not do this work right now because there is a possibility of dispute in it.

Health – This time will not prove good for father, his health may decline. So take care of them and consult a doctor if necessary.

Positive – As well as a householder, you can perform better in your field of work. Problems on the child side will be less. Situations are favourable for getting children or writing the education of children, etc. You may get an opportunity to do something new or you can also get an opportunity to do some auspicious work.

Negative – Your problems may increase due to your mind being more distracted. You will delay in taking any concrete decision due to which your troubles are expected to increase.

Lucky Colour: Black

Lucky Number: Four

Love – Make every effort to maintain a good relationship with your spouse. So that the conditions of your married life can be strengthened and you can get better direction in any task.

Business – Traders are likely to make a good income in their business. At the same time, it is advisable to the occupation people that they should not depend more on their colleagues to complete their tasks otherwise the work may be delayed.

Health – problems of gas indigestion, etc. will also be disturbed time and again. In this case, be aware of your health.

Positive – Have good feelings towards the parents, and serve your parents because the parents service removes all kinds of problems and their blessings always remain. With his blessings and support you can succeed in dealing with all kinds of problems.

Negative – It may happen that unnecessary dispute of any kind can increase troubles. So try to stay away from any kind of disputes. Keep trying to get better coordination with everyone in the family.

Lucky Colour: Orange

Lucky Number: Seven

Love – A bad relationship with your spouse can also spoil the relationship with your in-laws and your outward journey can also be affected. So make every effort to maintain a good relationship.

Business – Do not invest property-related funds as unnecessary disputes may arise. Due to which you may have to bear financial loss.

Health – Any type of stomach related disorder can occur at this time. In addition, you may also find problems related to the heart.

Positive – Try to do any work decided by yourself. Try to take all the family members along with you by keeping confidence in yourself. So that all kinds of problems can be overcome and you can get good benefits.

Negative – Try to curb the exchange of money. Do not exchange money with anyone unnecessary. Try to do any task by relying on yourself so that you can get financial benefit.

Lucky Colour: Green

Lucky Number: Five

Love : Conditions are going to be favourable regarding love-love relationship. Mutual harmony with your loved ones can be better, due to which you will see an increase in your love relationship.

Business – If you do a job, you can try doing side business. Because the conditions are favourable in this time which can be better for you in terms of economic benefits.

Health – If you put more emphasis on fruits and flowers, it will help to keep your health healthy. However, at this time you do not see any major health related problem.

Positive – Situations will be favourable regarding child side. If you are doing a course related to writing, then you can get good success in it. You can get better benefits in terms of career. If you do the job, chances of getting a position are good.

Negative – During this time your mental troubles can increase to a great extent. Therefore, in these days, it will be prohibited for you to do any important work.

Lucky Colour: Sky

Lucky Number: Two

Love – If you love someone, it is necessary to take time for that. So that both of you can see an increase in love affairs. If you love someone very much, you can also express him in this time.

Business – By improving mutual harmony with all the family members, there will be a possibility of getting support in your areas of work which will open the way for you to get financial benefits.

Health – Where you have eaten everything, filled it in the stomach with a chill and this attitude needs to be changed only then your health will be perfect, otherwise keep going around the hospital.

Positive – Earth will get good opportunities to get benefits, but traveling may have to be more for work. Due to which you may have problems but it will serve the purpose of getting your financial benefit. You can get good benefits from your areas of work.

Negative – Family problems are likely to increase this month. Unnecessary disputes can cause the balance of the house to deteriorate. Due to mutual differences, there may be a conflict with each other, which will adversely affect the situation in the family.

Lucky Colour: Blue

Lucky Number: Three

Love : You can share your thoughts by discussing your lover as a life partner according to time because it is creating a better situation for your love affairs.

Business – If you want to do a new task, then do not try to do it in this time, try to run whatever work you have so that you can get good benefits.

Health – You are walking the balance of business and health and this will be the secret of your fitness. Right now there is no problem of health 

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