Daily Horoscope (10th October 2020)

Positive – New plans will start. Have fun with family only by your efforts you will gain popularity and social respect. Your wishes and ambitions will be fulfilled. Capital investment is likely to benefit. Your confidence will increase.

Negative – There will be doubt about the success of the work. Take advantage of opportunities to increase strength, avoiding superstition and maintaining peace of mind. Things are good at the moment and there will be some opportunities, but the cost and difficulty remain.

Lucky Colour: Red

Lucky Number: Three

Love – Love affair or new love bond are formed. In this period you will give priority to intellect over emotion.

Business – The period is the sum of economic growth for administrators. Schemes will bear fruit in government work. There will be enthusiasm in the mind, which will speed up the work. Time will pass in tasks. Business will progress.

Health – You should be careful while driving and also avoid junk food.

Positive – Increasing relationships with dignitaries will increase self-esteem. Mental satisfaction will be satisfaction. Children will progress. You will get the result of what you have done in the past. Yogas are being formed. The economic situation will improve. Strong confidence and conviction will solve difficult

Negative – During this period, your thoughts are likely to be negative. As you begin to think about what you are not and go into the depths of each subject, but incorrect plans will bear fruit. You start seeing the bad side of good-natured people. Your anxiety may increase at this time.

Lucky Colour: Yellow

Lucky Number: Four

Love – Family members will get support. There will be a sense of stability in life. The feeling of cooperation towards the brothers will increase.

Business – You will get pleasure from getting material success. You can try new ventures so that your income increases. You will be pleased with your personality at this time.

Health – In this period, your main concern will be family health matters. Instead of worrying about problems, engage your analytical brain in search of solutions to problems.

Positive – Important decisions at this time will help you improve your financial situation. This period will be financially auspicious and successful for you. If you plan keeping both the aspects of income generation in mind, you will not have to suffer loss.

Negative – Do karma by believing in your karma. The number of enemies will increase. At this time due to the movement of the planet, there will be more financial expenses and loss events and if you do not know then you will fall into the pit of loss.

Lucky Colour: Green

Lucky Number: Nine

Love – Tension is likely to increase in family life. Therefore, Ganeshji advises you to pay special attention to your family members. Your intelligence and logic are likely to make the business successful. But the use of intelligence in the family will not do well.

Business – How to strike the right balance in the professional and personal fields with the grace of
Ganesha. You will get entertainment by combining business and pleasure. The previous conversation, which is still incomplete, will be completed successfully.

Health – Do not be careless about your health at
this time. Accident – Beware of injury. You will be
troubled by a minor illness.

Positive – You will take care of many of your loved ones, especially the elderly and the sick, who need you. Ganeshji promotes this feeling of yours and wants you to move forward in this noble cause. Good luck with your new approach.

Negative – Businessmen will face troubles. There will be future concerns. There can be nuisance with children. Get less fruit with your hard work. You have to work very hard and the facilities are less.

Lucky Colour: Black

Lucky Number: Two

Love – It will take time to choose the right character, but eventually you can get the support
of family and relatives in this regard.

Business – You will be able to create new creative ideas and find a way to move forward. At this time help has to be taken for the achievement of one’s important work.

Health – Your mental state will be excellent and
upbeat. Feel the excitement and excitement.

Positive – There will be economic satisfaction. The pace of work will be favourable. Understand the importance of mutual relationships. Your reputation in the society will be increased by the work of children. However, not all of your tasks are completed on time at this time.

Negative – One of your mistakes can cause opponents to dominate you. You will be solving family problems wisely. It is possible to receive a gift. Students should pay adequate attention to study. You will worry about debt.

Lucky Colour: Brown

Lucky Number: Five

Love – The good thing is that you can make time for your family. Family will receive love and affection from you, you will receive positive love and warmth from them.

Business – Every good thing does not always need to be perfect. At this time your pocket will be light and it will take more time to receive money. Try to solve unresolved questions and improve your skills in office work.

Health – Disputes will arise without cause and mental trouble. Questions will be raised about children such as study, health, travel etc.

Positive – By using time you will be able to reap financial benefits in various ways. There are some opportunities for progress. Your children’s questions are cause for concern. It is time for renewal and can be home decoration. Your attention will go to your children and employees.

Negative – Ganesha’s advice during this time is to reduce unnecessary expenses. Daily tasks can be disrupted in dealing with the whole situation. Travel can happen. Be able to adapt to the situation but will take time. Social status will improve with this scope.

Lucky Colour: Red

Lucky Number: Four

Love – You will be ready to enter the world of love by choosing a partner during this period. The effect of eclipses will help in keeping your mood balanced and harmonious.

Business – You will try to refine the idea of building a dream house. You are expanding. Ganeshji guarantees that you do not change your standard of living by seeing other people, and it becomes difficult to continue this change throughout your life.

Health – There will be no health complaints at this time. However, dieting you with sweet food
here will prove to be most beneficial.

Positive – Strong confidence and conviction will also solve difficult tasks. There will be prosperity in the family. During this time your inclination towards spirituality increases. You will get the
fruits of old works.

Negative – Understand the importance of defining. Try to work lazily by doing more and on time. The day will be moderately fruitful. During this time your mental state will be very strong. On one hand your mood will end, on the other side new hope and enthusiasm will arise.

Lucky Colour: Blue

Lucky Number: Eight

Love – You will be able to find your love in your life. Also you will be getting happiness from your

Business – Looking at your planets you have to focus more on preserving your financial position. The revenue you make will try to maximize the profit to some extent.

Health – Ganesha recommends additional health care during this period. Restrain dieting due to
stomach problems.

Positive – You will come out of frustration, anxiety and despair, your mood will improve. Your position is looking financially positive. You have to reduce costs in front of income and if you look at everything and organize it, it doesn’t matter.

Negative – The more you think about stress, the more it will increase, not decrease. Enjoy the present. Do not worry about the future. Loan assistance is readily available. As the days pass, your situation will worsen.

Lucky Colour: White

Lucky Number: Two

Love – Domestic conflict will increase mental troubles. You may become unbearable with spouse. There is a possibility of a rift in the love affair.

Business – You will go on to meet a variety of lofty goals. Nevertheless, your practical side will force you to face the struggles of everyday life.

Health – Health deteriorates and treatment of the disease will be seen for a long time.
Therefore, special caution is required in catering.

Positive – The journey will be successful and enjoyable. Some of the wrong costs will go up, but eventually you will be able to plan a business trip that you have been waiting for a long time. Your efforts for children seem to be successful here.

Negative – There will be minor disturbances or events affecting the brain due to surrounding
areas such as family, relatives, friends, colleagues etc. You don't have to be hurt by this. All these questions are only short term and with the grace of Ganesha all will be solved in a simple way.

Lucky Colour: Orange

Lucky Number: 5

Love – Suddenly your house will be transformed into a battlefield as the burden of responsibility rests on your delicate shoulders. Work on new projects and adventures with incredible energy
and enthusiasm.

Business – The benefits of this period will increase your income and enrich your financial condition. During this period in the workplace, nothing is to be done wrong with your hands.

Health – The health of the child or family is likely
to deteriorate. Do not neglect your health.

Positive – You know your long term goals and this reflects your positive mindset. Ganeshji says that you are feeling well now because you have learned to balance family and career in life.

Negative – Your problems will only get worse rather than solved at this time. One by one, unexpected financial worries will appear to worry you. This time may not be particularly auspicious and favourable for employment.

Lucky Colour: Orange

Lucky Number: 7

Love – Ganesha asks you to take control of your ego and anger because it is also likely that by now the time has come to lose what you have got in love.

Business – This time is a great and busy time because every object will pay attention at the same time. Friends, colleagues and finances will be for you. You will be able to overcome your weaknesses very well.

Health – You will not get mental peace during this period by watching the movements of the planets. At this time, behave very thoughtfully. Unexpected health loss may occur.

Positive – It is time to start working on desires and dreams. Your internal development is sufficient, and you understand its importance and want to maintain it. It makes you more altruistic and makes you feel responsible towards society.

Negative – Develop your skills, says Ganeshji. At this time you have to take care of both family and finances. Now, concerns about this may increase. A decent little family can give a shit, and it can be financially connected. But Ganeshji does not feel that you are unable to handle the

Lucky Colour: Green

Lucky Number: Three

Love – Increase ability to work harmoniously with other people. The creative power within you will come out. Luck will be with you. You will get relief from mental stress and you will feel

Business – In this period you have to accept that your dreams and your expectations are not excessive. There is no need to worry about your children’s questions at this time. Every child’s
work hopes for progress.

Health – While warning about accidents, injuries, Ganeshji says to travel a short distance. The cost
of business travel also seems to be increasing. Don’t feel comfortable with your new ideas or
steps or plan.

Positive – Naturally, you will feel satisfied, and it will give you more energy than you imagined. By the grace of Ganesha, your confidence is also increasing. If you do not get the time you need, you have to swing between success and failure.

Negative – You have to take proper care while dealing in financial matters.

Lucky Colour: Blue

Lucky Number: Two

Love – You are emotionless so you are acting with love. This will make you more attractive to people. You are helping others by remaining safe in your beliefs and attitudes.

Business – Your work will be appreciated by the authorities. Ganeshji advises you to be extra cautious at the business location during this period. Flexible conditions are designed to enable you to increase your income.

Health – The more you are free from anxiety, the more stress and turbulence will increase. Still do not give up. After some difficulties, a favourable time will come.

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