Why is Rakshabandhan Celebrated? Know its Story and Importance

The festival of Rakshabandhan symbolizes the bond of selfless love of brothers and sisters. Rakshabandhan is a festival celebrated for years and even today this festival of brothers and sisters is celebrated with love. The sister blesses her brother's protection by tying rakhi in her brother's hand. This festival has special significance in Hinduism. The brother gives a gift to the sister, at the same time the brother also promises to protect his sister.


Story Of Rakshabandhan


It is said that the festival of Rakshabandhan is associated with Mahabharata. Lord Krishna had killed Shishupal. During this time there was a lot of bleeding from the finger of his hand then Draupadi tore a piece of his sari and tied it to Krishna's finger. This stopped the bleeding from Lord Krishna's finger. It is said that since then Krishna had considered Draupadi as his sister. Since then till today Rakshabandhan is celebrated on the full moon day of Shravan month

The second story is connected with Rani Karnavati. It is said that when there was a conflict between Muslims and Rajputs. When Rani Karnavati, the widow of the king of Chittor, had sent Rakhi to Humayun for her protection, seeing that she and her people should be protected from Sultan Bahadur Shah of Gujarat. Humayun then defended Rani Karnavati and gave her the status of his sister.


Importance Of Rakshabandhan 


On the day of Rakshabandhan, Brahmins change their Janoi. Fishermen worship the sea with coconuts. Rakshabandhan is a festival celebrated by people of all religions. This festival is special for brothers and sisters.

Rakshabandhan festival symbolizes the sister's affection for the brother's development. Man has been living in fear of someone since he was born, and where there is danger, there is security. The spirit of defense is strong and intense. Before Kunti went to the battlefield, Abhimanyu was tied and given rakhi for such protection. In Hindu society, sisters tie rakhi on their brother's wrist and want all kinds of protection.

This festival is to know the mind of the brother, to perform the transaction ritual, to give some gift to the sister according to one's power, and to fulfill the right of the sister to receive anything from the brother. Things that are given and taken or money is a secondary thing, it does not matter, more than that it is necessary to increase love between siblings.


How to Celebrate Rakshabandhan 


In our country, the festival of Rakshabandhan is celebrated with joy. Getting up early in the morning on the day of Rakshabandhan. Both the siblings should do a bath, the sister should prepare the pooja plate and at the right time should tie the rakhi on the brother’s wrist and feed him sweets and at the same time give her a gift from the brother, and the sister should bless the development in the brother’s life.

The importance of Rakshabandhan is explained in the scriptures. Rakshabandhan is mentioned in many places in religious texts. It is believed that the effect of Rakshasutra tied in the auspicious moment on the full moon day of Sawan month is very powerful. Talk to astrologers to know more about the moment of Rakshabandhan and the story.

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