When is the Diwali in 2021, its Rituals, Story and Muhurat

The Festival of Diwali is one of the most celebrated festivals in Hinduism. This festival holds a special position for various reasons. The festivals last for 5 days, and each day has the significant importance of worshipping different gods and goddesses for various reasons. This year Diwali 2021, will start from 1st November. The Diwali festival is also known as Deepavali and it will be celebrated on 4th November. And the Deepavali 2021 is indeed special because it will fall into the most positive chart of the planet system, which will bring great luck and happiness.



The Rituals of Diwali


The festival of Diwali comes with a lot of blessing and happiness, each day is devoted to a different god and goddess. Some rituals need to be done on each, there are proper chants, elements, and processes that need to be followed on each day for the puja. The Puja on each day differs somewhat from each other, the first day is about devotion to god for power and new beginnings, the second day it is worshipping goddess Kali for protection, on the third day there is worshipping of goddess Laxmi for luck and fortune. On the fourth day, there is a prayer for happiness to Lord Ram, Laxman, and goddess Sita. And on the fifth day, it is a prayer for new beginnings. There is also one more sixth day as it is the festive day for the brother and sister bond and lifelong happiness. Each day has a story related to it and its importance forever.



The Story of Diwali Festival


The Festival of Diwali has keen importance in Indian culture because this festival celebrates many ancient stories and victories of God and Goddess, like the Vadh of Mahisur by Kali, and Ravan vadh by Ram. The story and festival revolve around God Ram where he and his brother, and wife come back to Ayodhya after defeating the demon Ravana. And the day they came back is celebrated as the joyous festival of Diwali by lighting candles, burning Firecrackers, and decorating houses, temples, and doing Rangoli. The day has a rich idea of the victory of Good over evil spirit. In all the stories whether it is Goddess Kali, Lord Ram. Or Laxmi, the motive behind every story is to protect humanity, kill evil spirits, and the new beginning of happiness with a fortune in their lives.



The Muhurat for the Festival


In every festival Muhurat, the proper timing is really important. In the festival of Deepavali, there are five days of prayers and rituals, where people worship the god for many different reasons. But the people should also know the rituals of the festival, if you don’t know much about the rituals then it is best to talk to an astrologer, they give your proper guidance and the proper timing on the day where you can do the Puja. If you do the Puja in the correct Muhurat where the planet's system brings positivity and joy, you can greatly benefit from it and make your efforts worthy. If there is anything special you want to do in these rituals then talk to astrologers, tell them about it and get the proper guidance for the benefits of the Puja.  



Blessings From Diwali Festival


The festival of Diwali gives a lot of blessing, happiness, and new beginnings to people's life. If you want to start something new or want to give your life a new direction, this is the perfect time for it. By taking down all the negativity, problems, and obstacles in life, we wish happy Diwali to you and your family for the upcoming journey of life.


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