When is Dhanteras 2022? Know the Auspicious Time and Importance of Worshiping Dhanvantari

When is Dhanteras 2022? Know the Auspicious Time and Importance of Worshiping Dhanvantari

Every festival has its own importance in Hinduism. Diwali, Dussehra, and Dhanteras are some such festivals, that a person is waiting for as soon as the year starts. Diwali begins on the day of Dhanteras. Dhanteras is a festival celebrated on the Trayodashi Tithi of Krishna Paksha of Kartik month. From this day the festival of Deepawali, which lasts for five days, begins. Lord Dhanvantari and Kuber, the god of wealth are worshiped on the day of Dhanteras. This year Dhanteras will be celebrated on 23 October 2022. The five-day festival of Deepawali begins on this day itself. Dhanteras Shopping for gold, silver, and utensils is considered very auspicious. 


Auspicious Time of Dhanteras 2022


Auspicious time for Dhanwantri Puja - 23 October 2022 till Sunday, 5.44 PM - 06.05 PM.


Significance Of Dhanteras 2022


Dhanteras is a festival associated with wealth and prosperity. According to the scriptures, Dhanvantari was born on the day of Dhantrayodashi and hence this day is worshiped as Dhanteras. That is why it is called Dhanvantari Jayanti or Dhan Trayodashi. To this day it is considered a law to buy utensils, gold, silver, etc. It is believed that Dhanvantari is an incarnation of Vishnu. According to the legend, when Dhanvantari appeared from the churning of the ocean, at that time he had an urn filled with nectar in his hand. This is the reason why there is a tradition of buying utensils, gold, silver, and jewelry on the day of Dhan Teras. Worshiping Dhanvantari and Maa Lakshmi on Dhanteras increases prosperity. On this day, a lamp is donated for Yama Dev during the Pradosh period. It is believed that by doing this the fear of premature death goes away from the mind. Dhanvantari is also considered the god of medicine.


Dhanteras Worship Method


On the day of Dhanteras, there is also a law to worship Kuber, the god of wealth, and Goddess Lakshmi. Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Kuber should be duly worshiped on this day. First of all, by laying a red cloth on a wooden post, install the idols of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Kuber. Offer the same Roli, Akshat, flowers, garlands, etc. Offer white sweets to Goddess Lakshmi. Perform aarti of God by lighting an incense lamp. With this, Goddess Lakshmi and Kuber, the god of wealth, please the devotees and bestows them with happiness, prosperity, and opulence.


Story of Dhanteras


Once upon a time, Lord Vishnu was coming to visit the earth of death. Then Lakshmi Ji also requested to go with him. Then Lord Vishnu said if you obey me, then I can take you with me. Goddess Lakshmi Ji accepted his request and she came down to earth with Lord Vishnu. After some time, reaching a place, God Vishnu said to Goddess Lakshmi, you stay here until I come. I am going south. you don't come there On the departure of Lord Vishnu, Goddess Lakshmi thought that after all what is it in the south direction that I have been forbidden to go there and God himself went there. Goddess Lakshmi did not live and as soon as God grew ahead, Goddess Lakshmi also followed behind. After going a little further, he saw a mustard field, which was full of flowers. Seeing the beauty of mustard, she was mesmerized and started adorning her with flowers.

On going a little further, he saw a sugarcane field. Goddess Lakshmi broke the sugarcane and started sucking its juice. At that very moment, Lord Vishnu came there and being angry with Goddess Lakshmi, he cursed her that I had forbidden her to come here, But he did not listen and committed the crime of stealing from the farmer's field. Now you serve the farmer for twelve years in return for this crime. Saying this the Lord left them and went to Shirsha Sagar. Then Lakshmi Ji started living in a poor farmer's house.


One day Lakshmi Ji told the farmer that you first take a bath and worship the idol of Goddess Lakshmi made by him first and then make a kitchen, then whatever you ask her, you will get it. The farmer's wife did the same. Due to the effect of worship and the grace of Lakshmi Ji, the farmer's house was filled with food, money, gems, gold, etc. from the very second day itself. Lakshmi Ji made the farmer full of money and grains. Then the farmer's twelve years were spent very comfortably. After twelve years, Lakshmi Ji was ready to leave. When Vishnu came to take Goddess Lakshmi, the farmer refused to send her. Then God told the farmer who would let them go. Laxmi is fickle, it doesn't stay anywhere. Big could not stop them. She was my curse, so she was serving you for twelve years. Your twelve years of service have come to an end. The farmer stubbornly said I will not let Lakshmi Ji go from here.

Then Lakshmi Ji said farmer you want to stop me, so do as I say, tomorrow is Dhan Teras. You clean the house by coating it. Keep a lamp of ghee in the night and worship me in the evening and Putting money on a copper urn and keeping it for me, I will reside on that urn. But I will not be visible to you during worship. I will not leave your house for a whole year with just one day's worship. Saying this Laxmi Ji was spread in ten directions by the light of the lamps. The farmer did the worship as told by Lakshmi Ji. His house became full of wealth. For this reason, Lakshmi Ji is worshiped on every Teras and people celebrate the festival of Dhanteras during Diwali.




Lord Dhanvantari and Lord Kuber can be worshiped and their blessings can be obtained from the auspicious time on the day of Dhanteras. You can know the auspicious time by consulting astrology phone consulting.

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