The Essence of Kali Chaudas 2021, Muhurat and Festival Ritual


The Essence of Kali Chaudas Festival




The festival of Diwali has great importance in the Hindu religion. The festival has five days, each day is celebrated in honor of God-Goddess. These years the festival of Diwali will take place on November 1st, and every day is named after a different God or Goddess. The second day of Diwali is celebrated as Kali Chaudas in the Honour of Goddess Kali. The Kali Chuadas 2021 will take place on November 3rd. These days people worship Goddess Kali by doing Puja. The Goddess is known for removing the negativity and evil spirits from life. 



The Muhurat For Festival


For any festival where you worship the God or Goddess and do the Puja, it is important to do it in a significant Muhurat, which means in a time where the planet system is positive and will bring good luck to the new beginning and rituals. The Goddess Kaali is a protector of evil and dark magic. By worshipping the Goddess, you can remove the black magic happening to your surroundings and in your life by following the proper rituals of worshipping. There is one big question about how to remove black magic. The Goddess Kali is a mother goddess who takes care of her children from evil. By doing puja, you have to chant the prayers properly and remove all the negativity from your mind and burn down in the fire of puja. It is done by the person itself. You need to talk to an astrologer for help in the puja. 



The Rituals For Kali Chaudas


The Rituals for Puja of Kali Chaudas are not ordinary like other rituals, it needs to be done with care and proper guidance of an astrologer. There are some dos and don't for the rituals of this day. First, put sesame seeds with rice and ghee in the prayer. And put the kajal in your eyes to take out all the negativity and evil spirits from you or near you. And one of the most important things is strictly avoiding putting your leg or touching any suspicious thing on the road because this puja is done all over India. So, people take away their negativity from their house and put it outside, and it is advisable to stay from it. And if there is something particular that wants to get rid of it from life, then talk to an astrologer about it to help you with the extra things needed in the rituals. 



Blessings From Kali Chaudas


These days hold great importance in the festival of Diwali. It protects from evil, black magic, and negativity. For Kali Chaudas 2021, if there is any specific puja you want to do for the betterment of your life, then talk to astrologers for help and guidance, which gives you proper instructions about the rituals. And wish happy Kali Chaudas. Hope this day takes away all your worries and problems from life. 



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