What is Grahan Dosha in Kundali Remedies to Remove Grahan Dosha

What is Grahan Dosha in Kundali Remedies to Remove Grahan Dosha

What is Grahan Dosha?

Grahan, in Sanskrit, means Eclipse and Dosha means fault. This implies that Grahan Dosha means Fault in one’s Kundali pertaining to Eclipse. Grahan Dosha happens to those whose birth is during Eclipse – Lunar Eclipse or Solar Eclipse. Grahan Dosha is a situation where the Sun and Moon co-exist with Rahu and Ketu planets in the same house of one’s Kundali. There are 4 different possible situations that can occur.


a. Co-existence of Sun and Rahu in the same house
b. Co-existence of Sun and Ketu in the same house
c. Co-existence of Moon and Rahu in the same house
d. Co-existence of Moon and Rahu in the same house

The effect of Grahan Dosha will differ from person to person depending upon the positioning of these planets. Our Astrology consultations can help you figure out the situations as per your Kundali so that you can relate them to your life happenings and work on their solutions. 


Effects of Grahan Dosha:


  • Everybody’s life is framed depending on the positioning of planets in his/her Kundali. For Specifically Grahan Dosha, the positioning of Rahu, Ketu, Sun, and Moon plays a significant role. Grahan Dosha can have some adverse effects on one’s life. Some of them are as below:

  • There can be frequent and consistent financial losses in presence of Grahan Dosha in Kundali.

  • Even if due to some yoga, there is financial gain, it will not remain for a long time. It will go away by some other means.

  • Professional and career-based achievements also become very difficult.

  • Negative emotions and feelings will not be in control. There will be a steep graph of anger, overthinking, tensions, anxiousness, depression, etc.

  • It becomes difficult to manage situations because of the aggressive and revolting nature.

  • There is disrespect towards elders and any advice or suggestion received from anyone would be taken negatively.

  • Everybody would seem as if they are against you.

  • There will be a lack of trust and bond in every relationship.

  • There will be an unstable and wavering mind.

  • Anxiety, stress, overthinking, and depression will take the charge of your life.

  • You will feel something wrong in anything others do.

Remedies of Grahan Dosha:


To remove the negative effects of Grahan Dosha, certain measures should be taken into consideration. Some of them are:


  • Reciting Gayatri Mantra 108 times a day will be helpful if there is Grahan pertaining to the solar eclipse. Jaap of Surya Grahan Dosha Mantra can also be a solution.

  • For Chandra Grahan Dosha, doing Pooja and donating to needy and poor people on Mondays will be helpful. Chanting Moon Mantras can also give relief from Chandra Grahan Dosha.

  • Giving jaggery to Pandits of mandir on Ravivaar can also nullify the effects of Grahan Dosha related to the Solar Eclipse.

  • Keeping Surya Yantra or Chandra Yantra at your home can prove to be effective in removing the effects of Grahan Dosha.

  • As per any expert astrology consultation, stones can be worn, touching your body, in form of rings or pendants.

  • For Solar as well as Lunar Grahan Dosha, worshipping their respective Gods can prove to be fruitful for destroying the ill effects of these Dosha. Lord Vishnu rules the Sun and Lord Shiva Rule the Moon. Hence, doing the Pooja of Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva will help in eradicating the Grahan Dosha effects.

  • Those who have Chandra Grahan Dosha can also try having turmeric milk with honey on the night of Purnima. It provides coolness and reduces the effects of the Dosha.

  • And those having Surya Grahan Dosha should consume water filled in copper vessels. 


Every person has a unique Kundali and different positioning of planets in his Kundali. These various combinations can create numerous effects on one’s life – both positive and negative. Certain situations in these Positions are faulty, which can create Dosha in life. These Dosha can have heavy negative effects on lives which can be harmful. It is very important to study Kundali to find out if there is any Dosha and if there is any, it should be treated with immediate effect. Our Astrology consultations provide the services of studying Kundali, identifying Doshas, if any, and providing remedial solutions for them. Implementing these remedies can nullify the evil effects of the Dosha and make your life easier and better.

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