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Reasons For Business Failure And Get Tips For Business Success From Astrology

Reasons For Business Failure And Get Tips For Business Success From Astrology

The means of livelihood are very important in the life of every person. Along with business being a livelihood, there is also hard work and capital in a person's life, so a person always tries to make his business run smoothly and get progress in it. But sometimes due to bad luck or bad energy around, there is a loss in the business, sometimes the situations are not in the control of the person, and even after continuous efforts, the problems keep hovering over the head like a whirlwind. If there is a loss in your business too, then keeping in mind the things mentioned in Vastu, you can get rid of the problems in the business and get progress again.



Astrological Reasons For Business Failure



Weak Sun Affects Business


When Sun is weak in your Kundali then it can be the main reason for failure in your business. If your Sun is good and well established in houses related to business then you should do business related to products like - wheat, saffron, orange, poison, etc. Also, if you want to know the signs of a weak Sun in your horoscope, then you can read that you will also know the signs and symptoms of the Sun.


Role of Venus in Business


According to business predictions, Venus or Shukra has an important role to play in family/business finance matters. The first thing you need to do is check the line of Venus in your hand if it is full and long then it is appropriate for you to do business. Also, you can refer to the article on the effect of Venus in Kundali to read more thoroughly about its effects on a person's life.


Pitra Dosha


Pitra Dosha can be a major reason for the loss and failure of your business because Pitra Dosha can affect your business and this loss can make you a big debtor and even bring you on the road. Check your Kundli using our free prediction feature and if you find any symptoms which suggest that you have Pitra Dosha in your Kundli then get an online Jyotish consultation before starting any business with a partner.


Effect of Mars and Saturn


Mars and Saturn are the two main aspects in your horoscope that define whether you should start a business or not. You should not start a business when Mars and Saturn are not in a suitable position in your horoscope. Expert astrologers suggest that you should find out the astrology behind failure in business and never ignore your horoscope.


Palm Size


In astrology, we see many such things which are related to human life and one of the main points is the hand. Your Kundali is almost made by your hand. You should go for business when the palm of your hand is square. This sign is very lucky for those who want to start their own business with a partner.

Mantra to remove failure in business

“ऊँ शं शनैश्चराय नमः।“

“Om Shan Shanaishcharaya Namah.”

This mantra will help you to improve your business status.


Astrological Remedies for Failure in Business


1. Avoid salt on Friday


When you are facing continuous loss in business and you are in debt and debt then try to avoid salt and food-related salt on Friday it will help you in business.


2. Donate food related to salt


Try donating some food to homeless girls of 8 years or below 8 years of age. Be sure to give them food that is salty in some way. Donate food to girls on Saturday, this will help you to get quick results. This will help you to get strong Mars and Rahu.


3. Keep your thinking positive before going to work


This mistake is made by many individuals who want to start their own business or individuals who are running a business, the problem is that they always work with negative and discouraged mindsets. You should always make yourself calm and positive before going for any big task. Temple is one of the best ways to fill yourself with some positive vibes and peace. Try visiting a temple before going to your work.


4. Remedy for Pitra Dosh


As we told you above Pitra Dosh can harm your business and affect your business a lot so it is important to treat it. So the first thing that you need to do is that you have to start with some basic methods to fix it. The best way is, you have to take a copper coin and then you have to find water which is not stagnant, for this method running water or a lake would be better. Then you have to float that coin in that water.


5. How to get rid of debt


Debt is very harmful to any business and every business owner does not want any kind of business debt in their business, but due to various situations and reasons, many businesses end up in debt.

The method we are going to discuss in this is that you should go to worship Lord Shiva on Monday and worship him with the method we are going to tell you.

The method is to mix one glass of water and one spoon of milk and one spoon of honey and offer it to Lord Shiva, do this every Monday it will help you to grow in business.


6. Worship of Lord Shiva


Try to worship Lord Shiva every Saturday by taking a coconut with you and after the worship donates that coconut to homeless people. This will improve your business and increase business.

Those who want to start a business or facing problems in business should try this method.


Everyone thinks of starting a business at some point in their life. But many of them fail due to one or the other reason, some astrological reasons may also lead to failure in business. There are many astrological reasons behind business failure which have a bad effect on business. If you have been facing repeated failures in business, then you can take astrology predictions from an astrologer.

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