Birthday Astrology


From September 21, 2020 - September 27, 2020

By Astrologer Nastur Bejan Daruwalla

Birthday Cake

21st September​

The weekend may be over, but you’d like it to be a social day anyway. The weekend’s excitement has a lingering effect and you’d like to have fund and stand out among your friends again.

Birthday Cake

15th September​

Early – morning antics may be left over from a bad dream, but later in the morning you’ll be happy with a pal or neighbourhood buddy, all feeling strong yet stabilized by tonight.

Birthday Cake

16th September

Relationships may present problems that include power struggles or resistance. But there’s a chance for self-improvement that can lead to rectification of troubles and a higher path before you.

Birthday Cake

17th September

Whatever’s going on behind the scenes or in private gets to look good with helpful companions during early evening, but watch that it doesn’t  turn into polarized or separate positions after that.

Birthday Cake

18th September

Ganesha says you’ve got to have intensity to get the job done today, but even if that leads to anxious emotions, keep focused on your ambitions and don’t squander your energy.

Birthday Cake

19th September

Take a leap into local or social activities that come up suddenly and sound exciting. There’s space to be a free spirit and enjoy love with a child, romance on a new level, or thrilling self-expression!

Birthday Cake

20th September

If you’re a creative person, speak your mind or show your work. People will be enthralled with your ideas and dramatically interesting words. Are you pursuing romance or child-play?