Birthday Astrology


From January 25, 2021 – January 31, 2021

By Astrologer Nastur Bejan Daruwalla

Birthday Cake

25 January

There is the promise of a reward from your workplace today, most probably a huge bonus. Work sphere is very good today and you could make tremendous gains if you exploit new ideas or circumstances cleverly today itself. Take care of your body, giving it adequate rest and nourishing food. 

Birthday Cake

26 January

Health remains stable, There may be minor ailments due to seasonal changes. Financial situation remains good but it would do you well to stop unnecessary expenditures especially for today. Your friends might coerce you to make decisions about today that you’re not interested in, stand your ground firmly and proudly as today is your day and you have to have it your way.

Birthday Cake

27 January

Today is exceptionally good as you experience good health, zest for work and increase in fame. Health remains good this year and you will experience a general state of well-being. Your Domestic atmosphere is peaceful and happy for most part today as everyone will come together to make your day special. 

Birthday Cake

28 January

Self-confidence receives a boost and work picks up a pace today. Today is all about being productive and being overly happy about that. You may register an increase in your income today as well. You should steer clear of matters that could result in a dispute between you and your partner. It will be a drain financially and is bound to take away your peace of mind. 

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29 January

In regards to your finances and professional life as well as your personal life, you will be achieving some extraordinary highs. There will be some amazing gains in business today. Today seems to be favorable in all possible ways, so make hay while the sun shines. You are likely to attain the fulfillment of one major wish today.

Birthday Cake

30 January

There will be definite improvements on the health front today. Professionally, there are chances of public recognition or an award coming your way today. The transit of Jupiter today is indicative of good company, financial gains and progress in business hence a great day awaits you today.

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31 January

You may experience sleep deprivation today and whatever sleep you do get is not restful as you’re likely to be very tired but in a good way as you spend the day being social and enjoying with your loved ones. There will be an increase in your social status and a gain of respect among members of the community today.