Aries ( March 21 - April 19)


28 November 2020

Positive – It can be good for you to take responsibility for any task and to be sympathetic towards any task. If you do a job, the chances of getting a position will be good. Your relationship with relatives is likely to improve.

Negative – Due to physical laziness, the area of ​​functioning can be affected. You may see a decrease in courage and enthusiasm, but good efforts are being made to gain wealth through physical efforts.

Lucky Colour: Brown

Lucky Number: Three

Love – For the happiness and peace of the family, the life partner will pay his full duty. During this time, due to the excess of work, the partner can be stressed, in such a way that you can make them feel good to some extent by supporting them.

Business – Your effort can give you good success. There is a possibility of getting support from your siblings and favoured friends. This time, the sum of buying buildings, vehicles etc. is good.

Health – There is a possibility of staying physically healthy. Some kind of injury can happen. Traveling outside is likely to be good.