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Main fear


Donald Trump has called others who differ from him as “Enemy of the People”. The same words were used by, Maximilien Robespierre, Henrik Ibsen and Joseph Stalin, the Soviet dictator who sent hundreds of thousands of alleged “enemies of the people” to their deaths. I want to play it fair and square.

We all know that very recently Trump has fired FBI Director James Comey for the simple reason that he could not stomach him. This is theme edge of the wedge. It shows a horrible inner compulsion of a total distaste to be opposed in any way. Mentally it spells doom. In American language Trump is a nut case. Bigotry is the second name of Trump.

Saturn the planet of disappointment, despair, death may not allow him to complete his term. This according to me is a very strong possibility. The months for it are June, December, September and March in particular. My last word is Trump must learn to be farsighted, poised, balanced and supremely tolerant. In modern times nobody can get away with murder. It is very obvious that as a professional fair minded impartial astrologer I can have nothing personally against Trump.