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Big Boss Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla looks after you.

Get Lucky Dates:-

I'm of the school of thought that luck is a frame of mind. Sure, there are strokes of luck we've all experienced. Out-of-the-blue kind of stuff that seems completely and randomly lucky. But on the whole, I think luck is a lot like the law of attraction. If we feel lucky, expect luck, and look for luck - then luck almost always follows us.

The Roman philosopher, Lucius Seneca once said: "Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity." That really is true. One way to prepare for luck is to line up our activities on optimal days according to our zodiac signs. With that goal in mind, I've made a list of lucky days for zodiac signs. The idea here is to coordinate our choices and actions with days that resonate the best for us. Is this an end-all-be-all guide to what we should do on a given day?

Certainly not But, it is a nice reference. It's never a bad idea to stack the deck in our favor. If one day holds more potential for good outcomes than another - then why not take advantage of it?

Astrological Highlights in your horoscope
Effects of ascendant, moon sign, etc. planets
Astrological Analysis of your situation
Specific Answer to your query
Astro Advice
Remedial suggestions like gemstone, yantra, etc.
Important planetary influences in the near future

I will need your birth date, birth time, birth place, currently what you are doing (short introduction of yours) and the questions that you are having. Additionally you can send the photos of you and your palms. I will answer your questions, will give you personalized predictions and will suggest you remedies(SOLUTIONS - I will suggest you which Gemstone / Rudraksha to wear, which Lord to worship, Yantras, Pujas, etc.).

You will get 1000% personalized answers and reply on the basis of your birth details.

If you have any queries than you can email me: info@bejandaruwalla.com or call on 09825470377 (India) / +91 9825470377 (Out of India) for more information on this.

I will give 60 years of experience in seeing your horoscope and guide you properly.

Delivery Policy:

I will reply to you in 48 hours. Once you receive the predictions, if you have any follow up questions than you can email me back and accordingly reply will be given to you.

For any kind of astrological query ,you can call or email on.