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Big Boss Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla looks after you.

Mumbai Mirror | Sep 14, 2016 At 86, Bejan Daruwalla's bond with Lord Ganesha is as strong as ever. According to the renowned astrologer, Ganesha says that the situation of world is going to improve by at least 25 per cent from October 2016 to October 2017. Crimes, tensions, stress and all the ill health are going to come down. On this positive note, Mirror put across five questions to the soothsayer about the most loved elephant headed god....


Middle East Uprising Predicted

Our Ganesha devotee predicted the Middle East Uprising as early as October 13, 2009. Here is positive proof of it. Ganesha says the greatest good of all the people is the aim and target of Bejan Daruwalla’s life.

In Bejan’s 2010 horoscope, Bejan had said on page 9, Ganesha agrees, that the mantra, Observe! Observe! Observe! Is mighty true of both, writers and astrologers. In this piece World Horoscope, which, I am writing on June 3, 2009 I have observed that Saturn will be in Libra, Western astrology October 13, 2009 to October 5, 2009. We may expect the following happy results for the world:

1) The poor, the downtrodden, the weak will find prosperity and peace. Justice will be done to them and that to me is of vital importance.

2) On page 10, 2010 horoscope, Bejan had foretold

A new world order

Ganesha claims, there will be a new and certainly more just and fair and equitable world order replacing our present state of affairs. Why? Saturn in Libra will be in square or bad and ugly formation with Pluto in Capricorn. “The main result of this will be the end of tyranny and brute force all over the world.” Pluto opposed Saturn October 1942 to June 1945. Hitler the tyrant and dictator fell. Therefore based upon what happened in the past I have tried to have a peep in to the future

The 2010 book, was in the market 2009, October. The life of these astro books is ONLY A YEAR. The Middle East uprising and Gadaff’s death is the proof of the predictions.


Barack Obama

Let me tell you a secret. Obama subconsciously expects India to help him personally, America in general, and the world at large.This is my intuition, my gut feeling.

Ganesha says Obama, is a man of destiny. He was born on August 4, 1961. The number 4 has played a pivotal or important part in the history of America.

1. The Declaration of Independence of America was on July 4.

2. Thomas Jefferson (author of the Declaration of Independence) died on July 4.

3. President James Munroe (famous for the Munroe doctrine) died on July 4.

In other words, America has a strong link with the number 4. The year 2011, by addition comes to the number 4. Therefore, America and obama will be the prime movers and shakers of the whole world. Number 4 symbolises Uranus. Uranus symbolises revolution, radical ideas, tsunami of freedom, science, aviation, electronics, NEW and DIFFERENT MODES of both, communication and transport and publicity and news and views and messages. A brave new world for sure!


Sachin Tendulkar

Tendulkar was born on April 24, 1973. His planet the sun was in the 4th degree of Taurus. The Interpretation by degree Speciality, Rick Klimokh is “A POT OF GOLD AT THE END OF A RAINBOW. Hopefulness, Inspirational belief. Renewal of resolve.” This 1995 prediction was amazing on two counts.

The first was the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, meaning thereby that at the end of his career he will be immensely rich. The second was, the renewal of resolve. We all know that our darling Tendulkar had many major health problems and body repairs. His greatness was, and is, in the courageous resolution to countinue with hope determination courage. My lord and Master Ganesha says that from 2010 – October 6, retire. Yes I have met him more than once.

Sterling qualities balanced outlook, thorough knowledge of every aspect of the game, make him a real role mode.l In short a great cricketer of absolute integrity. To me there can be no greater praise than that denoted by the word INTERGRITY. May 2008 will be great for him.


Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan possibly India’s best actor was born destily but born march 14. Call it coincidence or destiny but the first ever talking Indian film was on March 14! Aamir is a Piscean. Pisces is under the control of Jupiter and Neptune actually mens imagination inspiration images therefore Neptune is the boss planet of films.

The degree for Amir Khan is 25 Pisces. It shows a crown and an upright sword. It mens a great things. His mind will be upright and sustained by faith. It is a degree of victory. It certainly confirms that Aamir is made for greatness and glory. But in his personal life sorrow and misunderstanding will be his shadows. I wish him well. He deserves it. Possibly his finest year will be 2010. He is the jewel of India.


Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh khan was born on November 2, 1965. The interpretation of his degree is “the king of the Fairies returns to his domain. Entering a new realm searching for the “true home'' or real center. Renewed vitality versus fantasy. I had then given my own Interpretation of it in the 1995 book. I have said I see this finely turned actor in film which fuses reality and escape and that film will most certainly make him immortal.

My conclusions are shahrukh wants to be well centred in life, he has tremendous inner reserves of strength and vitality (this is very true of Scorpios), and he has the rare gift of fusing or merging fantasy and reality. Both Shahrukh and Amitabh Bachanan have Jupiter planet of popularity and good-luck in the emotional sign Cancer. A very big plus point. shahrukh has the mount of moon and Venus powerfully developed near his wrist. Moon means the masses. Venus symbolises all the arts. Therefore a feather in his cap. Shahrukh great survivor as scorpio is a fixed sign. But healthwise he should take the greatest possible care from October 5, 2012. As early as 1995 I had warned him about it in my Annual horoscope. May Allah and Ganesha both go with him.


Mukesh Ambani

Ganesha says the great secret of accurate prediction is in the art of synthesis, that is, combining different methods Mukesh Ambani. The gaint of industries was born on April 19, 1957. The number 19 stands for the sun the king of the planets. In the the Tarot card it means great victory and joy.

April Corresponds to the sigh of the pioneer and leader. Adding it all up it becomes obvious that he was born to be a force to reckon with. All the readers born on April 19 can take a leaf out of the notebook of Mukesh .The degree of Mukesh, western astrology is 29. It means “Lofty ideals, great powers, realising goals famous children, successful enterprise yearning for hire harmony.” By Western astrology two more features are prominent, namely, definite danger of accidents, and fear of losing control over himself and others. Mukesh is man with a vision 19-4-1957 comes to 36 =3 + 6 = 9. Both the compound number 36 and the single number 9 are lucky. His wife Nita is a Scorpio. Synthesis all of it I must do my dharma of telling them that October 2012 to December 23, 2014 may be trying and difficult in more ways than one. At the same time it is quite possible that I may go wrong and nothing bad will happen. I am a ganesha devotee, very positive, and they deserve the best.

I have met their father Dhirubhai twise by invitation. I had said in Face to Face, BBC that Dhirubhai was big and he would become great. But I had also warned him about taking great care of his health. The rest is history. I am one year older to Dhirubhai and Ratan Tata were both born on December 28. May Ganesha bless Mukesh and Nita.


Anil Ambani

Anil and Tina Ambani make a very powerful pair. Both are airy signs Anil June 4, Tina Feb11. On the sets of Desh Pardesh I had an astro-numero session with both, Tina and Dev Anand. Tina was born on feb11. She is a strong Guju. She teased me, “Look well, Bawaji or I will come after you! I am Happy to say that I had told her great things.

Anil should be good in communication, knowledge skills, display, organization and paradoxically managerial ability. Saturn in Capricorn by western astrology indicates that 2008 should be good for him. Despite the turbulence in the stock market, he should do well. Anil's degree is 12 in the sigh Gemini. It means expressiveness, charm, Bluntness. Pushing social limits. Restlessness and active and dominating and yet hesitant. It is paradoxical. 2008 will have a direct link with 2009, financially and emotionally. It will turn out well. Very surprisingly the tough period for Anil and Tina is the same as that for Mukesh and Nita, namely October 2012 to December 23, 2014. Let me however make it absolutely clear that the bad period for these four will be only relatively tough. They are blessed by god and god alone is the supreme astrologer. The best thing about them is that they are great force for public good.Mukesh is an Arian. Jupiter the planet of power and plenty will be in Aries 2010 –2011. The going will be excellent.

Ganesha says, let us add numerology to the mixture of astrology and the tarol card. The name Ambani comes to a (1) m (4) b (2) a (1) n (s) I (1) = 14 The number 14 means interaction, union, success, Fast, thinking good result but also changes in Partnership.

The number 14 means interaction, union, success, Fast, thinking, good results but also changes in Partnerships,deals, relationships. It shows success with a certain need for caution. The great positive force of the number 14 is mighty versatility. Today we are fascinated by genetics. I paid very speacial attention to the Headline on the palm of Dhirubhai. It was straight as a ruler. And ran right across the palm. It meant initiative, tremendous organisation and managerial ability, a quick grasp of situations, and above all the knack of getting things done efficiently. Yes, these qualities have been passed on to the two sons. That is what makes them what they are.


Dhoni Delight India

Ganesha says, the whole cricketing world knows and acknowledges that, Dhoni attained a year ago not only the Number 1 positive in the ICC ODI Top 10, But became the quickest and the fastest to achieve it, knocking off the great Brian Lara’s previous record. Runs count. Runs have universal language.

Dhoni is mighty successful as an ODI captain. It is the Jupiter- Saturn combination in libra which is directly responsible for dhoni's twin abilities: (a) Dour defence ( Saturn) (b) powerful strokes ( Jupiter). Finally Rahu in the powerful, aggressive sigh Leo gives a sledge- hammer force to this drives and sixers. Dhoni has his sun in the 14th degree of cancer. The symbol is a bright star which flashes and sparkles in a deep blue atmosphere. Gracious Ganesha, What a perfect symbol for Dhoni? It is obvious that dhoni is a fine Captain.

Where does Dhoni go from here? Till 2011 Dhoni should have it made. Paradoxcically in 2010–2011 he could achieve his greatest ambition in life also. Therefore I say mixed results. Real life is Sun and shadow. Dhoni should be there till 2016 or 2020 Please remember cancerians are very tenacious. Example Ganguly and Gavaskar. Dhoni is good for India and that’s what matters.



Ganguly is in the news with a courageous 87 in the Test against South Africa. Ganguly’s sun is on the 16 degree of cancer. The title is a MAN LIKE A HERCULES STANDING OVER A SLAIM LION.

It shows a person of tenacity, strength of purpose, who by extreme power will over come everything. He will have to Contend will much in life but finally .he will overcome everything. The lion will be slain. It is a degree of CONQUEST. How very true it is about Ganguly. Ganguly was able supported by Dhoni. Both are Cancerians.

Trump will slump into a Dump

(Your Ganesha devotee keeps an open mind. He therefore openly admits that he could be wrong)

By Bejan Daruwalla

Ganesha says Trump will slump into a dump. Why? High velocity ego. Rigid. Insular. Hatred of migrants, media, misinformation. Terribly insecure. At war with his own self. A split personality right down the middle.

These are not wild accusations. Firstly it is my gut feeling. That’s most important for a psychic, astrologer, spiritual master. The gut feeling according to me is the mind, the inspiration, the imagination, the ESP speaking through the stomach. There is immense immaturity, lack of poise and balance. Great aggression and hatred in the very personality of Trump. This is what I have observed, noticed, felt, recognised every time I see him ram his ideas and opinions down the throats of others. To me this is reprehensible, un-American and certainly not becoming a President. In short he is a man with heavy blinkers on both the sides.

Trump was born on June 14. The tarot card of number 14 shows a lady pouring water from one vessel to another vessel. That means a flow of energy from one side to the other side. As this energy flows there will be balance and poise. The card itself is named as temperance. Temperance means moderation and patience and evaluation in all the activities of life. This is most certainly absent in Trump. It is this imbalance which causes psychological damage to him. For example this damage is reflected in the decision of Trump to miss the media dinner date fixed by the glitzy White Correspondent’s Association annual dinner. (27th February 2017, Times of India)

I do not wish to go into the technicalities of his horoscope because people may not believe in astrology and secondly technical aspects are boring. But the symbol of Gemini is the twins. Therefore it is a dual or double bodied sign. Double bodied sign is more likely to split. And that I know is the case with Trump.

In astrology Pluto signifies the devastating energy of the atom bomb. Mars also shows combative aggression. Both these combative planets are right at the top of his chart. It means double aggression, attack, irritation, authority, dictatorship, bullyism and most certainly no respect and understanding of the hearts and minds of all those who differ from him. In other words Donald Trump just does not have an open mind, a tolerance of opinion different from his and a singular belief that he alone is right and others are evil. He calls others who differ from him as un-American. He is insular to the point of no return.


Donald Trump has called others who differ from him as “Enemy of the People”. The same words were used by, Maximilien Robespierre, Henrik Ibsen and Joseph Stalin, the Soviet dictator who sent hundreds of thousands of alleged “enemies of the people” to their deaths. I want to play it fair and square.

We all know that very recently Trump has fired FBI Director James Comey for the simple reason that he could not stomach him. This is theme edge of the wedge. It shows a horrible inner compulsion of a total distaste to be opposed in any way. Mentally it spells doom. In American language Trump is a nut case. Bigotry is the second name of Trump.

Saturn the planet of disappointment, despair, death may not allow him to complete his term. This according to me is a very strong possibility. The months for it are June, December, September and March in particular. My last word is Trump must learn to be farsighted, poised, balanced and supremely tolerant. In modern times nobody can get away with murder. It is very obvious that as a professional fair minded impartial astrologer I can have nothing personally against Trump.

Shree Ganeshaya Namah

Designer Babies are the hope for humanity

By Ganesha Bejan Daruwalla (Ganesha Speaks)

Ganesha says, “The child is the father of the man” is what we all know. But now the new saying will be, “Designer babies are the hope for humanity”. Why and how?

We are right now in the Aquarian Age. The Aquarian age stands for science, technology, new modes of thinking, connectivity, surgery, artificial intelligence, flying cars, the ability to control nature and above all our own evolution through revolution.

A case in point is Designer babies. Designer babies have much to do with genes and embryo. These babies will be free of disease. They will be intelligent, not retarded and defective, without dementia and diseases. More importantly the attributes and characteristics we want to give them will be there for the asking. In other words something like a new model for a car, or a face lift. In other words we can pick and choose what we want our child to be.

Astrologically also the time is ripe. By Western astrology from October 11, 2017 to November 8, 2020 Jupiter the planet of prosperity and good luck will be in the sign Scorpio. In simple terms Scorpio is directly associated with life – death – regeneration. Life means the child as it is. Death means the end of the line. Regeneration means the child reassembled, resurrected and actually made new and different. And this is what the biologist and experts of genetics are trying to do as you are reading this piece. Therefore by astrology its surprisingly enough also fills the bill.

Your former 87 years old professor of English realises too well that massive problems of ethics, moral conduct, integrity are involved in this. Hitler with his master race theory still sends shivers down our spine. But as an astrologer of more than 80 years of experience I have had parents coming to me and being utterly miserable about children who are retarded, defective, unable to fend for themselves. Two of my own children are not exactly normal. Therefore I know where the shoe pinches. If we can improve the conditions of these innocent but helpless children in any possible way it is our duty, our dharma to do so.

Cynics, dogmatic persons, perhaps a few religious heads will disagree with me by saying that we have no right to interfere with the course and sap of Nature. But let me quote just one example. The present mighty aviation industry owes much to the former test pilots who experimented with aeroplanes at the cost of their own lives. Nothing ventured nothing gained is certainly true. Times have changed. The race of life must start on an equal footing for all the children. That is the crux. We can at least try to change the sorry scheme of things entire and bring it nearer the heart’s secret desire to quote Omar Khayam. Let me put it all in another way. We are all energies powerful and capable of creating a better and brighter world. To me at least nothing but nothing in the world is more important than the development of a child. The child needs the soil of security, the air of curiosity and the waters of love. But above all the child needs to be normal, active, intelligent, brave and honest. All these attributes are now possible to be given to the child. If we do not do so generations to come would be more than welcome to whiplash us into ignominy, shame and defeat. In short I am trying to say we are human beings. We can be demi Gods. We now have the technology and the ability to go to the end of the line – and even beyond. Yes we have the power to meet God and Mother Nature in all Her abundance and variety. Let us do so.

Shree Ganeshaya Namah

The Birth of Colours

By Bejan Daruwalla

This happened billions of years ago. I am talking about the birth of colours.

There was this savage with rippling muscles, disheveled hair, broad of beam (chest), standing tall and straight on top of a mountain. In his hands he held a dead young woman, light, willowy, almost musical hair streaming down her unimaginably thin beautiful face. She was a vision of beauty, wonder and light. She was seemingly light as a feather or a leaf.

Obviously she must have been his mate because he was howling and yelling and shouting abuses at the high heavens because of her death. Actually this savage was challenging the skies to do battle with him instead of the dead woman. He said, “if you have the guts why don’t you fight with me. Why do you have to take away my mate? Why do you have to take away my heart so brutally and ruthlessly. Come on skies! I challenge you to fight me to the death. If I win will you make my woman come alive? If I die it will be my privilege to be with her forever. She is not only my beloved. She is my honour. She is my life. I will have the sweet satisfaction of dying with my beloved.” He again yelled, “Come on you cowards. Accept my challenge”.

Lightning flashed, thunder roared, rains poured in almost metallic heaviness and power. They literally struck the savage down and pummelled him to the ground in one big heap. It was an awful sight. The blood ran down the mountains but it was not only red. There were numerous colours to the heap which poured down the mountains – black, blue, green, violet, indigo, pink and all the other shades which are present today.

Till that time white was the only colour. Now we talk of multi colours and love and say that love is a many splendered thing. We can all say, “Thank you sir savage”.

Shree Ganeshaya Namah

The Cross

By Bejan Daruwalla

We all know that Christ was crucified on the cross. Terrible.

But what happened to the cross? Forty years ago I met an American psychic and this is what he had to say about the cross.

The cross was so heavy that nobody could lift it. The cross somehow or other lay in the woods. It was not noticed by anybody because the woods were dark and deep. We do not know how and why but one day a child living in the woods saw the cross. Children are curious and want to explore everything. Therefore the child went near the cross, saw the cross and was tempted to lift it to see what lay beneath it. The child lifted the cross, so effortlessly and so easily as if it was a toy.

A great light enveloped and embraced the child. The tilted cross remained still at an angle. The child clapped his hands in sheer glee and happiness. Then the child danced around the cross. Finally the child kissed a part of the cross.

Children do not rivet attention on anything. As easily as the child had come to the cross, the child left the cross. The cross slowly sank to the ground and laid there softly. The child went to the parents happily and naturally.

I asked the American psychic how did he come to know of it. He blushed and said, “Bejan I was that child”.

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Shree Ganeshaya Namah


By Bejan Daruwalla

Ganesha says blue is the colour of yoga. As we all know very recently Yoga Guru Ramdev Baba concluded on International Yoga Day with the creation of 23 world records, including Guinness World Record for ‘Largest yoga lesson at a single place’ at GMDC ground in Ahmedabad where 54,522 people performed yoga.

Just for curiosity what does astrology have to say for this world record? Astrology simply put is timing. It means the right person at the right place at the right time. Yoga is about balance, peace of mind and yoking things together. All these 3 attributes are the speciality of the sign Libra by Western Astrology. Right now as I am writing this piece, Jupiter the planet of good luck and prosperity is in this very sign Libra. Therefore it activates and stimulates or if you like charges the mobile that is the sign Libra. The colour attributed to Libra is definitely blue. Let us now fuse astrology with psychology as in the Luscher colour test.

According to the psychological Luscher Colour test pure blue symbolism is the “silence is the proper condition of beauty, like the calm of the untroubled sea”. The book further clarifies, “Derived from the Sanskrit, the Pali word Nila has been given to the special dark – blue colour advised as the most suitable environment for the purposes of meditation. The German word for the basic biological mood represented by dark – blue is Gemut. There is no English equivalent conveying exactly the same meaning, but “sensitivity of feeling” comes close”. In fact “blue is the blissful fulfilment of the highest ideals of unity, of at-one-ness, a reunion with Gaea, The Earth Mother. It is truth and trust, love and dedication, surrender and devotion. Blue is the timelessness of eternity, representing tradition and lasting values, and so tends to perpetuate the past. What is there left to say?

Shree Ganeshaya Namah

How Women Can Heal The World

By Bejan Daruwalla

A characteristically angry woman gives birth to a son. She beats him. She abuses him. Not that she doesn’t love her son but just that it is her way of bringing up a child. The son, often feeling humiliated and insulted, looses all the faith in goodness. He grows up to become a thug. He has no notion of earning money any other way. His mother used to beat him up if he didn’t do as she say. Now, he beats people if they don’t do as he says. For him, there is no other way a problem can be solved. He gets married. A year into the relationship and he starts hurling abuses at his wife for denying him sex. His two beautiful daughters are often beaten up. Not that he doesn’t love his wife or children but just that… it is his way of bringing up a family.

Our initial judgement of such a man would be nothing less than that of a ruthless dog. Why shouldn’t it be? Isn’t he a rapist/terrorist in making? He should be behind the bars, isn’t it? But will this solve the problem? Is putting all the rapists/thugs/terrorrists in jail the solution? If it is, who gurantees the fact that there wouldn’t be any newbie rapists/thugs/terrorrists in making?

There is a solution – a permanent one. Only if women can train themselves to look a bit deeper. While most of a man’s mistakes are active in nature, a woman’s faults are passive. For example, the culprit in the above situation is not just the man but also his mother. Yet, how would most people think of the thug’s mother? They’ll pity her. They’ll sympathize with her. In Indian context, she will be referred as an abhaagan maa – The one with a bad fate.

But one look from a higher vantage point and it becomes crystal clear that the abhaagan maa very well had the choice. The choice to raise her son in an enviornment of emotional security and sensitivity. But she chose not to. Why? Because hatred was her very nature and as we all know, hatred breeds more hatred.

A woman who raises her son in peace, provides a sense of security to all the women her son comes across. Such men become favourite bosses to their female employees. Such men make the best of husbands and are undoubtedly, lovely fathers to their daughters. It is all-inclusive kinship. As gender partners, we women are connected to each other, whether we acknowledge it or not. The thug’s mother had as much part in her daughter-in-law’s misery as the thug.

Women need to understand that the only time a woman really succeeds in changing a man is when he’s a baby. A good man doesn’t just happen. They have to be created by us. Most mothers unwittingly train their sons to be terrible partners. Most moms keep pampering or giving in to the unreasonable wishes of their sons without demanding respect. The son learns that there wouldn’t be any stoppage to his needs in any case, no matter how badly he behaves. Raja beta becomes a husband and applies the same rule to his wife. After a year or two, he fails to understand the demands of a wife. If love was a ‘one way street’ with mom, why can’t it be the same with wife? Why does she complain of stinky socks on the bed when the mother used to ‘silently’ pick them up and wash it?

The total contribution of women in the oppression of other women is more than that of men, rape and domestic violence included. A woman who has been raped or beaten to death is one in many. A woman who has been subjugated and tormented by her mother-in-law is everywhere around you! Women make half of the world. Women are ‘equally’ to be blamed for all the evil in the world. To say that men are responsible for all the dirt is to take a closer call at escapism.

Good men are scanty because we as mothers failed as mothers. Terrorists, abusers, thieves, gangsters and hooligans are not born to aliens. They are born to women. It is we, who ‘equally’ flopped in our roles. We taught our daughters karate to fight the bad boys but failed to teach our sons about decent sexual behaviour. Thus, it would be silly and immature to term a man a dragon of all sorts. No wonder, we not only gave birth to our sons but took an equal part in the making of rouges.

We do need men, good men, to love and yes, to take care of everything. We can’t deny that. The world doesn’t need feminism or masochism. We don’t need Mahila Mandals or Mard Mandals. If there is anything that we need, its love and understanding from the other sex. However, love and respect aren’t something that comes to us by being deep dung in TV Soaps. To command sensitivity, we need to shower sensitivity. At a quite early stage. When a man is a child. If hatred breeds more hatred, so does love breeds more love.

Shree Ganeshaya Namah

The fragrance of thorns

By Bejan Daruwalla

My grandfather told me, “You and I are born lucky. The reason is very simple. You have to go to the Ganges and take a dip for liberation. But we were born on the banks of the Narmada. We only have to look at the Narmada to achieve salvation. That is the greatness of our Narmada which flows through our Bharuch. Therefore throughout history people have said, “Namami Devi Narmade”. It means we bow in loyalty and devotion to the mighty Goddess River Narmada.

My grandfather narrated a great story connected with the Narmada. I am merely recounting it for you.

When my grandfather was 20 years old, he saw a big fat balding white man sitting in a small tent surrounded by dense thick forest. A few people were also sitting by his side.

This white man plucked out a big thorn from a nearby thorny bush and said, “This thorn can prick you and make you bleed. But this thorn can also help you to remove a piece of glass, or a stone, or a dangerous matter embedded in your flesh and thus give you relief. This thorn is like the kind cruelty of the surgeon’s knife. Kind because it can take away the material in your flesh and give you relief. Cruel because it will cause you temporary pain as the knife goes in.” Life itself is like a thorn or a surgeon’s knife. No pain no gain. AMBITION IS NECESSARY IN LIFE. IT IS GOOD TO BE RICH AND FAMOUS. BUT TO DESIRE MORE AND MORE THINGS AFTER A CERTAIN POINT IS NOT GOOD. We call it as, “NOTHING TOO MUCH”. In other words moderation is the key to happiness. My thorn will help you to control your greed and selfishness for more and more. That is the real purpose of this thorn.

“If anybody is in any sort of pain for any unfulfilled desire, I can help him to get over the pain. I can remove the thorn of desire, so to say, and thus give him relief and solace.” He further clarified. He cracked a joke. You can call me Mr Thorn. The name stuck.

Just by looking for a minute at my grandfather, the white man said, “two of your children died at birth. You built a bungalow but it was not to your satisfaction. Today also you are hurting very badly because of this.” My grandfather was amazed but he nodded a yes. The white man then plucked out a thorn from the nearby bush and just touched my grandfather’s chest with it. He then told my grandfather to do the “Atash niyaas” the fire prayer of the Parsees, for 45 days. My grandfather assured me that on the 45th day itself all the pain that he had stored just vanished.

My grandfather also said that he had seen him pluck a thorn from the bush and place it on the chest of quite a few people and gave them different remedies for relief. The white man said desire for the good things of life is certainly necessary for progress and prosperity. But when this desire becomes too much and eats away your entire life I have the capacity to remove it and make you free from the pain of incomplete desire. For example he told a young woman to best forget her lover because he was not worth it. He told the woman just look at the Narmada for five minutes for 15 days. You, yourself, will find out the reason why of his unworthiness for you. She did as she was told. On the last day she saw the face of her lover. The head had serpents instead of hair and a knife instead of a nose. She got the message. To an old man he said, “you have stolen jewels of your brother. Return it now, beg his forgiveness and in just a year your guilt will go away. Feed the poor, the hungry and the helpless forever.” The old man did as he was told and was free from guilt and thus at peace with himself. All these episodes were completely verified by my grandfather.

My grandfather visited him quite often. When my grandfather was 60 years old the white man died. His face was as peaceful and calm as a placid (cool and quiet) lake or stream. No tensions, not even a wrinkle anywhere. The burial spot was flushed with a pale, transparent light.

Three years later my grandfather took me by the hand and led me into the forest. He pointed at the thorny bush. The bush of thorns emitted a soft, seductive, sweet and very calming scent. I can only compare it to the scent of the garden after a rainy day.

Dear readers if ever you go to Bharuch you can go to the forest and perhaps the perfume of roses from the thorny bush could overwhelm you with delirious delight. Worth a try.

Shree Ganeshaya Namah

Astrological Gold

By Astrologer Ganesha Bejan Daruwalla

    • Planets
    • Mercury
    • Venus
    • Jupiter
    • Saturn
    • Mars
    • Senses
    • Vision
    • Touch
    • Smell
    • Hearing
    • Taste

If you have a great sense of smell it means your Jupiter is powerful. In the same way if you have a great sense of touch it implies that your Venus is vibrating. This will help you to know yourself a little better. That’s what astrology is all about.

Sun: Life, hope, honour, fame, status.

Saturn: Responsibility, duty, form, integrity, spirituality, tradition, death.

Jupiter: Growth, riches, expansion, weight, religion, good cheer and joy, exuberance.

Mars: Action, courage, war, sports, desire, sex.

Venus: All the arts, entertainment, love, pleasure, harmony, beauty.

Moon: Reproduction, domestic and family affairs, imagination, moods, feelings, surroundings, water.

Uranus: Technology, inventions, intuitions, change, science, the new order of the world.

Neptune: Dreams, prophetic visions, extra – sensory perception (ESP), marine life, occult influences and matters, drugs.

Pluto: Power, death and regeneration, violence, blood – shed, transformation, hidden things, dictatorship, terror, tyranny.

Chiron: Bonding together, healing, helping, setting free, curing, saving, the key to making people free.


Your Ganesha devotee firmly believes that natural or artificial waterfalls bring good luck. Flowing energy is happy energy. * Clutter can be the mark of a genius or a hopelessly disorganised person. Therefore, as a rule it is better to be tidy. In any case, it creates a good impression. * The incense, “Dhoop”, “Loban” with the vessel carrying small red coals all over the house. * Making rangolis and Parsee designs of lucky colours outside the door and threshold. * Putting the symbol of Ganesha, Swastika, OM, Asho Farohar, the laughing Buddha. * Never keep chipped or even slightly cracked or broken idols, glasses, cups, saucers, vases, even though theses might be a very beautiful or old. Old is not always gold.

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