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2012 – End of the World?


Ganesha says,in the book, my devotee Bejan Daruwalla, who is now 81, deals with the future of the world. He has my blessings. My Bejan says that this 21st century will be the BEST in the history of mankind. Why? The reason is technology will marry humanity. My Bejan keeps an OPEN MIND, laughs at himself, admits he goes wrong from time to time. The world is the playground of my Bejan. He is my child. Allah / Zoraster / Buddha / Christ love my Bejan. The reason is my Bejan believes in EK ONKAR, all faiths are one. Bejan is positive, knowledgeable, intuitive, experienced, and sincere. In short, his scope and canvas is both, wide and varied.

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Bejan’s Message

“We live in a corrupt, cynical and capricious world. Even than I predict, in the name of Ganesha, that the 21st century will be the best, biggest and the brightest in the history of mankind. That, in essence, is what the book is all about”. Page: 162

The first 41 pages are a dream or to be more precise, a nightmare sequence of disasters, fires, earthquakes and asteroids, smashing and destroying the world.

From page 42 Bejan launches away with the beginning, “All the oppressed, suppressed, depressed of the world will find justice between October 2009 to December 2020, thanks to Saturn. THIS IS GREAT, HEARTENING, NEWS. Be it Tibet, or the land taken away from the Arabs, or, for that matter, the right of the Parsee women even if they are married to non-Parsees, or the rights of the aborigines, any other injustice, will find a just, fair solution. This is the heart of the matter, the crux” Bejan first said it on page 9 in his 2010 book. The 2010 book was written in 2009, because these annual or yearly books have a life of only one year.

We have seen the overthrow of tyrants in Egypt, Libya. Bejan openly admits that many times he goes in a slight trance and does not realise the full impact of his predictions. He also says that from time to time he goes wrong. The simple reason is, he is human after all. He does not claim any greatness. He is humble like the great and mighty Hanuman, who bows with folded hands.

There is an astro thriller, “The Case Of The Stolen Ruby”. 12 months, therefore 12 signs or rashis. All the 12 rashis or signs are totally different and therefore react differently and very dramatically. The Ruby gets stolen. Detective John Grey, formerly of Scotland Yard, is specially called to find out the robber who stole the ruby. The ending is surprising. Bejan is an astrologer who can laugh at himself. The ending has a twist. This one act play can be transformed into a full fledged drama. Each sign can have numerous attachments, relationships, motivations and therefore separate conclusions. It can be a real nerve tingling thriller. The scope for making it into a movie is there.

There are 4 poems which poetry readers could find exciting. Poetry is very personal. Poetry is all about language, images, expression, feelings, passion, love. Bejan speaks of connectivity and collectivity, computers, mobile, technology. He predicts technology will join hands with humanity. When? For that read the book. Bejan also writes about One World Government, India – The Super Power, America, China, Africa, Arabs and Israelis. What will happen in India in 2020? Exciting stuff. Healing and happiness, important topics and little things like touch and taste the coffee on TV. THEREFORE THE SCOPE AND CANVAS IS WIDE AND VARIED.

Here is Ganesha devotee, Bejan Daruwalla, now 80, at his best. He has both, experience and compassion. Remember, he is the man who predicted the tsumani, Middle East Uprising, India’s rise and super power status, as early as January 1990, Eve’s weekly, death of Michael Jackson, the humanisation of robots and India winning the World Cricket Cup (Bombay Times, Times Now, NDTV Profit, CNBC Awaaz, CNN IBN and India TV). He was invited not once but twice for the World Cricket Cup predictions. Also he was on Big Boss and Salman sat at his feet. Bejan is humble. He says I am nothing. My Ganesha is everything.

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